(READ) Trump on Michigan ‘voter fraud’ rally

– October 13, 2021 – 
Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America
Big rally in Michigan yesterday, unbelievable spirit and knowledge of what went on with respect to voting and vote counting in the 2020 Presidential Election. Detroit, considered for many years to be one of the most corrupt places in the United States for elections (and many other things!), had large-scale irregularities so much so that two officials, at great risk to themselves and their families, refused to certify the results, and were sadly threatened. Wasn’t it a fact that aside from other things, there were far more votes than voters? Even the RINOs on the Senate Committee found 289,866 absentee ballots that were sent to people who never requested them, “something that would be illegal.” Why did they viciously kick out the Republican poll watchers? Seventy percent of Detroit’s mail-in ballot counting boards didn’t match, it was a total mess. Why won’t they give respected professionals and representatives at yesterday’s rally the right to do a Forensic Audit of Wayne County (Detroit) and Macomb County? That includes the RINOs in the State Senate and House who for, whatever reason, do nothing but obstruct instead of seeking the truth. Hopefully, each one of these cowardly RINOs, whose names will be identified and forthcoming, will be primaried, with my Complete and Total Endorsement, in the upcoming election. Congratulations on the great rally yesterday!

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3 thoughts on “(READ) Trump on Michigan ‘voter fraud’ rally”

  1. Sharyl and Full Measure Team,

    [[ copy to paper, then remove ]]

    My “Organic Psychology” report on our brain’s
    D i c h t o m o u s Hemisphericity (( those Left vs.
    Right differentiations, in how each hemisphere
    relates to its environment )) explains how the
    Emotion-directed Democrats can be so blind
    to the F A C T S you have reported above, Sharyl.

    BTW, the term, “conservative,” today, is a
    pejorative!—not to be used by any LOGICAL
    Rightist. Call yourself “FACTUALIST,” practicing
    F A C T U A L I S M, not “journalism” ( another
    pejorative term ).

    Remember Madame Blavatsky’s most profoundly
    T R U T H F U L statement :

    “The Highest Religion
    T R U T H,”

    —violated by
    everyone and by
    every purported
    “religion,” today.

    For example, Latina correspondent Villarreal’s
    report about her support of her Hispanic culture as
    “dignified and worthy of respect” ( CBS This Morning
    broadcast ) was emotion-driven LIES!—if FBI records
    are to be believed, about savage criminality among
    Hispanics, as compared with Whites ).

    Mr. Trump spoke the General Truth about the hordes
    of Line-Cutter Hispanics flooding into this once-White,
    once-Civilized, once-much-envied American society
    (( by the way, MSM hide the head-cutting and ritual
    tortures practiced within the Santeria-infected
    Catholicism among those border-jumpers—savagery
    routinely practiced in Mexico and Central America ! )).

    That “In Search of a Better Life” excuse for stealing
    a place here, gives the entirety of the world’s poor
    an EVIL license to take your property, then your life
    (( see my below essay in postscript, “A Borderless
    World is Terrifying” )) !

    Never forget, all those “refugees” who believe they
    have a right to “a better life” in a White/Christian/
    Western nation-state believe in a “right” to your
    home, to your property, and to take your life, and that
    of your loved ones in their SEARCH ( what the Soviet/
    B R U T A L I TA R I A N / Savage / Atheistic Bolsheviks
    believed/believe ! )




    — A Borderless World is Terrifying —

    The Great Leveling

    A world without nation-states and borders would be terrifying—would be a world without freely formed, self-governed communities; a world of ever-shifting populations chasing the better living conditions of distant neighbors, demanding what they have, then moving on after despoiling the region, and continuing to freely march about the globe until the Great Leveling is complete and everyone suffers the same low, wretched conditions; a left-wing-driven, Marxist-inspired, vulture-capitalist-aided, globalized egalitarianism; an extreme povertization of globalized Man’s culture and hereditable abilities.

    The idea of a borderless world is terrifying!

    We’re seeing the beginning destructive conditions of such a world in the United States (and all other white Western democracies), as Third Worlders flood in to dumb down the civilization and force whites to flee from wherever arriving immigrants settle.

    The U.S. nation – its laws and government and founding culture (( Western mores, traditions, and religions )) – is a white Anglo-Saxon construct, the British making the greater contribution. As minority populations from the Third World grow within it – primarily because of Marxist/Senator Ted Kennedy’s 1965 Immigration Act and our Marxist-driven federal government, passed on his heated promise it would not be used to alter America’s racial mix from white to people of color – American civilization shall continue its rapid decline on all cultural fronts defined by the term, “civilized.”

    Only by halting this ever-growing racial shift from white to “people of color” can the coming destruction be halted or, at least, delayed. Congress must repeal the 1965 Immigration Act and take the following steps to save the nation – the white West – from further decline:

    1. Make a strong and continuing effort to deport illegals while gaining strict control of our borders and airports.

    2. Halt legal immigration for five years and severely restrict it thereafter [[ Failing this, America will be a war zone in twenty years ]].

    3. Stop the Family Reunification Program, which, in effect, allows virtually all Third Worlders an economic refuge in America.

    4. Stop paying churches and private charities to recruit immigrants for resettlement in the U.S. Catholic Charities is the worst offender.

    5. Make American citizenship a valued status by disallowing citizenship to children born to illegals and legal aliens, and stiffen requirements for obtaining citizenship (( Note: Calling you “consumer” is a ploy for devaluing your citizenship )).

    6. Stop the practice of dual citizenship. Divided loyalties undermine the citizenry.

    7. Remove education and medical “rights” for illegals and their children (( the Supreme Court defies the will of the majority and subverts the Constitution by providing benefits to illegals )).

    8. Halt all bilingual education programs and require all government and private agencies to do business with the public in English (( it’s an outrage that in some communities in California and Florida there are government and business employees who must be cajoled into speaking English to their English-speaking customers )).

    9. Halt affirmative action and quota programs, which only inflame racial animosities.

    10. Halt race-based scholarships, which defy common sense and fair play.

    11. Stop the forced integration of public schools (( forced integration has ruined public education for both blacks and whites )).

    12. Stop mainstreaming pregnant teens, and remove nurseries and health clinics from school grounds (( a school nurse is sufficient )).

    13. Toughen academic standards across the board for teachers and students in all grades, and fire incompetent teachers.

    14. Reinstall and strengthen studies in Western civilization and civics.

    15. Remove all revisionist sections from school texts.

    16. And teach moral values in the classroom, which ought to be the first lessons we impart to our children.

    That is the short list of necessary steps for repairing America’s social infrastructure. Stand up and fight against the usurpers to protect your language, your culture, and your nation!

    The following special interests precipitated this crisis and will oppose controlling immigration: foreign lobbyists (self-serving), libertine/liberal Democrats (bereft of any rational sense), neocons (testosterone deficient in opposing Hollywood), Catholic Charities and other left-leaning church organizations (Marxist and recruiting-dependent), progressive Jews (Marxist/Communist utopian dreamers), ACLU (Marxist and communism-oriented), multinational corporations (unpatriotic and greedy vulture capitalists), agriculture industry (exploiters of migrant workers), educators (Marxist sympathizers and federal-loan dependent), the tourist and airline industries (come-one-come-all dependent), Limbaugh and Bennett and Kemp (GATT/NAFTA supporters), and all minority groups hoping to bring to America more of their own kind—for increasing their political clout and transforming America into what they escaped in coming here.


    1. Avery tough and explicit commentary, but sadly most of which is “COMMON SENSE”…
      Thank GOD for the first amendment, JL

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