Two Members of Congress Spill Their Guts About The Swamp (PODCAST)

Eye-opening Full Measure interviews with Rep. Ken Buck and then-Rep. Jason Chaffetz blow the lid off the secretive, extra-Constitutional system political party bosses created and operate in Congress.

It’s beholden to powerful money interests; not you.

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5 thoughts on “Two Members of Congress Spill Their Guts About The Swamp (PODCAST)”

  1. Your Article about Two Members of Congress spill there Gut’s about the Swamp..? “Seems like The Federal Trade Commission investigations unit should be involved in these types of actions in Congress, along with a joint team of people from the D.O.J. to make sure there’s no Conflict of interest corruption going on Here Sharyl ??? Other wise why even have any investigations on Greed and Corruption or wrongful actions ?. Example : If you have you have wrongful Cherry picking, special money interest driving your company Cherry picked STOCKS and or Goods ? (( I’d want at least 3 people appointed from the Federal Trade commission office with at least 2 other people from the D.O.J. over seeing any Future Deal’s to make sure there’s no wrong doing, that’s going to create Stock’s conflict of interest matters in future = “A Fox in the Hen House > “What would have Harry Truman have done here with fluttering eyebrows ??? ))

  2. Wow!! You always hit the nail on the head Sharyl!! I love to hear Jason on FOX, I never knew
    why he left Congress, I did know he seemed like an honest person with character…sounds like he really wanted to make a difference and it sounds like that isn’t popular at all. The “swamp” is a very descriptive term for DC… makes me feel even more bitter towards the “never-Trumper” RINOS, because if they had all gotten behind Trump when he became president, I think he could have gotten so much more done to straighten up the mess Obama left behind!! I have a nasty letter for the GOP, this’ll make me get off my butt and finish it. I’m going to explain why I haven’t renewed my membership or sent them $$ and I’m going to ask them if they’re doing anything about the Dominion machines. A precinct gal from AZ said that they didn’t even have the passwords for them, but Dominion could get into their machines anytime they wanted…..I’m worried the Dems will cheat wholesale AGAIN, and we’ll lose our democracy!! The GOP don’t seem to know how to fight; the Dems learned their lessons from the union leaders, who learned from the Mafia! That’s what I tell my lib girlfriend. Drives her nuts. I loved “Stonewalled” and “Slanted” reads just like I imagined it would, judging from the performances I’ve seen on major media from the trolls….depressing! God will never forgive us for leaving our kids this mess of a country….

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