(READ) Trump on 2020 election ‘Crime of the Century’

– October 28, 2021 – 
Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America
The statement that I made a few weeks ago saying that Republicans will not vote if the Election Fraud of 2020 is not fixed, was in no way meant to imply that I would tell them not to vote, but rather that they may not have the incentive to vote if the election process is not fully remedied, and quickly. It was the Crime of the Century. We are working on solving that problem every day—it will be done! People do not want to spend their time and money to have a SCAM like that happen again. Regardless of anything or anyone, we must get out the Republican and SANE VOTE!

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11 thoughts on “(READ) Trump on 2020 election ‘Crime of the Century’”

  1. Chain of custody and mail in votes or drop box votes destroy chain of custody. Without chain of custody we do not have elections, we have appointments as in 2020. Makes since if you did not have questions about election integrity in 2020 if you were in on the steal . So Mitch McConnell and his soldiers were in on the steal. NO one came to Trumps aid and the next morning after all the chaos that went own in the middle of the night and early morning , not a word was said by any of the republicans. Its so very obvious the election was over before it even started. Just like Biden said “I dont need your votes”. WE have more RINO’s than patriots in the senate and congress and and its ever so obvious. The enemy is within and not much pushing and shoving going on in the political chambers by the republicans.We live at this very moment in a country where justice has died and insanity reigns.

    1. Gordon REID SAUNDERS

      Yes, and not only the insanity, but the real reality of the insanity going on is the result of the actions of the progressive elite. And for those of us who understand that everything has nothing to do with a vax mandate, but rather to get people used to living in a socialistic environment.
      The current progressive actions are specifically aimed at baiting the radical right to respond, at which time XiBiden’s handlers will declare martial law. Then it’s all over.

  2. I am 61 years old and have voted in every election since turning 18. The first time I was able to vote offers me the honor of voting for Ronald Reagan. No other man that I have voted for has given me the sense of pride and American values like Reagan until Donald Trump became my President. I voted for Trump in the 2020 election and believe without any doubt that the election was stolen. I love my country and believe in our constitutional form of government but I have serious reservations about voting again.

    1. …serious reservations about voting again?

      Sounds like they have you right where they want you – on the sidelines complaining. The last election had serious issues and I still have doubts as to the legitimacy of how certain big city returns flipped states that Trump should have won. That said, I will always take every opportunity to vote. Reservations about voting is what cost us two Republican Senate seats in my state of Georgia. All of this hysteria about what Joe Manchin will allow to pass in the Senate could have been easily avoided if the 400,000+ voters who went with Trump in the general election went back for the runoffs…voting matters, even when it isn’t perfect!

  3. Whether you’re a Republican, a Democrat, or an Independent, if you choose not to vote because you think you won’t like the outcome of the election, you have no one to blame but yourself if the results aren’t to your liking.

