Mountain bike racer Kyle Warner discusses alleged debilitating Covid-19 vaccine heart injury

Professional mountain bike racer Kyle Warner says he suffers from a form of heart inflammation called pericarditis, and Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) after getting the Covid-19 vaccination.

The 29-years-old reports his symptoms put him in the hospital about two weeks after his second Pfizer vaccine.

He speaks of his experience with Dr. John Campbell. You can watch the video below.

The CDC and FDA say Covid-19 vaccines are safe and effective for all populations they’re recommended for.

However, heart inflammation is an acknowledged side effect.

Photo from Kyle Warner’s Instagram

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27 thoughts on “Mountain bike racer Kyle Warner discusses alleged debilitating Covid-19 vaccine heart injury”

  1. The CDC is not requiring the people injecting us to aspirate. Many people including Kyle may have been saved if they had aspirated the vaccine. No one that I know is discussing this and asking the vaccine people to aspirate.

    Pam Ross

    1. I have wondered this too. A great clue, from Kyle, is that, unlike the first shot, he tasted metal immediately after the second shot was administered, and his arm did not get sore. Was that because the shot was administered directly into a vein? Is this a factor in why healthy people are having these life changing, debilitating reactions? Why is no one in the medical community trying to link the commonality in these cases ?

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  3. It seems rare.. just like contracting covid itself. I see no reason for someone healthy to accept the risk of this shot.

    1. I’m thinking maybe it is better for me to learn to cook than take a shot that will leave me unable to cook or even go out and eat. I am impressed with how tenacious the pro vax people are that they will cancel their own family for not supporting the narrative. I am faith based and I am trying with all my assets to find help for my vaxed friends whether or not they change their mind about the fear being pushed to cause them to take the jab in the first place. I just don’t understand why they do not see it is not about stopping a virus. This man in the story was never at any risk from the illness so why risk his life. Children are at even less risk and now we are going to start damaging them. My only consolation there is that the parents may not be around to care for them so perhaps it is good that they are all in the same boat.

      1. I know what you are saying and I agree with your basic premise, but it’s up to us to change the narrative now. Based on a panel of TRUE EXPERTS at the 1) do not jab children (or healthy young people) under any circumstances, 2) there’s NO REASON for people who have recovered from covid to take the jab, and 3) early treatment Rx’s should be made available to doctors to prevent/treat early covid NOT THE OPPOSITE!

      2. I’ve always wondered how people in East Germany, North Korea or other police states would turn their own family members in to the state police. It seems incomprehensible, doesn’t it? But we’re getting a taste of that same mentality with covid and the vaccine where some people are just blindly obedient and loyal to the government above any other influences in their lives. We all know if the government went full nazi and started demanding people turn in unvaccinated people for forced vaccination, imprisonment, execution or whatever, that the government phone lines would be jammed with people turning in their friends and family.

  4. The CDC and state and local health authorities can claim that the vaccines are your best bet, but they CANNOT claim that they are without risk, and that adverse reactions are “rare.” – the VAERS database proves that adverse reactions are NOT rare. Well over two million adverse reactions have been reported in less than a year, from more than half a million people., and it is a virtual certainty that VAERS significantly under-reports these adverse reactions.

    Thus it is highly probable that MILLIONS of people have experience adverse reactions that significantly disrupted their lives for at least a day or two, at a bare minimum. Almost EVERYBODY knows people who have experienced these adverse reactions, and/or have experienced them personally. But we continue to be told that they are totally safe for everyone, unlike EVERY OTHER drug you see advertised on TV, and unlike countless OTC products..

    Meanwhile, the CDC and other health agencies actively discourage – even mock or prohibit – other prophylactics or treatments which many doctors have found to be effective against Covid-19, Who knows if the widespread use of these treatments – many of them inexpensive, easily available OTC items – might have made a big dent in the epidemic if they had been actively encouraged?

  5. Based on VAERS data and the fact that events are way UNDER-REPORTED, there have already been a couple of hundred thousand deaths due to the vaccines! (This is well over a million world wide.) This is always explained as acceptable because these deaths are “rare”.

  6. It’s especially disturbing that the doctor ignored a guy who’s a professional athlete & very aware of what his body is doing.

