(NEW) Federal Vaccine Mandate Draft: Written and Submitted

The U.S. Dept. of Labor reports today that the “initial text” of the “emergency temporary standard” for the federal vaccine mandates for private companies employing 100 or more workers has been “submitted” to the Office of Management and Budget as part of the rule process.

As reported on Full Measure, an adviser to the Biden administration says the rule is expected to allow companies to use a testing option instead of vaccination, but exemptions for natural immunity are not expected to be permitted. That is contrary to the bulk of scientific consensus, which finds natural immunity provides as good as, and likely far better, protection than the current vaccines.

Read the information released today by the federal government below:

“The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has been working expeditiously to develop an emergency temporary standard that covers employers with 100 or more employees to ensure their workers are fully vaccinated or undergo weekly testing to protect employees from the spread of coronavirus in the workplace. On Tuesday, October 12, as part of the regulatory review process, the agency submitted the initial text of the emergency temporary standard to the Office of Management and Budget.” – U.S. Department of Labor spokesperson   

For background: Once OMB concludes review of the regulation, the emergency temporary standard will be published in the Federal Register.

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42 thoughts on “(NEW) Federal Vaccine Mandate Draft: Written and Submitted”

  1. I do not see how OSHA has any legal right to do this even under emergency temporary standards. At this point it is no longer a pandemic, it will be endemic (if not already).

  2. After all the false information and confusion on COVID-19 from the Federal Government, I have educated myself by reading as many articles from various sources as I can. The policy on vaccine mandates seems to ignore an incredibly valid point and that is that vaccinated individuals can get COVID and spread COVID, sometimes asymptomatically. So demanding vaccine mandates does not eliminate the COVID threat because the threat is from both vaccinated and unvaccinated The hope is that vaccinated individuals who contract COVID will have a mild case and recover quickly at home and not require hospitalization. I have had 2 Pfizer shots and am aware that I can still get and spread COVID. The vaccine does not prevent me from contracting COVID. This being the case, the Pfizer and Moderna shots do have risks, very serious risks, including death. It is perfectly logical for an individual to not take the vaccine, especially because the long term effects are not known. Since the vaccines are experimental new technology, IMO is it wrong, and I think, unconstitutional to mandate COVID vaccines. One of the most frightening aspects of the vaccine mandate argument is giving up liberty and yielding to tyrannical government to, among other things to come, take away the right of an individual to control their own healthcare. What will be next, eliminating parents’ right to have control over their children’s education to stop indoctrination by government?

    1. I agree with your comment… You are absolutely right that people can be vaccinated and still get Covid. My fully vaccinated Cousin got Covid and just died yesterday.

      1. I’m sorry to hear about your cousin. My only brother (only sibling) and sister-in-law decided they too would be vaccinated. Within a month they were both sick with Covid. They both just started back to work a couple of days ago. When my brother was tested a few weeks ago, they said he was just a carrier, blah, blah, blah, when he was tested two days ago. No sign of the virus, doesn’t have it in his system? My sister-in-law’s niece will die from the Covid vaccine. They cannot do anything more for her. She’s 44 years old. These are scary times. We choose to just go on, no shots, vaccines, but my wife and I are rolling the dice and we know it. What are people supposed to do when their government and health officials lie every day about the Covid virus and the vaccines? How can anyone make a rational decision?

        1. You are not rolling the dice. The risk to benefit does not warrant taking the vaccine. They are dangerous. There are treatments. And many speaking up who are wanting and willing to help.

    2. You are obviously a good learner.
      The mRNA technology was not new but has never had success with other diseases in the past 10 years. It was a notorious test animal killer.
      Also, there has never been a successful effective
      vaccine for any coronavirus.

      It is a fact that the current mRNA vaccines are the most dangerous vaccines in US history AND the vaccines with the shortest period of effectiveness in US history.

      Add the fact of the rushed nine months development time, versus the usual of at least five years, with a 98% to 99% failure rate, which means we have NO idea what the long term adverse side effects are.

      The vaccines may be effective at reducing hospitalizations and deaths for a few months, but at what expense? Antibodies created by the vaccines decline rapidly. and are down at least 50% in six months.

      This is Donald Trump’s fault for throwing so much taxpayer money at drug companies and rushing the product development process. If Trump had won the election, I believe Democrats would be making that correct claim against Trump right now. And it would NOT be fake news, for a change.

      Given the fact that MORE Americans have died from COVID in the first nine months of 2021, than in ALL of 2020, these vaccines are NOT a success.

      As a result of ignoring over 60 positive ivermectin studies, US doctors’ reputations are in the toilet — lower than used car salespeople.

      Concerning government “advice” and rules on COVID :
      — incompetence, ignorance and ignoring personal freedoms guaranteed by The Constitution was expected.

      I thought doctors were much better than that.
      But I was wrong.

      No vax for me.
      Based on my knowledge
      of vaccine benefits (short term)
      versus known short term risks
      and unknown long term risks.

      But I do take 15,000 IU of Vitamin D every day.

