Two alleged sexual assaults in Loudoun County schools may not have been properly reported to state

The superintendent of Loudoun County, Virginia public schools has apologized for making misleading statements about alleged sexual assaults by the same boy in high school.

According to reports, the boy assaulted a girl in a high school bathroom and then was allowed to go back to high school while the case was under criminal investigation, where he allegedly assaulted another girl just months later.

Yet when asked about the alleged assaults at a public meeting in recent weeks, superintendent Scott Ziegler had said he was unaware of any incidences.

After reporting by The Daily Wire, Ziegler issued a statement claiming he had wrongly interpreted the question at the meeting.

He also seemed to admit that the proper reporting was not done. Ziegler said “errors” were made “in our state reporting regarding disciplinary incidents in schools…That is extremely concerning, and we are taking steps to make sure that process is improved.”

He said that he did not think the lack of reporting was intentional or part of a coverup.

I regret that my comments were misleading, and I apologize for the distress that error caused families. I should have asked Board Member [Beth] Barts clarifying questions to get to the root of her question, rather than assuming what she meant. I will do better in the future…Let me say to the families and students involved: My heart aches for you, and I am sorry that we failed to provide the safe, welcoming, and affirming environment that we aspire to provide.

Scott Ziegler, Loudoun Co. School Superintendent

The father of one of the alleged girls who was attacked at school appeared at a school board meeting over the summer to hear about the district’s controversial decision to allow boys to use the girls’ bathrooms. He said his daughter had been attacked by a boy in the girls’ restroom.

Loudoun County schools have also been the center of pitched battles over teachers and educators who are receiving training in Critical Race Theory at taxpayer expense. Six school board members and the Commonwealth attorney were found to have been members of a controversial Facebook group that targeted parents opposed to Critical Race Theory.

Read and watch the Full Measure story about Critical Race Theory here.

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11 thoughts on “Two alleged sexual assaults in Loudoun County schools may not have been properly reported to state”

  1. Just another case of George Soros efforts (A.G Project) to buy and control local states attorneys coming to fruition. Buta Biberaj and that entire Loudoun school board deserves to be hounded in the same manner that Sarah Sanders and other conservatives were routinely hassled for just being conservatives. Don’t hold your breath waiting for a statement from A.G. Garland. His false equivocation of angry parents with terrorists and lack of action on the actual domestic terrorism from the Soros Brown Shirts (BLM) during the 2020 election, is proof he was not qualified for the Supreme Court. Garland will simply wait this out like the rest of DOJ hacks not serving this country in a manner that instills confidence. The media will then pretend the Virginia Governors race was legitimate, regardless of continued mail in ballot harvesting in the wee hours. None of this will stop the public perception of the charade unfolding before our eyes. The fat lady has cleared her throat and slipped a twenty to the piper.

  2. More parents need to know what is being taught in their schools. If not, their kids will be brainwashed into hating their country.

  3. Something doesn’t sound right about this school board? I’m so dam sick & tired of hearing the limp statement, “its under investigation”. Its just another way of saying lets just leave it alone, people will forget about it in a short amount of time. Really glad the parents of the victims are suing the school system. Im convinced eductors just aren’t that smart no a days. If they can’t see or figure out what a policy like that would bring, their just dumb policy makers.

  4. Virginia is close to becoming “California East.” The state election next month is critical. The GOP needs to win the governor. So many bad laws passed under the Democrats. CRT is spreading in Virginia. A conservative School Board member in Virginia Beach exposed a CRT book review during school hours in one of the middle schools in VB. Then she finds the same books that were in the Loudoun County schools.

  5. As long as they elect pro rape , easy on crime school boards and district attorneys they will get more of such lawlessness. They must take their safety back by electing responsible practical persons who are not ideologues who believe rape is good for children. Recall all of them and charge malfeasance. Prosecute them. NOW.

  6. Loudoun County hid the assaults so they could ram through their policies that enabled the assaults in the first place. This was the inevitable outcome of such policies. The county knew that and the didn’t care.

  7. Does anyone really believe that the Superintendent of the schools had no clue that two rapes happened in his schools? One of those rapes happened after he did nothing on the first one.

    He should be charged as an accessory to the second rape.

  8. What happened to the 14 year old teenage girl was much more than a “assault.” She was raped in the “trans”, or mixed sex bathroom by a boy wearing a dress. She was then sodomized by the boy. Then she was forced to perform fellatio on the penis that just sodomized her. The school and schoolboard ignored the enraged father. The police were of very little help. When the father went to a schoolboard meeting to complain about trans bathrooms because of the rape and sodomy of his daughter, he was attacked by other parents and arrested by the police. The DA is now charging the FATHER with crimes. The boy who raped his daughter was transferred to another school, where he almost immediately raped another teenager. On top of all that, the Biden DOJ considers the father a white, racist domestic terrorist. When will the FBI show up and interrogate this abused father? Sadly, this is the country we now live in.

  9. School superintendent Scott Ziegler needs to be ousted, ASAP. He cares more about politics than keeping kids safe. Take a hike, Scott.

  10. You apologize for making a mistake. In this case he intentionally lied to cover up his ineptitude. Ziegler should be fired.

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