Updated (VIDEO) More protests against Covid vaccine mandates around the world

Padova, Italy

Italians protest Covid vaccine mandates.


Covid lockdown and related protests earlier in France



Covid vaccine mandate protests in Italy

Padova, Italy

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5 thoughts on “Updated (VIDEO) More protests against Covid vaccine mandates around the world”

  1. Sharyl and Full Measure Team,

    Language ! // Language ! // Language !
    is most expertly used by the Libertine
    Left—to destroy White Western Christ-
    ian’s M E R I T O C R A C Y—for building
    Marxists’ D Y S T O P I A N “Utopia.”

    Consider how the general public would
    react to reading not “abortion,” on every
    placard, last weekend—but this more
    honest/terrifying term :

    B A B Y C I D E ! // B A B Y C I D E !

    Similarly , It’s NOT a “Vaccine” but an
    experimental GENE THERAPY—being
    (force) INJECTED into arms !

    Use my term :

    GENEJECTION (( or Gene-Injection )) .

    The Medical Mafia recently, quietly!, had
    altered its decades-long definition of
    “vaccine”—because THIS Jab Is NOT a
    VACCINE! . . . because some bright
    folks – such as Dr. Mercola and Bill Sardi –
    have been exposing that (hidden) critical
    part of this Marxian, G L O B A L I Z E D,



    I’ve a list of terms Rightists mistakenly,
    GRAVELY use, daily :

    For example, it is NOT “gun-control” but
    Self-Defense Control, sought by the Libertine
    Left!, so that they are able to assault you
    without fear of ANY defensive retaliation—
    see Nazis’ Germany AND see Bolsheviks’
    Russia AND see today’s B R U T A L I –
    T A R I A N Australia.

    And its not simply a ”Pathway to Citizenship”
    —but, far more accurately, a pathway for
    Anti-White Citizenship!,
    as ALL ”People of Color” have been TRAINED
    by the Libertine Left to HATE W I H I T E Y
    (( EXCEPT their boys/men!, who hope to try
    and seduce a White-teen girl or White-adult
    woman; and study my SATIRICAL report about
    that seduction :
    “Your White Face”
    —to GET an accurate/scary PICTURE for you
    and your future offspring, WHITEY ! )).

    1. P.P.S.

      Here is WHY the entirety of
      Fauci’s ongoing Fables
      is POWERFUL Evidence
      of a Global Covid-HOAX :

      Exemptions :

      “ The groups that have been exempted from getting the vaccines, all of Congress, plus all the congressional staff, House, and the Senate. That’s a lot of people. 6,000 White House employees, all exempted. 2,500 Pfizer employees exempted. 1,500 Moderna employees and 120,000 Johnson and Johnson employees, all exempt. 15,000 CDC, 14,000 FDA employees exempted. Eight million Chinese students in this country, 8 million, How many of them are PLA, CCP? 85-90%. That’s how many I can tell you that, exempted. Here’s another one. 2 million illegal invaders exempted. They don’t have to get the shot. Now, what is going on here? Let me throw another one in. This is going to be the cherry on top. At least 500,000 homeless tent and street people are exempted. So they, whoever’s planning this want these people to survive and to take a significant role and the numbers of potential survivors and those who are in the cities. Five hundred thousand homeless and street people, and again I’ll repeat some are there through no fault of their own. I get that, but many are completely at the bottom of the food chain, and they’re not to be vaccinated. If the vaccine worked, which it doesn’t, they would be protecting these people, but they’re not. The vaccine is a failure. .”
      –Jeff Rense

  2. Thank you Sharyl for posting protests. I can only hope this gives more people in the U.S. courage to stand up and try to save our constitutional right to freedom, including medical freedom of choice. Difficult to understand people say yes to killing a baby (my body, my choice) but do not want others to have a choice whether or not to inject an unknown substance. I keep hearing about the ingredient “graphine oxide” and hope you report about that so-called secret ingredient.

  3. Marc Maximilien Authier

    People will not accept the worst kind of tyranny; medical tyranny. People have to remember what the Nuremburg Code and the Nuremburg trials were all about. NO TO NAZISM because that is what it is. What these passports are all about is the following. The loss of our ultimate freedom; OUR OWN BODY. These truly nazi like criminals want to take over even your biology. So you refuse their dictatorship, their MARK OF THE BEAST (indeed like in The Bible), yo become a non citizen and end up treated EXACTLY as a Jew wearing a Yellow Star. No Jab No Job is the ultimate act of bio terrorism. People like Biden and Trump are traitors and truly fascists. I dont think Americans still understand what will be the implications for their kids. If we ever lose against those nazi globalists, we will find ourselves like in NAZI GERMANY. Israel is now a fine example of the New Nazi Geramany. I have family living there and I just cant believe how stupid most Jews have been not to recognize what this all means for them and all of us. Idiots !!!!!

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