(READ) Trump on new border caravan, ‘anti-Trump commercials,’

– October 24, 2021 – 
Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America
The largest caravan in history is coming towards us, and we are totally unprepared and doing nothing about it. Complete the wall and get tough. Our Country is being systematically destroyed before our very eyes
– October 24, 2021 – 
Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America
What good is it if FOX News speaks well of me when they continually allow horrible and untruthful anti-Trump commercials to be run—and plenty of them. In the good old days, that would never have happened and today it happens all of the time. Ratings-challenged CNN and MSNBC would never run a positive Trump ad—never. With so many forces against us, Big Tech, the Fake News Media, the Radical Left, the RINOs, and more, we are at such a disadvantage, but we will win anyway! 

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8 thoughts on “(READ) Trump on new border caravan, ‘anti-Trump commercials,’”

  1. Trump’s comments are just that, comments. They are like listening to a bunch of old retired veterans sitting at a bar grumbling about politicians. Nothing comes of it.
    How is it helpful to anyone for him to say build the wall? Listening to Trump reminds me of the insurance companies ad when someone walks by with purple hair, “we all see it”. Trump we all see it.
    We need people who are in the position to do something, to do something!
    All my life I’ve been taught that there are checks and balances in our Federal government and all I see are a bunch of whiny Republicans complaining they don’t have the votes. Pathetic.
    They better figure out how to stop this tyrannical Government.
    2 million more illegal aliens are going to enter this Country because Republicans hated Trump and did not want him re-elected. McConnell. The only thing I have left is the 2nd amendment, because any day now those illegals will be walking up to my front door.
    One final thought, Trump is delusional if he is counting on elections to change the course. I’ve worked elections for 21 years, and I have no trust in the American election process anymore. George Soros has won.

    1. I read your comment a few times attempting to determine what is important. The important part is either in what you wrote or what you skillfully did not write.

      You Hate Trump. You do not have any respect for Veterans. Insurance companies fit someplace in between Trump & Veterans. Why would you work in the American election process for 21 years when you have no trust in the process.? Did you try to bring about any changes so you could trust the election process? There is not much more to be said about Republicans. I am not sure you understand the System of Checks & Balances.
      All that indicates you do not really care to live in the United States of America.

      You omitted the obvious, which is, “The Leftists And Their Agenda Are The Problem”. By Leftists, I mean all Democrats and a good number of Republicans. The problem with Republicans is what they are not doing.

      You say, “Trump is delusional if he thinks elections will change the course”.. What would you say if Trump said there will not be another election”?

      Also, based on your comments, I would say you are intending to sit out what is about to happen. Since the Supreme Court ruled in response to the Texas lawsuit that “He who cheats best, wins”, I do not believe we will not see another election. Yes, I know what that means and I am ready.

    2. Debbie,

      You opine : “. . . whiny Republicans complaining . . .”

      Yes !

      Very insightful—see below :


      Conservative Columnists




      Lament ( couch-style analyses )


      Liberal Columnists




      Vent ( street-style protests/riots )

      — Here’s why libertine liberals are winning the culture war of words —

      In The Washington Times, in her column, Suzanne Field’s misses the mark, “Regarding the Sacking of Shakespeare: What Fools Professors Be!” [Richmond Times-Dispatch, December 23], as she leaves out two critical writing-style elements for furthering the cause of RATIONAL (logic-based) CONSERVATISM in America, which kind of writing style within her piece is typical for nationally syndicated conservative columnists while liberal columnists write far more powerfully, as they:

      1) DIRECT ( tell the readers what must be done and where to protest/riot )


      2) VENT ( get emotional for the cause, then take to the streets ).

      I’ve written to conservative columnists and politicians – here and across the Pond -over the years, about their weak writing style – about their lack of aggression in providing the “what to do!” and the “why?” and the “where?” in their commentaries/speeches – and how effectively to name-call Libertine Liberals.

      Have you not noticed how conservative columnists follow a DESCRIBE-COMPLAIN-LAMENT pattern when writing about Libertine Liberalism, rarely providing views about the underlying cause(s) of its bad ideas, nor giving any solution(s) for correcting the damage done to Civilized Society ( White Western Civilization )—nor assigning any name-calling terms which befit their UTTER Stupidity ( illogical, irrational, emotion-driven ideas/opinions ) ?

      Examine Ms. Fields commentary about the sacking of Shakespeare in our colleges and universities. She employs the DESCRIBE-COMPLAIN-LAMENT pattern, appearing only weak and defensive by her approach ( reflective of her Jewess heritage?—and its Progressivecom ( communist ) faction—although, possibly, not aware of the genetic/Jewish inclination/connection to Marxism/Communism ).

      There are exceptions, but most conservative columnists and politicians seem to be stuck in the DESCRIBE-COMPLAIN-LAMENT mode—DESCRIBING the social wreckage from Libertine Liberals’ Liberalism, COMPLAINING about it, then LAMENTING the loss of, say, rational sense and/or moral character in our once-virtuous Western Society.

      Suffice it to say, using such weak writing while libertine liberals (think of rapist/pedophile/demonic Marque de Sade’s character here) apply strong/violent aggression in promoting and defending their evil sacred cows (even defending them while their offerings appear as so much smoke rising up to the now-dethroned/-ridiculed Commie-FDR gods) puts rational conservatives at a marked, grave disadvantage.

