(FORUM) Should people be arrested for what the vaccine industry/government decide is ‘misinformation’?

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The head of Pfizer recently said people responsible for putting out vaccine misinformation are “criminals.”

This language is particularly dangerous in an already-charged environment.

By his own definition, if fairly applied, he is advocating the arrest of CDC’s Director, who falsely stated that vaccinated people cannot spread Covid; the arrests of other top CDC officials and scientists, who got caught falsely claiming over and over again that Pfizer and Moderna studies showed people who have natural immunity after Covid benefit by getting vaccinated, anyway (they didn’t); and the arrests of many others who have distributed false information and suppressed factually correct information or opinions that differ from their narratives.

Of course, in the world of the vaccine industry and their advocates, including public health officials, they get to be the judge of what qualifies as misinformation and what does not not. They get to ignore misinformation put out by their side, and even get to deem factually-correct information the other side to be false.

It’s Alice-in-Wonderland.

And it’s public health officials and vaccine industry interests who are creating what they call “vaccine hesitancy” and mistrust among the public, because a large segment of the public sees what’s happening and becomes skeptical of everything.


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35 thoughts on “(FORUM) Should people be arrested for what the vaccine industry/government decide is ‘misinformation’?”

  1. Sharyl,

    Excellent and on point. Unfortunately, the Biden Administration, CDC, Fauci and Mainstream Media, have become the “Ministry of Truth”.
    (George Orwell in 1984)

    You’re reporting in this era of Censorship, Lies and Loss of Freedoms, becomes even more critical.

  2. Sharyl,
    The ‘expert’ in the medical field have been distributing misinformation en masse from the beginning of Covid! There is more harm done by wearing masks than ANY good they do to protect from the virus! The ‘experts’ have actually told us all the do the OPPOSITE of what is helpful against the virus! I knew they were a bunch of liars when I began to notice that there was NEVER any info on how every last person can improve and strengthen their immune systems and when they refused to talk about how natural immunity was best. I appreciate your research and I agree with your statements in this forum, Sharyl! I thank God for honest, critically thinking, true journalists like you! -Sheri-

  3. This Johns Hopkins graph shows how misguided, for whatever reasons we know now, or will be uncovered in the future, government and big pharma policy has been. It’s like going hunting and just shooting into the forest without aiming at your target.

  4. The censorship of any expression is/should be cause for concern. Dissenting voices are crucial to a functioning democracy. Such stifling of views seeds mistrust and foments more of such views. We’ve seen this in the censoring of video by Dr Sucharit Bhakdi. All removed form YouTube except for s few with foreign subtitles which YouTube hasn’t removed, yet.

    1. Science itself cannot proceed without debate and the airing of dissenting views. Virtually all of today’s accepted scientific consensus was once either the minority view, or so far beyond the consensus of the day as to be virtually unimaginable.

  5. Another home run, this time a grand slam. Anyone who has studied this hoax knows that we the people paid for the biggest advertising campaign in history. Ivermectin at 10 cents a dose has been used world wide for COVID yet the FDA has blackballed it in the U.S.A.

    What is the FDA? Another arm of the federal government. What does the federal government do well? Not much. Thanks Sharyl.

    1. Could not agree with you more! My brother was murdered. October 28th by NC, FDA, CDC because they control who lives and dies based on pure evil greed!

  6. Give us ALL the information. We can sort it out. Having some unelected, unknown entity deciding what is and is not good information (depending on their agenda) is a huge step into control of the people via control of what they are allowed to know.

  7. Dr Ben Carson former head of Pediatrics at John Hopkins said that children do not need the vaccine.
    I have video of him with m Bartoromo.


    1. For more than 30 years, it has been widely known and accepted that writing in all caps online is considered SHOUTING AND SHOULD BE AVOIDED.

      Drop the caps.

      1. I never use all-caps, but in a medium which does not readily (or perhaps, at all) allow for bold-face or italics, I use caps to emphasize a word or phrase.

