REPORT: 6,644 Washington State employees refuse Covid-19 vaccines

Nearly 11% of Washington State employees declined to get vaccinated for Covid-19 and either quit, got fired, received an accommodation, or are in the process of one of the above.

That’s according to a report from The Epoch Times.

According to the report, Washington State officials say:

  • About 1,887 (3% of the workforce) quit or were fired
  • About 3% (1,887) received an accommodation
  • 4.6% (2,870) are not vaccinated but being processed for termination or accommodation
  • Washington State says they had about 62,391 total workers
  • Based on the state’s data, the total refusers number about 6,644

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14 thoughts on “REPORT: 6,644 Washington State employees refuse Covid-19 vaccines”

  1. If they already have antibodies they should not be forced to get ANOTHER immunization. Now for the rest it’s constitutional argument. I believe in the vaccine esp for high risk. It does NOT prevent infection. It ameliorates the infection.

    1. Not for many. Of those I know that have been hospitalized then passed, all had the shot. Since it does not prevent it is not a true vaccine. The shot is not the key. Early, inexpensive TREATMENT is.

  2. According to statistics, the risk involved with getting the “shot”, in most cases, is higher than not getting the “shot”. Why does our government continue to blindly push people in to getting the “shot” against their will or belief? If it makes you feel better get yourself the “shot. Otherwise, let things run it’s course. The outcome will be the same-shot or no shot.

  3. Well, I suppose the Biden regime could reroute those middle-of-the-night flights carrying illegal ‘children’ (who are mostly young adult males) to fill those vacancies, right?
    The fascistic mandating of vaccines, especially on people with antibodies, is tearing apart the fabric of our society. There is no ‘science’ behind these mandates.

  4. An ethical and honest journalist, Alex Berenson, has stated that there has been an uptick of cardiovascular deaths among the ages of 20-50 yr. olds. He is investigating what the cause is. I can’t help but wonder if it relates to the vaccines. Since Bill Gates has an interest of decreasing the population, and since he has insinuated himself into the pharmaceutical companies which produce the vaccines, it makes me think that the vaccines may have something to do with this.

    1. Martha Socorro Korbuszewski

      I agree re that Bill Gates is funding whatever methods, such as the Covid so-called vaccines and contraception, to decrease the world’s populations especially targeting poor countries.
      There is no such thing as “overpopulation”- it’s a horrible lie that’s been used for years to indoctrinate people to think the world is heading for disaster

  5. I’m still confused with this huge covid vaccination push. They are willing to put those exterminations in my injured body. Even if this push is NOT NEEDED.

  6. If you listen to any drug ad on TV, they always mention certain groups who should NOT take the vaccine, e.g., pregnant or nursing women, people with certain allergies, people with certain medical conditions, and people taking certain other medications. They also mention adverse side effects that have been reported. This holds true even for many OTC products.

    But with the Covid vaccines, all of that has been swept aside. Even though the vaccines are new, were rushed into production, and have been associated with an unprecedented number of adverse side effects, we are seeing increased demands for universal vaccination, even among low-risk populations. People who raise questions about the vaccines are censored, and people who refuse the vaccination are threatened with the loss of their livelihood. Why is this? The very people who decry “conspiracy theories” are the same people whose behavior gives rise to them.

  7. All this hoopla over a virus with an undeniable overall survival rate (with almost 2 years of accumulated, official, inflated data) of over 98-99%. I can understand the initial reaction to a new and unknown virus that they most likely knew escaped from a lab also linked to development of biowarfare viruses etc. Unless there is some still highly classified info that has not been dilvulged, this makes absolutely no sense. Some states and localities are even terminating, if they don’t resign first, sorely needed first responders and medical personnel severely endangering public health & safety which is supposedly the justification for these wildly extreme measures in the first place. This and thousands upon thousands of people either losing or potentially losing their means of making a living, over what? Find that answer, it’s probably the story of this many centuries!

  8. Arne Tormod Steinarson

    It is a shame what is going on.

    Vaccines don’t reduce spread – the most vaccinated countries, like UK, Israel, Ireland, US… have all experienced a longer, worse spread than a number of countries that are now post covid (such as India, South Africa – with very modest vaccination rates).

    I am not sure the mandates are trying to protect ? Those that are vaccinated and who per definition should be protected ? Those that are unvaccinated and apparently have lived through 18 months of covid – and not have been infected ?

    It is one of the biggest large scale confusions at government level – perhaps unpreceded at a global scale.

    Government and pharma-business has deflated whatever credibility and trustworthiness was still there. An uneducated and ineffective approach, altogether.

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