The Amish Covid Experience, Herd Immunity, and Fighting Propaganda (PODCAST)

The fascinating story about the Amish Covid 19 experience, natural immunity, and going up against the mob of propagandists trying to keep you from learning these facts.

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12 thoughts on “The Amish Covid Experience, Herd Immunity, and Fighting Propaganda (PODCAST)”

  1. Sharyl, how do we teach our kids to be critical thinkers when consuming information? I would like to teach my 13 year old granddaughter (her father is a devout CNN spectator) some things I leaned in a Logic course but I am afraid she will start questioning her teachers, which I know from experience will affect her grades, reducing her probability of a worth while degree. I’m sure there are many parents facing this dilemma. Leading by example with a word of caution to the student that frankness in the classroom can be harmful to your grades is my only solution. Can you tell us how you became a critical thinker? It must have happened long before working in the business.

  2. Sheryl, I love reading your stories and your excellent reporting. I am deaf, so podcasts without subtitles are lost to me. Where can I read a transcript of your report?

    1. I apologize I do not have the resources to have the podcasts transcribed at this time. I will work on it though. Thank you for your comment and letting me know.

      1. Love your work Sheryl! Wanted to let you know some of the other podcasts I listen to use to post transcripts. Simply passing along as you may find it helpful, or not. Either way I will continue to follow you as I appreciate the honesty!

  3. Dear Sharyl,

    I noted in your Amish video a clip – in the store was nothing but sugary products – jams, pastries, breads and cookies. No wonder many got sick, not from each other. They lack fresh citrus items (can’t grow that in PA) vitamin C preventing illness = imbalance of immune boosting nutrients = Armor Think – if someone yawns and others yawn after witnessing the yawn, did they catch something? Think – flue/flew/flu means movement of energy – domino affect. A smile breeds smiles – what was the contagion…then a cough breeds coughing. I won’t listen to someone sickly sounding over the radio, because energy inFluences. In Flu ences. Energy begets energy… There’s nothing but energy.

    In MN, I’ve spent time shopping an Amish store in 2020-21, (for dry bulk and fresh eggs)
    and minus evil slave signs of masks (I’ve not worn one yet), social distancing nonsense. However, note, the Amish running the store ALL have extremely, bad teeth. They work very hard and i bet burn up the sugar quickly thus are all thinly, sized persons.
    They’ve a high sugar diet – dry goods sold in store (besides bulk baking items) are sugar products of sweets of all kinds. And, since they’ve horse travel, they’ve Ivermectin in stock, so I wonder about the PA Amish. The lights in the store are run by modern generators. The Amish are quick to take rides from people who drive cars, and hire out for bull dozers and such machinery as needed… so it might be more about the lack of funds than avoiding modern equipment. BTW, one Amish worker receives a ride via car to the store because she lives about 10 miles away. … pure observations as I chat-it-up at check out.

    Your COV-ID-19 reporting is interesting – what you see is what you see. Corona viruses described in health encyclopedia lists corona as the common cold. I wonder how a germ can survive outside the body since it was once in a pool of fluid… which makes Indian infected blankets another horse tail to create division… Meanwhile, the various reporting 3 letter agencies ignored flu stats over the past yr, while da fake COV-ID took it’s place. –might want to check into latent affects of vaccines from yrs past. Kinda like the SV-40 put in the polio shots showing up as cancers, yrs/decades later… while manmade medicine is contrary to, let natural food by they medicine. Proud to know man’s medicine is against life.

    It’s seems most of us now know someone(s) that died within the past 1.5 yrs – got the jab, or hospital protocol killed them off – ventilators and drugs (Remdesivir) when used in trial killed the subjects. Culling – NEWS reporting lacks the bigger picture – sheep to the slaughter. Are lives shortened with petroleum drugs, DOH – that’s the meat’n potatoes of medicine’s sorcery aka pharmakeia. ALL societal institutions are fraudulent (man easily corrupted) and are going down – aka draining the whole freaking swamp. We’ve a whole new paradigm coming – Be Ready – Don’t be surprised if numerous characters in the MSM (white hats, grey hats, black hats) were characters playing a role until the guilty have been rounded up.

    “Coronaviruses cause acute, mild upper respiratory infection (common cold).”

    I enjoyed your last 5 mins or so of “thinking” – BeLieve vs Wisdom. Beliefs stem from standing under another man “understanding” their take vs wisdom arriving from that inner voice we know as God, our creator over all of us. In the “moment” with nobody around listen for the wisdom – seek and yea shall find…

    Be Well@ and thank you for the opportunity~!

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