Healthy 15-year old dies reportedly two days after Covid-19 vaccine

In Sonoma County, Calif., reports say a mom found her 15-year old teenager dead two days later he got is second dose of Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine.


“From the Death Investigation Synopsis Report, courtesy of Reopen California Schools”:

The decedent had been in good health with no medical history and had received his second Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccination approximately two days before his death.

Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office

According to reports, in July, officials “investigated the death of a 13-year-old Michigan teenager who died two days after receiving his second shot of the Pfizer vaccine.”

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13 thoughts on “Healthy 15-year old dies reportedly two days after Covid-19 vaccine”

  1. This sort of thing is why several European countries (Iceland, Norway, Denmark) have stopped giving the Moderna vaccine to teenagers – the risks seem to outweigh the presumed benefits.. But in this case, it was the Pfizer vaccine, which is very similar to the Moderna vaccine, so maybe restrictions on the Pfizer vaccine will soon follow.

    But in the USA, the vaccines have become so politicized – even weaponized out of apparent malice for the unvaccinated – that the medical establishment will continue to be slow to respond to the unprecedented number of reports of adverse reactions. There seems to be a sadistic joy on the left to punish the unvaccinated (in their minds consisting entirely of pro-Trump rubes) by denying them the means of livelihood and the right to move about freely.

  2. Vaccines should only be given to those at risk for serious illness from Covid. Teenagers are not at high risk.
    77 year olds like me need the shot. I took both shots.

    1. I just turned 71; I fear the huge number of adverse reactions that have been reported, and think the vaccines could actually kill me. (Stroke, blood clots, etc.) I take several OTC supplements that have been reported as prophylactics.

  3. And Yet the evil in the main stream media will keep this hidden or worse, through daggers and claim this is fake news… We have are in a very troubling time. If people don’t stand up sooner than later, it will be too late.

  4. Any adult with some understanding and knowledge of history should by now see a correlation between this ‘mandated’ un-precedented global action as a “eugenics program.” The other term that apparently makes many normal folks feel uncomfortable(hence denial and avoidance in discussion) is “genocide.” How many adverse reactions, how many doctors and nurses have to quit their jobs, how many deaths attributed to these shots before we the people say “No more?” Sharyl Attkisson–please interview Reiner Fuellmich for any up to date details on the much needed Nuremberg Trials 2.0!

  5. Even old people may not need the vaccine. A lot of people in nursing homes died, but they have medical issues and are on their way out anyway. Healthy old people mostly recover from Covid. My husband and I bought a supply of ivermectin and are following the stay well protocol: vitamins D and C, quercetin, NAC, iodine. We take no precautions and have not gotten sick. We do not need to be vaccinated.

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