A Much-Needed Talk from an Irishman: Jonathon Dunne (PODCAST)

Irishman Jonathon Dunne could be one of America’s biggest boosters, even amid Covid controversies, government overreach and growing censorship. Dunne is host of the Freedom’s Disciple podcast on the Blaze.

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2 thoughts on “A Much-Needed Talk from an Irishman: Jonathon Dunne (PODCAST)”

  1. Sharyl and Full Measure Team,

    Once a correspondent of mine, Jonathon Dunne
    had refused my offer of buying him one-year
    rental of a post office mail box, near his home
    —REFUSED because he had FEARED risking,
    losing his personal security (( I tried and tried
    to persuade him, as I had wished to pass
    along my Political Psychology Reports, and other
    scribblings )).

    In any case, as with the vast majority of so-
    called “conservative” males, he – just as with
    Beck & Boys and Mark Levin and Sean
    Hannity and Michael Savage, and the late
    William F. Buckley Jr. and Rush Limbaugh,
    and Wesley Pruden and the conservative
    men around you, Sharyl; and most of all the
    rest – suffers from what I’ve termed :

    The “Rams-Head Syndrome, ”
    which Dooms Conservative
    Males in Their Culture Wars
    with Libertine Leftist “men.”

    JungianINTPs are born into the world (( yes, personality types
    are genetic-based!—not any NURTURE-based phenomenon,
    as most Jungian psychologists mistakenly believe ))
    as PROBLEM Solvers.

    This INTP had been flummoxed about why conservative talk-
    show hosts so often take a jab at other conservative talkshow
    hosts while Libertine Leftist “men” appear far more cooperative
    with one another.

    I’ll not provide a definition here. Maybe later.


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