  9. My own experience and study (after practicing pulmonary medicine for more than 40 years) informs me that the best evidence indicates that vitamin D in doses adequate to bring the blood level up to 40 to 70 nanomols/deciliter will reduce hospitalization and death by 85%, from any, and practically all, acute respiratory infections (including COVID 19)! Vitamin D3 is very affordable and the risk of vitamin D toxicity is extremely low at doses of 5,00 to 10,000 units daily. as a septuegenerian, I have taken two doses of Moderna Covid vaccine without side effects to date. As the great barrington declaration states (signed by over 750,000 health professionals):persons over 60 years of age, or persons under sixty with comorbidity (ies) should avail themselves of an approved vaccine, as well as supplementing vitamin D to achieve a protective blood level of vitamin D.

    1. I am 71, 6′, 172 lbs., with mild Type II diabetes and mild hypertension, but nothing could persuade me to take the current Covid-19 vaccines. There is a history of stroke in my family, and – based on what I’ve seen – I think the vaccines could trigger some sort of stroke or heart event.

      But I am not doing nothing. I take Vitamins D3 and C (in addition to a men’s +50 vitamin complex), zinc, quercetin, NRC, Curcumin, nigella-sativa (an Ivermectin alternative), and a few other OTC products. I usually take melatonin at bedtime. When I’ve been out in public, I use a nasal spray – preferably Budesonide or Povidone-Iodine. I use a mouthwash with alcohol and cetylpyridinium chloride three times a day, including when returning home from being out in public.

      The supplements I take are based on recommendations of the FLCCC Alliance (Front-Line Covid-19 Critical care Alliance) and various studies of seen concerning Covid-19 prophylactics. Of course, nothing – including the vaccines – is a 100% guaranty of immunity or a positive outcome if infected, but I believe in taking those precautions that I deem safe and somewhat effective.

  10. “Should people be arrested for what the vaccine industry/government decide is ‘misinformation’?”

    No, but pharma executives and government health bureaucrats and politicians should be arrested for promoting and/or mandating vaccines with such a huge number of adverse side effects reported, including – so far – more than 18,400 deaths and 29,100 permanent disabilities in the US alone.

    If 100 people report getting sick after drinking Possum Valley Apple Juice, it is recalled and pulled from the shelves. But if 875,000 people report adverse effects from the vaccines, we are told that they are completely safe, that critics need to shut up or be censored,, and that we need to vaccinate our children with the same risky vaccines.

  11. Actually the people who are actually criminals include the CEO of Pfizer as well as the current head of CDC, and Lord Fauci himself. To borrow an old Southern phrase “they’re lyin’ like a dog a-trottin'”. These people have caused real harm including costing many American’s their lives by not allowing early treatments in this country that could have reduced the death toll by 85%. Now they are putting our kids at risk with their lies. Based on the Nuremburg Code, they have committing crimes against humanity – not dissimilar to the Nazi War Criminals. Those people, and not the ones courageously disagreeing with them, need to be held accountable for the crimes they’ve committed.

  12. An amazing premise: The con artists blame the news-hungry rabble for wishing to know the truth. We live in the age of inverse truth–which means the lies are perpetuated by those who would control our lives and suppress accurate reporting. The swamp rats who promote such stuff are akin to gestapo thugs. Time to lock ’em all up… or a more appropriate penalty.

  13. As long as “authoritative” groups define the doctrine, anything at anytime can become “misinformation” or “groupthink truths” simply because only certain “authoritative sources” have the power to decide. And the chosen public in close circles with “power” will support whatever is decided, since their livelihoods are directly connected to serving “power”. Think back to Catherine the Great. Or forward to Hunger Games.
    And in contrast, look into what happened to Ignaz Semmelweis.
    Unfolding before our eyes is perhaps the answer to:
    “How did people allow Witch Hunts to become a thing?”
    “How did it come to be that people were willing to die in battle for Catholic or Protestant?”
    “How did it become so easy for people to eliminate Original Peoples?”
    Is the answer as simple as this… because someone said so, and believing people followed along?

