Booming business amid the Covid pandemic; taxpayer funds spent on seawalls; and paid to live in Alaska

The Covid shutdowns devastated the American economy.

But amid the disaster are some surprising success stories.

Sunday on Full Measure, I’ll have the financial stats on businesses that have Boomed, and billionaires that have been born of the pandemic. Wait until you hear who’s made money hand-over-fist!

Also, billions of your tax dollars have been spent over the years to build walls that try to hold back the sea.

Lisa Fletcher reports from Charleston, South Carolina, on questions being asked about all that money.

And we’ll head way north to Alaska for a fascinating story brought to you by Scott Thuman.

It explains why people are getting paid just to live and breathe in America’s most remote state.

Watch Sunday!

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3 thoughts on “Booming business amid the Covid pandemic; taxpayer funds spent on seawalls; and paid to live in Alaska”

  1. We are not “paid to work and breathe” to live in Alaska. Alaskans get a yearly, Permanent Fund Dividend check every year, which is subject to the past five years worth of how high or low the oil prices are. It is no way a “reward” for living up here, because the cost-of-living far outstrips any yearly check. Also, it will not take much for any crooked Democrat or Republican to get their hands on all those billions of oil dollars set aside, which they will spend on stupid stuff. Even now, our legislature is spending like oil is still at $150 dollars a barrel, and of course no one wants to cut anything. We are not going to be allowed to drill in the future, thanks to Democrats, even though our state livelihood depends on oil. So please, stop with the misleading headlines. The last thing this state needs is more Commie-loving Democrats moving up here for a “free check”.

  2. I would like to talk with you about this story. I am a former news anchor and director…formally of netnewsnetwork
    I am also a writer and have credits for a movie script as well as director credits. I have admired your journalism and honesty for a long time.

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