      Again, Progressivecom/Leftist/Libertine columnists/politicians employ a DESCRIBE-DIRECT-VENT style of writing/speaking, telling the reader/listener (or government) what needs to be done, giving clear instructions on what to do, then crucifying any dissenters with smarmy/snarky, near-to-slander name-calling along the way.

      Libertine Liberals’ strong EMOTIONS (reptilian brain!) drive them to direct our culture and savagely attack any detractors with even slander, and while conservatives’ more erudite/analytical and unemotional style seems to anchor them to passivity!—to their calm, “we can reason this thing out” fiddling while America is ablaze with decadence, corruption and humans’ immorality/stupidity at every level.

      William F. Buckley’s style (a correspondent of mine, mostly via his sister) at National Review magazine (and on Firing Line) comes to mind, is an excellent example of erudite and unemotional DESCRIBING, COMPLAINING and LAMENTING, absent any kick-ass-and-take-names-later care for saving Christian-White-Built American civilization from its radical and ever-increasing decline—on all cultural, social, racial, political, financial, martial fronts, defined by the term : “CIVILIZED.”.

      Jewess Ms. Fields could have DESCRIBED for her readers how the 1964 special-privileges movement’s (Special-Civil-Rights’) FORCED Integration (not the deflective term, “desegregation”) of public schools (think of the “Domestic Tranquility” clause in the Preamble, re its unconstitutionality, not withstanding Tyrant Abe Lincoln’s trashing of it), and unbridled immigration (invasion) from the Third World, have provided the underlying impetus – the “why” – for dumbing down education in America; could have DIRECTED alumni across the country – the “what to do” – to blast their schools’ administrators with strong protests and threats of dis-invest-iture, until Shakespeare’s writings and studies in Western civilization are again required for every student to graduate; and could have VENTED by calling libertine liberals (those Marxian-Jew ARCHITECTS of this decline) the “cowards” and “fools” and “clowns” that they are, for having wrecked America’s education system(s) on the altar of minority/anti-majority accommodations—to meet the needs of those low-I.Q., high-aggression, litter-everywhere-they-step, special-interest groups overrunning White Civilized Society.

      America isn’t just going through a cultural slump, folks, it is a civilization in DEADLY SERIOUS DECLINE. It is Western civilization – White Civil Society – under invasion and attack by Marxian-Jew-directed, Left-Chriatian-aided anti-White/anti-Western racial groups (aka White-Race genocide and culturicide)!

      Conservative columnists ought to write like it is so—or not to write/opine at all!


  2. I pretty much agree with the former comments. Pres. Trump’s comments never seem to be helpful. What he and his administration did for America should not be minimized and should be published far and wide by Republicans who really do care about America. We said all during his 4 years–he would do great things; policy, his access to the press and seeing the cabinet with him, and other groups—certain kinds of business people, blacks, etc., — but the next day he would tweet something so far off the good policy and the msm would push and run with it for days. If he would only listen to wise counsel!

    1. What did Trump do for America? I do not recall anything reported by the media. I have plenty about the damage Trump did to America and America’s image.
      I remember what the media has been said about anyone who voted for Trump.

      There is a town named after Trump in Israel. There was to be a lake whose shores touch 3 Balkan nations to be named after Trump because he almost had a peace agreement worked out between the 3. They may or may not get it done without him,

      Trump has some rough edges and talks like he is off the streets of NYC, which he is. People understand him because he speaks like them.
      “As I see it, smooth talking people screwed up this world and smooth talking will not fix the mess”.

  3. I have not posted my thoughts for a while now, but here goes.
    In the 1960s, 7 Government actions put the US on course to implode at some point in the future. 1 Executive Order, 1 Supreme Court ruling, and 5 laws passed by a Democrat Congress and signed into law by a Democrat president. I am willing to say that some Republicans voted for the 5 laws and many more kept their mouths shut since then.
    + I believe the failure to achieve Amnesty for an estimated 30 million Illegal Aliens in 2006-2007 is the reason America did not collapse.
    + I believe 0bama was expected to turn out the lights on America between 2009 and 2013 or his first term. 0bama was to have what became his second term, which is why he said, “I would rather be a great one term president than a mediocre 2 term president”. If he considered himself to be mediocre, he is delusional. I consider 0bama to be an Illegal Alien.

    I believe the only reason there was an election in 2016 was so American could have a female president and that person was to be Hillary, Then Trump screwed things up by winning in 2016 and the Left went into a panic and went crazy.

    I have sent the above to several people, with the details and yet to receive a reply. I did not include them this time because, why bother.

  4. Re: January 6,
    I believe this was brought about by the Democrats and their minions. Trump had everything to gain by the Certification on January 6 and nothing to lose. That meant, the certification had to be prevented so the spineless Republicans could throw their support behind Biden.
    There was another question over certification in a prior election, the media never mentioned it in their anti-Trump reporting.
    I learned about it in high school and I later taught it in my high school classes. It no longer appears in text books and if you look deep enough online, you made find it.
    Trump had nothing and I mean nothing to do with the events of that day.

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