  14. Clearly, SA believes that calling someone a “criminal” is “dangerous” in an “already-charged environment”. Fair enough. But there has only been silence from her when several GOP members have called for a prison sentence for Fauci (and one even called for his execution). Since only “criminals” are incarcerated, those GOP members are calling Fauci a criminal. Why isn’t that being called out as well? Isn’t that just as “dangerous” (and arguably more dangerous since the anti-Fauci comments are coming from public, and not private, figures)? Why the double standard?
    The kindest thing that I can say about the last paragraph is that it is assuming facts not in evidence. SA complains about the “vaccine industry” getting to define what is “misinformation”. Yet she is allowed to define (without quantification) what is meant by “a large segment of the public”. I dispute this allegation. I seriously doubt that very many people are vaccine hesitant because of the “misinformation” thrown out by the “vaccine industry”. I believe that the vast majority of people (on the order of 80%) had made up their minds about the vaccine before it even came out.
    An NPR poll taken in January showed 60% willing to take the vaccine, 30% not willing, and 10% unsure. The same poll in September had the number of those willing to take the vaccine (either already having gotten it or willing to get it) at 79%, those refusing at 19%, and “unsure” at 2%. This means that most of the people originally unsure have moved into the “yes” camp. In what way do these numbers support the claim of increased “vaccine hesitancy”? Perhaps the “no” number would be even lower if there were no “vaccine hesitancy”, but I am seriously doubtful about that. There is just a certain percentage of Americans who are not going to get vaccinated no matter what information is provided to them. Ascribing their refusal to “vaccine hesitancy” caused by the medical professionals seems fanciful at best. Certainly no evidence has been produced to support that claim.
    And what, by the way, is the thing (or things) that a “large segment of the public” is seeing?
    The ironic thing to me is that if anything would cause “vaccine hesitancy”, it would be a constant stream of articles emphasizing the injuries from the vaccines and efficacy of alternative cures without any information about the much higher sickness and death rates among the unvaccinated. Like what we get in this newsletter.

    1. “I believe that the vast majority of people (on the order of 80%) had made up their minds about the vaccine before it even came out.”

      And you would be dead wrong. Before the vaccines came out, most of the skeptics were on the left, including Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and many of the yammerers on CNN and MSNBC. Most of today’s skeptics became so only after they found out about (1) the manner in which the vaccines were produced, in ways they found morally objectionable (the use of aborted fetal tissue); or (2) the unprecedented number of serious side effects that were being reported, which include (as of November 5th) 18,400 deaths and 29,100 permanent disabilities (per VAERS).

      For the vast majority of people under 55 with no serious health issues, Covid-19 represents a very small risk of death. For people under 40, the risk is even less. For people under 20, it is even less. In the US, the death rate for REPORTED Covid cases is 1.6%. If you add in the number of unreported cases, that probably drops to 1.1% or less. If you include people who died of COVid-19 alone – without serious co-morbidities – it probably drops to a rate just a little worse than a bad seasonal flu.

      Several European countries have already stopped administering some of the vaccines to young people because of the reported heart issues associated with them. Dozens of European athletes have had serious heart issues – some fatal – shortly after receiving the vaccines.

      If 40 or 50 people get sick after drinking Savoir Faire Apple Juice, it is recalled and pulled from the shelves. But when VAERS receives 875,000 adverse-effect reports, including – by their own categorization system – 135000 SERIOUS ones (including 91,700 hospitalizations) – the reaction is, “Hey, let’s vaccinate the kids, too!” This is madness.

    2. “This means that most of the people originally unsure have moved into the “yes” camp..”

      Bullying works. Threatening people with the loss of their jobs, careers, and pensions is a powerful incentive when people have no choice. Constant demonization and bullying in the press is also effective.

