Vaccine mandates; Amish herd immunity; Tribal sovereignty

The Biden administration has promised that rules governing its widespread vaccine mandates will soon be released. They will impact more than 100 million Americans.

Why isn’t natural immunity factored in? Will any exemptions be allowed?

Sunday on Full Measure, we’ll listen to both sides in the debate as firefighters, health care workers, athletes, teachers and other Americans resist from coast-to-coast.

Also we’ll go deep into the heart of Pennsylvania Amish country where the locals claim an amazing feat: they achieved herd immunity against Covid-19 back in summer of 2020 without hospital care or vaccinations, and suffered none the worse for it.

Below are a few scenes from our visit to Lancaster, Penn. for the story.

Are there lessons to be learned by the rest of America still struggling with Covid?

And Lisa Fletcher takes us to Oklahoma for a fascinating Supreme Court decision you might not have heard much about, but it returns millions of acres of land to the sovereignty of Indians. We’ll explain what it means.

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4 thoughts on “Vaccine mandates; Amish herd immunity; Tribal sovereignty”

  1. This is not related. However, I see many similar things happening across free countries around the world. Blm everywhere but why not Cuba or South Africa? Far left agendas are being pushed only creating a divide free democratic places. The only thing that connects it is money raised and Act Blue is the main player. There are other names and ngo’s that play roles. If you could do a report about the people, groups, and nations involved. It’s broad and convoluted but to understand what is involved will give transparency and inform.

    1. Publish data from European scientists and medical communities that the CDC is ignoring like natural immunity benefits, among others. Publish patent request fr om American drug companies for a tracking device injected with the vaccine! There is alot going on behind the scenes!

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