(LIST) 1,685 health care workers jobless after refusing vaccine mandates — and that’s just a small sampling

Vaccine mandates are adding to health care worker shortages around the country, possibly exacerbating both health care issues for Americans as well as the nation’s employment problems.

Although hospital systems report the vast majority of their employees are choosing ‘forced vaccination’ when faced with losing their jobs, experts say the current labor shortage in health care is significant enough that the thousands who are quitting or being fired are expected to have a worrisome impact.

The following are summarized stats from just a small sampling of the country’s hospital and health care systems in a few states, as compiled by Becker’s Hospital Review. Among the 20 companies listed, approximately 1,685 firings or resignations due to vaccine mandates are reported so far.

Read the entire list and article by clicking the link at the bottom.

  • 113 suspended or fired from Upstate University Hospital, Syracuse NY
  • 38 in jeopardy at San Diego-based Scripps Health
  • 145 resignations at St. Luke’s University Health Network
  • 150 firings at Newark, Delaware-based ChristianCare
  • “Fewer than 250” gone from New York-Presbyterian
  • “About two dozen leaders” at Northwell Health, New Hyde Park, NY
  • 175 fired from Winston-Salem, NC based Novant Health
  • 66 gone from Northern Light Health in Brewer, Maine
  • 58 resignations from MaineHealth in Portland
  • 72 firings from Valley Health in Winchester, VA
  • “About 60” resignations from UNC Health, Chapel Hill, NC
  • 23 fired so far from St. Claire HealthCare, Morehead, KY
  • 180 fired from Med Center Health in Bowling Green, KY
  • 125 gone from IU Health in Indianapolis, IN
  • 11 resignations from Olean, NY General Hospital
  • 30 resignations from Lewis County Health System in Lowville, NY, forcing closure of its maternity unit
  • 1 fired from Tidelands Health in Georgetown, SC
  • 5 fired from Charleston-based Medical University of SC
  • 6 fired from RWJBarnabas Health in West Orange, NJ
  • 153 gone from Houston Methodist


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17 thoughts on “(LIST) 1,685 health care workers jobless after refusing vaccine mandates — and that’s just a small sampling”

  1. Mandating that employees (regardless of whether they work for the state or for private employers) get vaccinated under duress (threat of being fired) is going against a person’s constitutional right in most European countries (I am from the EU so not familiar with the US constitution and laws). Fundamentally, coercing someone into getting injected (an act done against the individual’s will) is morally wrong and European laws state the same.

  2. And the insanity continues! Politicians – “Let’s get rid of health care workers in the name of keeping people safe and healthy.” The irony is pathetic and sad. How dumb can politicians and the public that agree with these mandates be? Stupidity has a bottomless pit.

    1. The people who are mandating this crap are people who hate America.
      You cannot see it any other way.
      Americans have to get the shot but people in congress and the illegals don’t have to take the shot
      No one coming into our country is being tested and they are being sent all over America spreading this Covid BS.. but it’s so bad Americans have to mask up lose their jobs or take a chance and die by the vaccine.. hmmm

  3. Since the beginning of the pandemic and before the vaccines, these are the very same people that were lauded as “heroes”! They made their own personal choice to stay and serve when they could have just dropped out. Now, again, due to their very own personal choice for their own private reasons Not to be vaccinated, they are treated as the vast “unwashed” and ridiculed by those in the media and the left. How quickly they have been forgotten and it is disgusting how these folks are being treated. What a sad day.

  4. In my area a hospital was just shut down, permanently. A second hospital, quite a bit further away, is next on the chopping block. Now, if this continuous virus fear porn is on the up and up, why would a hospital close it’s doors? Or two?
    And, now they are firing care givers, for refusing to get a vaccine that remains under the EUA title, and has had zero trials. Add to that the information available on the VEARS site, which only constitutes about 1 to 4% of the actual total, which shows the thousands of deaths, hundreds of thousands of injuries, both mild and serious.
    These two points cause me to question the narrative being forced on us by the Gov., closing hospitals and firing care givers don’t seem to coincide with with the fear porn we are being fed.


    It is all about driving divisiveness in this country. The progressives are waiting for the Alt Right to get mad enough to respond with enough aggressiveness that Biden can declare martial law. That is what the progressives want, because at that point they believe that they have enough back stage libs in key positions that they will be able to frame the ensueing movement to separate the opposition and create a new progressive dominated government wherein there will not be any opposition.

  6. I commend the excellent article. There are actually many, many more health workers without jobs due to COVID requirements than the article implies. Is there any point in buying overpriced health insurance for poor quality services that might not even be available?

  7. Please notice the report only mentions the Eastern Timezone people and mostlu the Northeastern seaboard. The rest of the country, with exception of San Diego, is not mentioned. Factually many hospitals in the Mountain and Pacific time zones are doing the same thing and the most populated states in the Central time zone are doing the same. We already have a shortage of first responders, nurses and doctors in the US. Is it wise to fire those who, for reasons of their own consious, refuse to take drugs that have not been thoroughly tested? The lie is the Pfizer drug is FDA approved. It is not. BioNTech are actually two different vaccines that happen to be similar. The BioNTech, a German vaccine, is FDA approved but not available in the US. Even though Pfizer and BioNTech entered a contractual agreement to produce mRNA vaccines only the BioNTech the Pfizer vaccine was not approved by FDA despite the president and Fauchi claiming otherwise.

  8. With any luck, in the long run a lot of the fired health care workers will be able to create new employment opportunities for themselves by organizing into smaller non-corporate true healthcare clinics that are focused on helping their patients/clients learn how to get and stay well using things like changes in diet and lifestyle instead of taking toxic symptom-treating chemicals called “medications” that have terrible, often life-threatening side effects. I believe that once this pandemic of CCP-inspired totalitarianism is all over and there is nobody left alive except the unvaccinated, the entire Big Pharma-controlled medical-industrial establishment will be driven out of business simply by no longer having any customers. They damned near killed me with all their “treatments” 11 years ago, but fortunately I wised up in time to completely restore my health and get off all the “medications” by becoming my own primary health care provider.

  9. Seems heroes are ZEROs now. It’s poor commentary for those who worked through all this and many recovered as well to be forced to inject this. Science sure has taken an odd turn. Something sinister seems to be behind all this. God bless and keep up the faith that sanity prevails

  10. Health care workers being fired is part of the plan to collapse the present medical system and remake it as a total socialist operation with rationed services provided by the government only.

    If they are not stopped, next will be; no vax, no social security, no vax no medicare, no vax no gas, no vax no grocery shopping.

    To comply is to die.

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