      1. Thanks for the reply. My comments:
        1) There were (and are still) vaccine skeptics on the Left. But the idea that Biden, et.al, are in that camp is completely unsupported by anything that any of them have ever said publicly. Point me to something that Biden has said that is anything but completely supportive of those eligible to get vaccinated. As far as I know, such a thing does not exist.
        2) I don’t understand the use of the term “skeptic” to describe those opposed to the vaccine because of the use of fetal tissue in its initial testing phase. Those people are a hard “no”. Full stop. My 80% number is just an educated guess by me but squares reasonably well with the cited poll that only about 10% of people were initially unsure. It seems reasonable to assume that some people who were originally “yes” have changed their minds because of the stories of vaccine harm. But if the poll numbers are close to reality, there is no large-scale “hesitancy” constituent (I’m defining “hesitant” as someone who can’t make up their mind whether to get the vaccine or not. I’m sure if you choose to define “hesitant” as a synonym of “apprehensive”, there are likely a lot more who are “hesitant”). How else do you interpret the fact that only 2% of people are now “unsure”? I explained my logic. You just said that I was wrong.
        3) The rest of your response is simply a regurgitation of the argument not to get vaccinated which isn’t really related to the original article or my response. The original article argued that “misinformation” from the medical community was causing widespread “vaccine hesitancy”. My response was that I believed that statement was not true. Neither of these things has anything to do with whether someone should take the vaccine or not.
        4) Your response also didn’t touch upon my other point – that this article was biased because it complained about “dangerous” language from a vaccine manufacturer but didn’t express the same concern about equally dangerous language directed at Fauci.
        5) You have a point that “bullying works”. Just look at how Trump treats those Republicans who have an honest disagreement with him. Regardless of the cause, however, it doesn’t change the fact that my statement about most of the “unsure” folks have moved to “yes” is still true. They’ve still moved.

  15. There is so much conflicting information out there, who knows what is real and what isn’t? I certainly am not going to take the word of anyone who either stands to gain financially or who is in a position to protect themselves from responsibility for their actions. So, this rules out every pharma company, 3+ letter health ministry, and their “leaders”. What’s left are a bunch of people on the fringe, who seem to have a lot of worrying things to say and show, but no one is investigating it. I mean, how hard is it for an “investigative” journalists or watchdog group to gather up some vaccine bottles and test them? Or to test the blood of someone pre- and post-shot, or even just post-shot, to see what is actually in there? If baffles me that this hasn’t been done by some “real” group. The allegations of what is in there is so troubling that, if true, there should be an uprising. So, is it all made up? Or is it all being hidden? Who knows.

  16. Basically, Anyone or any entity that attempts to deprive an American citizen of the right to exist as a free person (natural law) and the right to the moral pursuit of happiness (such as where to live, what to do as a vocation, whom to worship, create a family, create a business), does not have legitimate authority.
    Unfortunately, seems like people willingly give up their right to exist as a free person until it’s nearly too late to regain those unalienable rights without much bloodshed. The premise that government works for the people is often forgotten.
    I read somewhere that the most successful killer in the world is government. Never thought about it I that way, but I see the point and it rings true when those we put in power have no respect for natural law and the U.S. Constitution.

  17. Pfizer has been reported to make $65,000 in profit PER MINUTE on vaccines. They don’t want anyone to jeopardize their money source. The government and the media are the ones guilty of providing propaganda and mis-information to brainwash the public into taking this vaccine that has proven not to work.

  18. Thomas Joseph Hussman

    On Arrests and Temporary Incarcerations and the Bail Money troubles. Excuse me for asking. I mean I suppose it is indecent of me…..however. Pastor David Livingston works for Bethlehem Baptist Church in downtown Minneapolis. Pastor Livingston was telling me about his version of how the Legal System should operate. He was talking about a particular individual who lived in his neighborhood and who had committed a series of crimes. Livingston said it was his plan to “get him in jail and convert him to Christ.” What? I recently heard Kyle Rittenhouse speaking about his lawyer Lin Wood. Mr. Rittenhouse said that Mr. Lin Wood had received hundreds of thousands of dollars that should have been used as Bail Money for Mr. Rittenhouse, but Mr. Lin Wood felt that Mr. Rittenhouse was safer in jail than at home with his family. I must comment to Pastor Livingston and Attorney Lin Wood. Jail is not safe. Jail should never be used as a plan to achieve anyone’s salvation. If God wants to intervene in a person’s life – fine. But no pastor or lawyer is capable nor well advised to use jail as a means for any positive outcome. Stop pretending you are God, and get down on your knees and repent.

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