  7. Almost 2 million adverse reactions to the Covid vaccines have been reported to the CDC’s VAERS database, many thousands of them very serious and even fatal. This is an unprecedented number, greater than the adverse reactions reported for all other vaccines over a period of twenty years. Yet we keep being told by most health authorities that the vaccines are completely safe! How can this be? Unlike any drug you see advertised on TV, these vaccines – despite their recent provenance and rush into production – are been indiscriminately recommended – even mandated – for virtually everyone, regardless of their personal medical history or state of health.

    Meanwhile, alternate treatments and prophylactics – many of them readily-available OTC products – are routinely dismissed, even mocked, despite numerous reports of their efficacy from legitimate doctors and researchers.

    Finally, these vaccines of questionable safety are being recommended for – perhaps soon to be mandated for – younger and younger age groups for whom the virus poses little threat.

    Given the irrationality of all this, is it any wonder that “conspiracy theories” are flourishing? There does indeed seem to be some unspoken agenda at work, and some researchers have uncovered documents and videos from various foundations, conferences, and NGOs that give some substance to these theories. I’ll leave it at that..

  8. Not common Kyle ? 1:1000 or even 1:5000 with 330 million people in the USA ??? I guess it is all relative but if you are one of the injured you would have been best served to be given Informed Consent? That is Violation of the Nuremberg Code which our Government is using coercion with LACK of Information #wakeup

  9. When will the American Public wake up. The maintenance media is 100% corporate owned and controlled. The corporations and big lobbies control most politicians. The few politicians that go against the grain are intimated and their future opponents are flooded with cash to take out the rebels.

    The only thing that will end this ” covid pandemic ” is when it naturally goes away. But just remember that they are always developing new viruses.

    They have no logic. If they say everyday 100,000 are getting infected, then that means that they are naturally immune after recovery. What is the total number of confirmed infections?

    The profits are sky high they and they will pay off all institutions that try to resist. Where is the free speech?

  10. that is interesting, so many “nonprofessional” people are giving this vaccine. I got my first shot and got so so sick. I asked the person giving the shot, what do you do for a living – I just retired from the government. Were you a doctor or medical professional I asked? no, just worked in a lab for border services. So odd. I have a good routine going to stay healthy – honey is one of those key ingredients. I used to bike race big races 100 mile and La Ruta etc… not anymore though. Anyhow, I fear what is next after all this – health passports are next? sorry, we can’t hire you cause you have a DNA flaw etc.. I fear that the most.

  11. It’s time to stop being “careful” about what we say and just tell the truth. These jabs are even worse than the normal, useless, toxic vaccines that people have been subjected to for decades; they’re bioweapons designed to cull the “herd” (how insulting a term) and enslave the remaining unfortunates. That’s why they’re so massively toxic and why they’re loaded with rGO, which is incredibly conductive. The hideous powers that be want to destroy our natural spiritual connection to source and hook everyone up to the “cloud” (that’s what 5G is for) so they can control our emotions and thoughts. It’s Orwell on steroids.

    How disgusting it is when people attack those courageous few who have been damaged by these death shots but have the guts to speak out. Is it simply the psychological phenomenon of “mass formation,” or is it that deep down, these people understand what’s happening but are cowards, and resent those who have the courage they lack?

    I hope to see Nuremberg-type trials after we turn this thing around, and to see the main perpetrators get their just desserts.

  12. my 1st covid 19 shot { 1st week of january 2021} no complications. my 2nd covid 19 shot {1st week in february 2021} shortly after 2:oo a.m., I expierienced an extreme arrithmia attack . doctors said i should be dead, because of the length of episode.. a few weeks i came down with shingles and am still in really bad pain {nerve pain} from shingles. I had a defibulator/pacemaker installed. I developed newmonia and was treated for about 3 weeks. I am convinced the 2nd shot caused my problems. i’m still not back to my normal health.

  13. You people are so naïve! These were all intended consequences! If you really want to see the murder for money plan that this was all about, look into the only approved hospital treatment… Remdesivir!
    That shit is pure death! The same shit Fauchi was peddling during past “plandemics.”
    And finally the abusive hospice cocktail and ventilator! The administering hospital gets rich, and you die!
    That’s the formula people.
    WAKE UP!!!!!!!!

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