      1. Agree. Trump is responsible for this debacle. He needs to stop touting it like it is heaven sent. He got boo’d at one of his rallies when he started in about the dart.

        As for people dying, I attribute the number to Immune Escape, as Dr. Geert Vanden Bossch had warned about; and ADE (antibody dependent enhancement), which many a doctor warned about and viable news outlets like Highwire, were warning about. There is so much more horror to this. The govt saying only the darted need to be tested is ridiculous. In the UK they said the number of cases of the darted has exceeded those of the undarted.
        It’s a major sham.
        Hang tough and keep researching.

        1. YOU ARE 100% CORRECT. Dr Robert malone …. one of the developers of mrna tech agrees with Dr. Vanden bossch and his warnings to the worls.

      2. Are you nuts ? It was the Democrats pushing for a vaccine ! Trump didn’t invent it, or test it. The crooked drug companies did. Trump also didn’t FORCE anyone to get it. What about your boy Biden and his crooked cohorts in Congress ? THEY all received Regeneron treatment. Why can’t we ? Do your homework, not fron CNN

      3. And if President Trump would have not rushed the vaccine through…..that would have been his fault as well. It’s a no win situation. “Damned if you do, damned if you don’t”.
        With that said, I think not holding Big Pharma responsible-zero liability-was/is a huge blunder.
        In any case, I agree wholeheartedly with the rest of what you’ve said. Especially, about our doctors.

        1. We have Regan to thank for the zero liability clause. It was passed while he was president and while he may have been the best president in my life, you have to wonder why he would’ve signed into law something that would give Big Pharma a pass.

          We need to face the cold reality that ALL of the politicians in Washington are corrupt at some level. They pander to those that support them so that they can win elections and stay in power – NONE of them are exempt from this. We need to tear the governmental institutions down and start all over.

      4. I wrote to my doctor today. Here is what I said. I have been informed that I will lose my job if I do not take a COVID vaccine. I don’t know what your position is on this, but I believe this vaccine will kill me. If not the vaccine itself, homelessness will certainly do it, because I will be unemployed and lose my home. With that said, I am asking for an exemption. Is this something you would do? If I become homeless, there will be no need for me to monitor my diabetes since I won’t live very long. Looking for help. Part 2 There is a provision for weekly testing if I have an accommodation. I can keep my job, my family and my house. I will do testing, if that is the case. I have been told that PCR tests are not approved and antibody tests are not accurate. Maybe true, maybe not. Either way, I do not trust the CDC, media, etc. I would continue to work from home as I have since Feb. 2020. The government over-reach is out of hand and what is going on should not be legal. More coming. Part 3 I have a colleague my age who has a Nurse Practitioner daughter who just gave birth yesterday. Healthy and in her late 20’s. They induced labor since the baby was not developing (COVID). She was fully vaccinated with Pfizer and got COVID anyway. The baby is lucky to be alive. I have another colleague who was sick for 2 weeks with 102 degree fever from taking the Pfizer. All tests negative for COVID. My freedom of choice has been revoked. Be poisoned or homeless. Part 4 I know others who (relations and otherwise) have gotten blood clots from the vaccine. I know another person who lost 15 relatives/friends all 50 and under to the vaccine. The bad stories keep coming and all I hear from the government/media is that “it is safe”. I don’t believe it. Real examples prove otherwise. So unfortunately, my life lies in the hands of Joe Biden or my doctor, instead of me. Please help. If he says no, I guess I am dead.

    3. youve articulated the unspoken argument so well. I do not know why this is passed over (vaccinated can still get and spread covid) in these discussions. Since this is a verifiable fact, it is illogical to mandate the vaccine under the argument of stopping the spread. Further, ignoring this fact, and ONLY testing the unvaccinated will never provide any benefit, and is rightfully considered punitive for those unwilling to comply. If anyone was at all serious about ending the pandemic, a negative test result (since we can get results in as little as an hour now), should be the passport to enter a business for work or commerce. Implement this for two months, and at every port of entry and the pandemic ends in 3 months.

      1. In my opinion only testing the unvaccinated is a punishment for not “bending the knee” to tyranny. If companies and/or the government are genuinely concerned about spread then they would insist that both groups be tested. It is another “reward” for the vaccinated to not have to submit to weekly testing. Where I currently work, the staff that do not show a vaccination card to the business office must test weekly and also have to wear the mask while working. Those who show the vaccination card will receive a extra personal day next calendar year, do not have to test and masking is optional. Asking for the vaccination card is their work around for not actually asking people if they are vaccinated or not. How is this not the definition of discrimination?

        1. Ask the company lawyer what the meaning of “bonafide occupational qualification”. And wait for an answer. You don’t have to screw your boss to work and you don’t have to get an injection either.

          1. I don’t understand. Can you explain? I understand bonafide occupational qualifications, I just don’t see how it could be used in retaining your employment while choosing not to get the vaccine. I’m not being snarky. I genuinely would like to know.

    4. We need more people like yourself (being vaccinated but protecting human and Constitutional rights) to speak about it. Thank you

    5. A candidate for Governor in Virginia is already on record for telling parents that they have no right what schools teach their children.

