POLL: 99% say U.S. govt. is ‘Way too big’

Almost everyone says U.S. government size is “Way too big!”

That’s according to the latest unscientific poll of 1,072 people at SharylAttkisson.com.

A little more than 99% said government is oversized.

Less than one-half percent said the size is “About right.”

A little over one-quarter percent said the size of U.S. government is “Far too small.”

Full results are below. Be sure to answer the newest poll at SharylAttkisson.com. Look for the black box on the right sidebar on your computer or scroll way down on your mobile device.

US Govt size is:

99% Way too big!

<1% About right

<1% Far too small

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3 thoughts on “POLL: 99% say U.S. govt. is ‘Way too big’”

  1. LBJ is to blame for our Deep State Bloated Government. He created his “Great Society” which was a very expensive and immediate welfare state. Financing the Space Race and the Viet-Nam war was costing the general treasury and tended to make it hard for him to finance the “Great Society” on top of those budget items. This is why he raided Social Security and took all the money out of the privately managed SSN Retirement Accounts of the American People. His reasoning was the Nation could do such great work if it only had the money to do it with. I still recall his Texas Drawl as he tried to make the case for putting it in the General Fund. The reason was simple greed evidenced by him saying there was so much money in the account that it would be able to pay claims made by retirees far into the future. The money “was just sitting there not doing anything” he said. Part of his “Great Society” was also to Federalize all Senators and Congressmen, giving them the power to establish their own pay & benefits Package. Previously this was done by the States with the State Senators setting the pay for the Senators and Congressmen from their State. They all made different amounts of money, according to their State Budgets and LBJ said it “Was not Fair because they all did the same job” and the pay should be equal. Barely five years later the Federal Legislature told the American People that Social Security was going “bankrupt”. They had created a huge Federal Government and in addition, had given themselves enormous employment packages. Freed from State Oversight, they began to take millions in Bribes from America’s newest industry, the Political Action Committees. Politicians got wealthy and the people became impoverished, and the Deep State people running the New Agencies also found they could make money by selling favors because the Congress and Senate both transferred their work to the heads of the various agencies formed to run the government. The United States became terminally ill under LBJ and under Obama Democrats and Biden, it appears to be dead. It is certainly unresponsive to the American People.

  2. JFK allowed government employees to unionize. Even FDR was on record declaring this was a very bad idea. But JFK, for reasons not well-explored, did this anyway by executive order in the 1960’s.

    That is when America created a new and growing class of entitled elites, who live only on tax dollars and produce nothing other than their own highly organized self-protection racket with an existential interest now in election outcomes.

    This is the unelected deep state, the new fourth branch of government never contemplated by the Founders with absolutely zero checks and balances placed upon them by the US Constitution.

    SEIU members run most county election offices and have a direct and immediate interest in who gets elected, because they decides how SEIU employees get paid, pensioned and perked.

    Unionized government employees is antithetical to everything we believe in as a country. A sound Civil Service Act is protection enough.

    But this is how and when America went off the rails and why so many fear, distrust and feel victimized by their own “government”. The power and arrogance of TSA made this obvious for all – they strip and degrade you holding absolute power for those few moments. Now vaccine mandates using the punitive power of government threats into every aspect of our lives is one more grotesque manifestation of the power of the “government” today over. the people.

    This is the unspoken malaise that formed the Trump coalition. This is now back in full force after SEIU run elections in 2020.

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