(WATCH) Trump Iowa rally draws giant crowd estimated at 20,000+

At a rally in Iowa Saturday night, former President Trump drew a large crowd estimated at 20,000+.

During the rally, Trump endorsed Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) who announced, at age 88, he’s running for another six-year term.

The crowd cheered “Trump won” and “We love Trump.”

At the end of the rally, Trump danced to the tune of “Macho, macho man.”

Watch the rally at this link.

Scenes from the rally are below.

Above: Trump dances to “Macho Man”

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7 thoughts on “(WATCH) Trump Iowa rally draws giant crowd estimated at 20,000+”

  1. I PRAY he runs for PRESIDENT AGAIN! But we will have to fight the corruption because I still feel that we were CHEATED the last time. Biden is NOT president!

    1. DonaldcTrump is the God given savior of world freedom, liberty
      And individual freedom
      Please vote for him or we will be living under communism for the rest of our l8ves

  2. Love you Sharyl — for your fearless pursuit of honest news coverage on behalf of sensible minded American patriots.
    God bless you.
    R Freeman

  3. We love Trump. Biden never won the vote. The CCP and Democratic party, big tech, etc. stole our country with computer algorithms, Chinese communist interference. The puppet, Biden, is corrupt, senile, and an idiot He and Kamala are both controlled by the CCP, Xi Zhenping, and their operatives.

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