  3. A 10th Amendment challenge will most certainly be mounted by Texas and Florida, perhaps others. Can we ask a serious question about exactly what constitutes a “pandemic?” The mortality rate in the population below the age of 65 is vanishingly small.

    I have the antibodies … my case was so mild that it was not memorable. My plasma can be used to make monoclonal antibodies to fight the disease. According to the new definition of “vaccine,” I am the vaccine.

  4. This administration has never heard the saying “When you find yourself in a hole STOP DIGGING”
    They won’t be happy until they collapse the entire economy and I think we all know they can’t print money and get out of the hole. They have spent in excess of 40K per American.

  5. The government is supposed to be our child not our parent. It is quickly becoming the tyrannical parent wanting to be and do everything for everyone. This will not end well.

    1. We have seen and heard of “helicopter” parenting. Unfortunately, we now have a “helicopter” government. Of course, this is a euphemism for a tyrannical government.

  6. To use a slightly modified chorus from Barbara Mandel, “I was anti vaxx when anti vaxx was uncool”. As someone who has suffered from Gulf War illness with symptoms gradually getting worse over the past 30 years, I feel sorry for all those coerced into getting this and other vaccines. Soon there will be much more Gulf War illnesses, and the government will continue to hide the truth that vaccines were the cause.

  7. Thomas Joseph Hussman

    Dan Markingson was mentally ill when he visited a doctor at the University of Minnesota. Mr. Markingson’s illness coincided with a study about the effects of a drug on people with mental illness. Somehow Mr. Markingson ended up in a court room in Minneapolis, Minnesota where he was threatened with confinement by a Hennepin County District Court Judge, if he refused to participate in the CAFE study. Mr. Markingson was not represented by anyone during this sham hearing. Not surprisingly he chose to participate instead of going to a jail. Mr. Markingson was apparently viewed by the court as having a reasonable enough mind to make a decision concerning his medical treatment, as long as his decision matched the desires of University of Minnesota doctors. Mr. Markingson’s mother wrote and visited the University of Minnesota pleading for a change in the plan because her son was not responding well to the medication testing. There was to be no change. Apparently the money flow was too important. You see for every test subject that entered the “program” a significant payment was made to the University by the drug maker. This is Big Pharma at its worst. While in a group home Mr. Markingson cut his throat and died. The records are not available. A small payment was made by one of the doctors and life goes on – without Mr. Markingson. Why does MK/ULTRA come to mind? Why does the Tuskegee mess come to mind? How much is that Manchurian candidate in the window? Is the USA a free country or not? Not!

  8. There are the most vaccinated, infectioned and deaths (doubled since Brandon took office) to date, and yet the VAX is the solution ? People are sheep.

  9. So after all this time people are blaming Trump? Are you serious? I can’t imagine a scenario where a president wouldn’t try to get a vaccine to market under any conditions. The problem wasn’t Trump or the drug companies, it was from Fauci and his cronies at the NIH who were dead wrong about everything. Blame the Dem state governors who tragically sent Covid patients to nursing homes without any data that would support such an action.. Blame China as the culprit in all of this as Trump said in the beginning.
    We are a nation of 50 states, most states got it wrong and few got it right. Now we realize that there never had to be any lockdowns at all. Fauci ordered lockdowns to stop the spread. Now we know that was a grave error as countries around the world are finding out now.

    1. Trump was totally a main player in the corrupt development of these drugs. And why didn’t he fire Fauci? Didn’t you ever wonder about that? That said, any Democrat president would’ve done FAR worse (as we’re seeing now). I voted for Trump, but to see him as some kind of savior in this Convid mess qualifies as “Trump Blind Love Syndrome” the polar opposite but logical equivalent to “Trump Derangement.”

      I’m saddened that people who hate the LEFT (quite rightly) look to someone who is only a part-time friend of liberty. Too bad Rand Paul isn’t more marketable/appealing, because his beliefs are vastly closer to what this country needs.

  10. The federal govt has no power to do any of this! The fed gov is NOT an all powerful govt, and a few rights are carved out for citizens. It is a govt created by the states to accomplish a few, and ONLY a few, tasks. These agencies are all outside the scope of the powers enumerated to the fed gov!

    The fed gov has ONLY the powers enumerated to them, and ALL other power belongs to the states, or the people. 10th amendment.

    Every agency must be examined under the light of the Constitution, and if their purpose usurps power that the federal govt has not been given by the Constitution, then that unconstitutional agency must be shut down! Elect people with the courage to do this!!!

  11. Federal Vaccine Mandates ought to begin with Congress and their staffs. Then the Federal Courts, starting with the Supremes and moving downward. Moving onto the State Dept and continuing in the order these Departments were created.

    You lead by example.

  12. If the fake administration gets their way I will be out of a job. No jab for me means I’m still here to fight and I will not be nice any more. Take the jab and comply you might survive this time but the chain has been tightened down. Comply again and you will soon be out of chain to survive. Better to hit this head on then suffer whatever time you have left. Keep your faith and your faith will guide you!!

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