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9 thoughts on “The Case Against Federal Covid-19 Vaccine Mandates (PODCAST)”

  1. Key issues. Govt/Biden not using info/data to educate/inform public & help them make decisions. Not using safety protocol VAERS info to determine safety- just using anecdotal/historic vaccine trends to dismiss any adverse issues. Ignoring existing studies/analysis not supportive of narrative. Oversimplifying decision process “talk to your doctor” (who last time I checked is not a micro biologist). Trust big Pharma (who is making hefty profits), Trust FDA (who has had issues before) & kind of have conflict of interest with Big Pharma. Was FDA after millions vaccinated going to rule vaccine not safe (lack of objectivity). Eliminate any dissent? CDC use of non-representative, un-scientific studies to support narrative (Kentucky study). Recipe for disaster..

    1. Sharyl Attkisson

      Hi Bill,

      Thank you for letting us know about link. We will look into that and restore as soon as possible. Thank you for tuning in…have a great holiday today!

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