Austrians object to strict, new Covid-19 vaccine rules

Austria imposes first nationwide Covid-19 vaccine mandate and shutdowns.

The country is highly-vaccinated but, nonetheless, experiencing a surge of Covid-19 cases. Other highly-vaccinated populations have also experienced surges in cases.

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8 thoughts on “Austrians object to strict, new Covid-19 vaccine rules”

  1. Maybe, I’m repeating myself, but Austria has a population of about 9,040,000, and currently shows 11,993 Covid-19 deaths over the past 22 1/2 months. Based on recent trends we can project about 14,453 deaths by the end of the year. (11,993 + (41 days x 60 deaths per day = 2,460). That would be an average of 7,227 Covid deaths per year.

    I checked, and in 2019, the last pre-Covid year, Austria recorded 83,386 deaths. So, using the 2019 death count as a base, Covid has accounted for 8.7% of the deaths that might have been expected without it (7,227/83,386 = 8.7%).

    8.7% of total deaths doesn’t sound like a lot, but people will argue that the toll would have been much higher without the vaccines and all of the mitigation efforts that were put in place (masks, travel restrictions, cancelled sporting events, lockdowns, etc.).

    Quite possibly that claim is true, but what about going forward? In the past few days, in a country with a 65-66% vaccination rate, new Covid cases in Austria have been 50% higher than at any time in the pandemic, including almost an entire year when NO ONE was vaccinated. Deaths are now higher than at any time prior to November 6th, 2020, when no one was vaccinated, and deaths are rising. Who knows how high they will climb before they peak?

    Blame is being placed at the feet of the unvaccinated, but a 66% vaccination rate plus natural immunity should have put the country well above the traditional threshold for herd immunity, commonly said to be about 70%. That hasn’t happened. Why? Is over-vaccination delaying that process? Some experts say it is.

    Then there is the whole question of vaccine injuries – downplayed by medical establishments and mostly ignored by major media. – which looms as another short- and long-term threat, a threat that is being ignored in the mad rush to universal, mandatory vaccination.

    1. How can you call them new Covid cases when the PCR test can be rigged and produces massive false positives? That fact can’t be over looked. I personally believe the Delta variant was created to cover up illinesses and distract us from seeing deaths from the vaccine. It’s a manipulation and we have been duped. Covid vaccines contain graphene oxide and other ingredients that attempt to turn humans into controllable zombies. “Transhumanism” which is run through the 5G frequency wave gridded around our planet. I believe 1/3 or more of the vaccines are inert (inactive) only to attempt to fool the public to keep taking more doses. Unfortunately ods of getting an active dose run higher that way. Their goal is murder of the human species
      .. end of story. There is more than enough stories and info verifying this .
      By the way.. this is not new. Your statistics above show how we have become accustomed to being murdered in a system by trying to hurt humans. Maybe we as a sovereignty society should stop any drug or a process if even ONE soul is harmed from it because it’ harmed a fellow human and it’s benefit never really is. .
      Everyone can always heal naturally with nature and natural products and living healthy. Everyone who has been ill and cured themselves knows this.

    2. The EU reported the rather shocking data on the vax adverse reactions and deaths. It’s a little like playing Russian Roulette, is it not? As I watch each phase of this nightmare unfold, I can’t help but imagine Chairman Xi curled up in bed with a glass of Champagne and a copy of Sun Tzu’s “Art of War.”

  2. No one trusts the govt. information on Vaccination and Covid. It seems clear that the Vac does not protect against infection; just maybe serious illness. If Vac doesn’t really stop the spread, why the mandates? Is more virus being deliberately spread worldwide? How could anyone tell? We don’t even know the origin; blocked by China.

  3. Covid19 measures and mandates are about social control and community conformity. These vaccines were never going to stop covid19 infections . They were designed to create antibodies for spike protein to hopefully lesson severity.

    They also are mandated for two clear reasons and almost nobody talks about it. They first create mutations as are “leaky vaccines” they do not inoculate anyone. Always creates new varients. This way covid19 stays front and center. Second, is clearly various forms of population control. They either ensure premature death sick, frail and older people and will sterilize a fair amount of those premature and in full mature young males and females as seen in animal tests prior to covid19.

    The elites are banking on recreating a have and have not society. To do that America as founded needs to be erased.

  4. Looking at the macro-historical perspective from the vantage point of deliberate tyrannical lockdowns and the horrific inquisitions of the past–it seems to me that Austria is key with regard to locking down the entire European continent. In a recent interview, Dr Joseph Farrell stated the historical facts regarding the methodology of creating divisive psychology (punishing all who don’t believe in a contrived “belief”) in order to demonize the naysayers and promote the state’s objectives. The antidote to this type of tyranny may be reviewed when considering the example of Poland when communism fell. Lest we get swept up in the hubris of the fake news and plan-demic, it’s incumbent upon all mature critical thinkers to consider the facts regarding lockdowns and dictated mandates issued by a few stakeholders in a massive psyop these last two(plus) years. Statistics are often used to diffuse and obscure the truth–and just one more clever tool of those stakeholders that will continue to conjure a narrative for their own nefarious ends. Bring on the Nuremberg Trials 2.o! Austria is a lynchpin for better or worse. Let’s pray for the better!

    1. ” . . . dictated mandates issued by a few stakeholders in a massive psyop these last two(plus) years . . . ”

      There are several components to this propaganda effort:

      1. Appeals to fear: get the vaccine, or die.

      2. Appeals to shame: get the vaccine or you are a bad, selfish person.

      3. Appeals to vanity: getting the vaccine makes you “smart” and virtuous; it puts you on the side of “science.”.

      4. Appeals to snobbery: getting the vaccine makes you a better person than the unvaccinated, who are irresponsible, selfish, and stupid.

      5. Appeals to vindictiveness and sadism: because the unvaccinated are bad people, they should be punished through social ostracism, inability to travel, inability to dine in restaurants or attend ballgames, loss of employment, loss of career, and loss of pension. If in the military, they should be given dishonorable discharges. People who publicly protest the vaccine mandates or lockdowns, or who defy them, should be beaten with clubs, tear-gassed, jailed, and heavily fined. Non-compliant churches and businesses should be shuttered.

      Sad to say, this propaganda effort does not just appeal to leftists, but to plenty of conservatives, as I’ve found out through personal experience. Just how far this will go remains to be seen, but Austria’s mandate for universal vaccination by early 2022 seems to be where we are headed.

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