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12 thoughts on “Following the Tax Money with Covid Relief Fraud (PODCAST)”

  1. And just like other crimes in America the fraud will be just let go. Billons of waste at the hands of the government who is the majority of the waste. Too many agencies, too many employees who are lazy and actually unqualified to actually do their jobs. It really is a swamp. But instead the democrats want to over tax rich people so they can create more of it.

    1. MachEng,

      Speaking of “Too many employees who
      are lazy and actually unqualified . . .,”
      in the mid-to-late 90s, there had been
      much discussion by right-wing pundits
      about “Too few private citizens funding
      far too many ‘public servants’” in
      Washington D.C.

      One study found : One-in-five govern-
      ment employees were actually a make-
      work-for-a-special-hire position: wife,
      family relative, friend, lover, Affirmative
      Action hires ( for blacks and females ),
      which form of universalized NEPOTISM
      makes this quote from then seem a
      gross understatement ( recall the $500
      toilet seat for the Pentagon—as just one
      example of thousands of wasteful pur-
      chases over decades ) :

      “Bloated government.”



      If that phenomenon of universalized
      nepotism in D.C. doesn’t terrify the
      taxpayers among us (( BTW, no more
      representation in Congress without
      TAXATION!—for the Welfare Queens
      and Kings parasitizing America )),
      this report on Gene-Manipulation will :

      From Alexandra’s Page ( 10-30-21 ) :



    1. I am convinced they don’t give a damn (especially the old democrats). I can’t believe they aren’t seeing what we are seeing and getting bitched at by their constituents.
      They are so worried about being cancelled by the left wing media that they just go along. They are pushed around by a bunch of clueless/wacko progressives like AOC, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders. Really only two democrat senators thinks spending this much money is a problem ? I have reached out to my local congressional rep and I get the canned bull crap answer. Of course living in MD the land of government employees and takers it’s like hitting your head against the wall.

  2. And now the Dems are reloading with hundreds of billions more in handouts, many of them awarded to illegal aliens. Meanwhile, the left delights in laying off thousands of white males – including cops!!! – with their mandates for risky vaccines.

  3. The Federal government is handing out billions of funds without any way of stopping the fraud. These are funds that the government doesn’t have. The government is spending more funds than it collects in revenues. These are borrowed funds that our children and grandchildren will be stuck with the payment of this debt. There should be a constitutional amendment for a balanced Federal budget or term limits to stop this theft. Congress is a racketeering entity. It has stopped representing the people a long time ago.

  4. I hope Full Measure will investigate the legislative history of the CARES Act, which is the mechanism for all this plunder of the Treasury. As I recall last year, what became the CARES Act began its life with a different name, and a year prior to “the crisis”. If that is true, it is more evidence that the Plandemic was an inside job.

  5. A fellow I know is cowoner of a pizza place. Last year he was talking about putting in for relief funds and then a short time later he has a brand new 120k Corvette in the garage. If your business is hurting that bad where you need relief you surely cannot afford such a car. And I know another business with four employes that received a half million in relief funds yet their business had no problems at all. So what conclusion do we have here?

  6. As Ned Beatty said in Shooter, “ There are no sides. There’s no Sunnis and Shiites. There’s no Democrats and Republicans. There’s only HAVES and HAVE-NOTS..

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