SONG: “Let’s Go, Brandon” tops the music charts

A version of a song based on the anti-Biden chant, “Let’s Go, Brandon,” by Loza Alexander, topped the music charts for a time today, beating out superstar Adele’s newest single.

For background on the phrase, you can read more here.

Listen to the song below. Warning: Profanity

At the time of this publication, the song by Loza Alexander was number two on the charts.

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9 thoughts on “SONG: “Let’s Go, Brandon” tops the music charts”

  1. Loza Alexander Fan

    Loza Alexander is a unique American. He admits he went from TDS-infected Trump hater to loving President Trump. His song, “Let’s Go Brandon” is lit and is off the hook making fun of the media who blatantly lie favoring Joe Biden. Over the weekend Billboard was making adjustments to reflect “Let’s Go Brandon” was in fact about to topple Adele for the No. 1 song in the country. WoW!

  2. The Let’s Go Brandon song at the top of the charts on October 24 (and still, today, October 25) is the one by Bryson Gray, not Loza Alexander. Loza’s has been at #3.

  3. Not much on watching who’s on the top of the charts these days, BUT this is good news for our country. Oh how the Dimms and those on the Left must be cringing after hearing this news. We The People can only pray that the Democrats, the Loons on the Left, and many Republicans keep spewing the lies that they THINK will somehow help them retain control. Oh how the mighty continue to fall! Go Trump and Go America!

    1. Jeffery Tartt,

      The “Loons on the Left” are product of
      Libertine Humanists, Liberal Christians,
      and Atheistic Jews—all subject to the
      Old ( “reptilian” ) Brain’s savage procliv-



      Teenage boys are particularly
      driven by the Reptilian Brain,
      until they mature through
      adults’ training (( females are
      clueless—about the inability
      of some boys’ and men’s
      capacity to control their sex
      drive )).

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