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11 thoughts on “(READ) Trump: ‘2 down, 8 to go!’”

  1. Trying to access the article. Only see comments. no post of “2 down, 8 to go”. Also, Shary, don’t know if you approve or control sponsor ads, but UNICEF has two postings that say, “WE WON’T STOP UNTIL EVERY CHILD IS VACCINATED.” Whaaaaaaaaaaaat???!!

  2. When you add up everything that is happening in favor of the Chinese at the expense of the US, militarily, economically, medically, in the space race, our cultural deterioration, loss of patriotism, disregard for constitutional basic rights and government restrictions, open boarders, distrust of communication in general, distrust of fellow Americans, and a complete dependence on the Chinese for goods and hardware; WE HAVE ALREADY LOST THE WAR and are now witnessing a “soft surrender” by an Administration bought and paid for by Beijing. I’m wondering when citizens will realize this since they are so sheltered by the media and educators. One day we will wake up to discover it has happened but be puzzled as to when it became official.

    1. Tom,

      There always exist at the core of every problem
      R O O T Causes; e.g., you cite “cultural deterior-
      tion” in your well-put list.

      Fix these mistakes created by the Libertine Left,
      and fix the deterioration (( the ACLU – American
      Communist Lawyers Union – engineered these
      corrupting changes )) :

      Removing the Ten Commandments from
      the public square—what could go wrong ?

      Instructing K through 12 kids in public
      schools absent ANY moral-/virtue-lessons
      —what could go wrong ?

      Legalize pornography and make it ubiqui-
      tous for kids and adults alike—what could
      go wrong ?

      Dumb down schools’ curricula from the 60s
      forward—what could go wrong ?

      Separate women from familial/domestic
      concerns, so that she can ROAR and find
      herself—what could go wrong ?

      Babycide babies in wombed-baby slaughter-
      houses in every community—what could go
      wrong ?

      And the Sixties Beat goes on . . . what could
      go wrong ?


      1. P.S.

        While Correcting R O O T Causes, Tom,
        Let’s Undue that Great Fraud!—which was
        (is) THAT Khazarian-Fixed Installation of
        Karl-Marx-Schooled “President” Barack
        Hussein Obama (( see Rense dot Com
        article, about U.S. researchers being told
        of Obama’s arrival as president in the 90s! )) :

        “BOOM: Sheriff Proves Obama’s Not American, His Birth Certificate Fake & Entire Presidency’s Criminal

        “This is the official press briefing from the Maricopa County Sheriff, which proves that Barack Obama should never have qualified to run for the Office of the President of the United States.

        “The investigation reveals a huge security threat to the United States, where anyone can use Hawaii’s flawed system to gain access into the US and become a Citizen through fraud.

        “Funny how the courts failed to address this issue, one might even say the failure of the American Justice system is in itself an act of Treason :



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