  4. Consider this question: Is there any other political issue that shares these characteristics: (1) serious repercussions if true, (2) zero evidence provided to show its truthfulness, (3) lots of evidence to show that it isn’t true, (4) despite the evidentiary record, many people still passionately believe it, (5) it just won’t go away.
    I’m speaking, of course, of the conspiracy theory that the 2020 election was stolen. For it does indeed share all of the above characteristics. For stealing an election is about as bad as it gets. And as of today, no evidence has been provided to back up the claim. And as of today, many , many audits/recounts/deep dives have shown everything to have been on the up and up. Yet many, many people believe it as evidenced by the comments in this newsletter. And as also evidenced by articles in this newsletter, it just won’t go away.
    I know that there are a few right-wing conspiracies theories (QAnon, Jan 6th) that also satisfy these criteria (there may be some left-wing conspiracy theories as well, but I honestly can’t think of any). But I think a good comparison can be made to the flat-earthers (admittedly, not a perfect analogy since flat-eatherism involves the denial of some basic laws of physics). But in both cases, adherents have taken a few random pieces of information that seem odd to them (Why don’t the people in Australia fall off the Earth? Why did Biden get more write-in votes?) and ignore the logical explanations (gravity, registration for mail-in voting was higher among registered Democrats) and concoct this elaborate story full of evil people intent on keeping the truth from us. Anyone having seen the flat-earth map and heard the tortured explanations of why the whole (flat) Earth is not either in sunlight or darkness at the same time can see the correspondence to the tortured explanations of how such a fraud involving tens of thousands of votes across multiple states without leaving so much as a whiff of evidence can have happened. Flat-earthers tell us that NASA is a fraud. Election truthers tell us that all of the election boards (composed of both Republicans and Democrats) and those conducting the aforementioned audits are in on the scam.
    Paraphrasing the judge in dismissing one of the election-fraud lawsuits in Pennsylvania: Election fraud is a very serious charge. One would think that those making such a serious charge would bring lots of evidence to back up such a serious charge. But that’s not the case here.
    And let’s not forget that it was Giuliani himself that told a Pennsylvania judge in one of the hearings that “this case is not about fraud”. I’m told that judges take a dim view of people flinging unsubstantiated charges around in a court of law. Apparently, someone told Giuliani.
    Is it too much to ask that some evidence be provided to buttress the election-fraud claim? Or even a rational explanation for how such a fraud could have been carried out (not involving bamboo fibers or planeloads of ballots secretly flown in from China)? Apparently, it is.

    1. Considering:

      1) true, serious consequences if true.

      2) Zero evidence provided to its truthfulness. Well, Zero evidence if we just ask those who allegedly committed the crimes. That’s like asking the robber if he robbed the store. He/she naturally denies it. Then refusing to investigate because the accused denied the allegations. If the election was legit, then why are those who stand accused fighting investigations they claim will prove them innocent? Investigations have found LOTS of illegal and very questionable things that happened in the 2020 election. Videos of late night, back door deliveries of ballot boxes and people being chased out of polling places then cases of ballots dragged from under benches. We can believe our eyes, or we can believe what we’re told to believe. If you’re on Ms. Attkissons website she has many articles detailing investigations and results showing this. Backed up by links and facts.

      3) Lots of evidence to show it isn’t true: Only if we ask and believe the accused, the same people obstructing investigations that they claim will prove them right, see above.

      4) there is NO evidentiary record proving it’s wrong. Again all we have is the word of the accused that they didn’t commit any crimes, then obstructing investigations. Most of those court cases you rely on, we dismissed on technical issues like standing, not evidence (or lack thereof).

      5) it will persist, just as Hillary claims, WE WILL PERSIST, until get get verifiable, documented proof on the election, and we get election security. Why is it that the U.S. is the only developed nation that doesn’t require an ID to vote? Are all the other developed nations racist??


      It the election was so legit, then explain why when I mention to Democrats, that Republicans should use Democrat election rules in 22 and 24, they get upset and angry? Republicans should also be able to go into nursing homes and elderly communities and “help” them vote. They should have the right to keep Democrat election monitors away from the areas where ballots are being counted.

      Presidential election fraud doesn’t need to be massive. Just well targeted to a few select precincts in a few select areas.

      Please explain though, why election fraud when Democrats win, is a moot point, a “conspiracy theory” yet when a Republican wins and Democrats complain about fraud, it’s persistent? Democrats spent from 2016 to 2020 fighting the “fraud” (as you claim) of 2016. Fake impeachments, riots, obstruction and childish antics. Democrats claimed fraud in 2000, Abrams claimed, and still claims, fraud in her bid for Governor in 2018. McAuliffe is repeating that mantra currently. In recent history is there even ONE election that a Democrat lost where you didn’t claim fraud? All with no evidence.

      Even to date, Clinton is maintaining that the 2016 election was “rigged”


      Let’s ask HER for a rational explanation on how that happened.

  5. Yes it is a crime, but the bigger crime is how the Judicial system is ignoring the voting irregularities which undermine the freedom of the few that bother to vote.

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