(READ) Trump on Oct. 12 Michigan rally about ‘voter fraud’

– October 8, 2021 – 
Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America
Big Michigan Rally coming up on Oct. 12th, on the Capitol steps in Lansing, where Patriots will demand a Forensic Audit of the 2020 Presidential Election Scam. The Voter Fraud is beyond what anyone can believe. Anyone who cares about our Great Country should attend, because unless we look to the past and fix what happened, we won’t have a future or a Country. Matt DePerno, Rep. Steve Carra, and Kristina Karamo, who I have endorsed, will be there. Let’s Go, Michigan, don’t let us down!

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9 thoughts on “(READ) Trump on Oct. 12 Michigan rally about ‘voter fraud’”

  1. Our country is being ruined. I wish there was something I could do. Legally. To stop this travesty..
    Just reading about it and getting upset set accomplishes nothing.
    Feeling helpless.

  2. Sharyl and Full Measure Team,

    [[ copy to paper, then nix this ]]

    You’ve expertly covered/exposed
    VOTER FRAUD and the COVID-

    Possibly, soon, you’ll expose the
    more deadly Globalized Fraud of
    “Man-Made Global Warming” :


    “The MAN-Made Global Warming Hoax”

    This analyst rightly/correctly argues
    this truthful position—it is :

    Cyclical Solar-Effected Climate Change ( my term )

    —Not Caused by Man’s Industries
    (( his environmental contaminations
    by chemicals NOT excused here )).

    Deep State folks know that truth,
    but serve Global Economic Socialists’
    machinations, through their C O M –
    M I E-Run U.N.—to enslave all mankind,
    using what I’ve termed “B R U T A L –
    I T A R I A N Equity” ( a/k/a MARXIAN
    Totalitarianism—using brutal torture,
    then firing squads and/or starvation
    or full-bore warring, as Lincoln had
    used against Self-Government/-Deter-
    mination in the Anti-C E N T R A L I Z A –
    T I O N, Southern colonies )),

    Study SAVAGE Bolshevik Jews’
    (( rightists cowardly hide that Jewish connection to World Wars I & II ))
    slaughter/torture of Christians in 1920s Russia, and thereafter (( study
    the “House of Government” – a very difficult read – about the stark evils
    of Marxism; and study all books about those Mass-Murdering, Libertine-
    Leftist, Dystopian “Utopians”—

    “ Utopi-Psychotics ”
    (( Utopipsychosis ))

    (( my psychology-based term, from my
    essays explaining :
    “Organic-Based Psychology . . . “
    —about the psychological Root Cause
    of this Near-to-Death condition of White
    Western/Christian Civilization )).

    I’ve been writing this idea for years :
    More Co2 is Good, not Bad!, for Plant
    Life—for the Planet !

    So, braindead idiots (( redundancy!—for agitating those dolts )) among us, hoping to “drive Co2 to zero” (( recent comment by low-I.Q. / low-R.Q. United Nations official )).

    [[ Read New Scientist magazine’s report,
    “How Smart People Can Be So Stupid!”
    as one may have an extremely high I.Q.,
    yet be lacking in R.Q.—not able to REASON
    very well—not able to access the LOGICAL
    left-hemisphere of their brain very well :
    artists, actors, musicians, and Senator
    Schumer, and HARPY-like AOC . . . and ALL
    Leftists ]]

    Here is some T R U T H-Telling, to challenge those
    W A R M I S T S blaming human industry for any
    (questionable) warming (( warmists caught cheating
    over the decades, by fraudulently cooking their math
    results, to push their We-Are-the-World, Socialist/Com-
    munist case against this MERITOCRATIC, Western/
    Christian Civilization )) :


    And Read/Study the last page of
    the late Robert Felix’s book :

    “Not by Fire but by Ice”

    —or don’t, in order to keep
    your peaceful nights of
    sleep !



    1. Anne,

      Thanks for your kind note of support !

      My views aren’t carved in stone,
      except about B A B Y C I D E S
      (( read below )).



      Pat’s Post of March 9, 2021 :

      “Recently I’ve given some thought as to how people have been ‘taught’ to be able to accept abortion on such a wide scale. One thing I realized was that shortly after it was legalized we started using terminology that distanced us from the reality of killing an unborn child. We began using terms like embryo, fetus and more recently zygote to describe what we previously had called an unborn child. Those terms had previously been used by the medical community to merely describe life stages. Now these terms help us to disassociate the humanness from the act of abortion.”

      Above paragraph posted here, re what I clarify
      as conservatives’ FAILURE to use the CORRECT
      language :

      It is ”B A B Y C I D E”—not an ABORTION.


  3. The election violated the Constitution regardless of where the votes went. Hard to prove the votes would have gone to Trump but the violations of election law are undeniable. Look where we ended up.

    1. Eric Van Court,

      Perfectly good points !

      Keep in mind, during the
      respective pre-election
      campaigns, Biden’s
      team had had difficulty
      getting 60 people to sup-
      port his public appearances
      (( cameras focused tightly
      to avoid the embarrassment
      of E X T R E M E disinterest,
      by at-large public, while Mr.
      Trump had THOUSANDS to
      arrive and compete—to get
      any seat/space in an
      auditorium. (( Leftists literally
      can’t see/hear/feel the true
      election outcome, because
      of brain damage!, due to being
      mis-educated by FEELINGS-
      driven public education :
      singing, dancing, crafts, art and
      theatre. Study my “Organic
      Psychology” reports about losing
      an ability to employ the left-
      logical hemisphere of the brain
      —to R E A S O N instead of just
      F E E L I N G in our decision-
      making efforts throughout life )).

      The Shadow Cabal
      had shoe-horned FAKE
      Biden & Team into

      Alas, one must go
      back to Abe Lincoln’s
      theft of office—to see
      how we got to this
      VERY bad/sad place.



      Study the late Black Professor Walter William’s essays
      about the TRUE history of Lincoln’s Economy-Based
      War ( not against slavery ), upending the ideas : “Self-
      Government” and “Self-Determination”—and, more
      informatively, study all of Thomas DeLorenzo’s MANY
      reports!, archived at LewRockwell dot Com.


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