(FORUM) Shaken faith in public health agencies and officials

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It seems the more public health officials and agencies refuse to acknowledge their mistakes, and double down on heavy-handed and one-sided approaches, the more the public’s confidence in them is shaken.

At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of people turned to and largely trusted Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and other lead public officials and agencies for advice.

The mask debacle was probably the first big mistake that confused people on a wide scale and created broad skepticism.

The decision to advise people to isolate at home was another big mistake, according to many independent scientists. We now know that even CDC acknowledges most Covid is spread in the household. Instead of having people stay home and arresting those surfing by themselves at the beach, our public health officials should have encouraged people to get outdoors. Instead of closing parks and beaches, they should have advised people to go to them.

Some scientists knew this on the front end, but their views were attacked and silenced.

Another big mistake had to do with rushing to put so many people on respirators, which scientists now say probably hastened many deaths.

Another one was the mistaken panic and misrepresentation over running out of respirators: something that never actually happened.

Another one was the panic created over the idea that New York hospitals were being overrun. In fact, when makeshift facilities were erected and sent, such as a large ship, they were not needed.

Another mistake was controversializing medical treatments such as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin rather than looking to the actual treatment experience of clinicians and study scientists, and providing a measured and fair assessment.

Another mistake was in public health officials failing to emphasize the importance of diet, exercise and a healthy weight.

Another mistake, according to many scientists, was attempting to isolate everyone rather than those most at risk. The rest of us could have gotten exposed in a way that scientists say is extremely safe for most, and achieved natural immunity which– according to the bulk of studies– is far superior than the vaccines to date.

Another mistake was in failing to recognize that instead of shutting down the economy, the millions who had gotten covid, either with or without symptoms, were likely safe to be the ones to keep the economy going since they largely had strong immunity.

Another widely-acknowledge mistake was in controversializing the vaccine development when it was happening under President Trump.

Another mistake was CDC falsely putting out information that stated the Pfizer and Moderna studies showed those who had already had Covid benefitted further by vaccination. The studies did not show this.

Another mistake was CDC’s director falsely stating that people who are vaccinated cannot spread Covid. They can, and do.

Another mistake was the false claim that people who are vaccinated do not very sick if they get Covid. Some of them do get very sick, and some of them die.

Another mistake was the initial suggestion, early on, that the vaccines would prevent Covid infection. Very quickly, this proved to be untrue. Then, vaccine advocates suggested that was never really the goal.

Another mistake was to controversialize scientists who, in retrospect, were correct with their advice and predictions about the course of action we should and shouldn’t take. Their voices were silenced if they were off the narrative.

Another mistake was allowing Dr. Fauci and others with conflicts of interest (because they were responsible for funding sensitive and dangerous research in partnership with the Communist Chinese) give advice and assessments on where and how they thought the virus originated.

Another mistake was in not being more precise in counting Covid deaths. Instead, deaths of people who happened to have tested positive for Covid and then died, were often grouped into the death count, even if their deaths had little or nothing to do with Covid.

Another mistake is not acknowledging natural immunity and the fact that scientists say it’s better and stronger than vaccine immunity. CDC has, instead, misrepresented the clear science on the issue.

Another mistake is in federal agencies calling Covid a “grave danger” to people in the workplace when, for most, scientists say it is not. CDC also acknowledges that in both adults and children, Covid is generally a non-serious and mild disease marked by few or no symptoms.

Another mistake is to imply that a great deal of research had been done and information was known regarding vaccine side effects, when that is not the case.

Another mistake is not to acknowledge and address the vaccine adverse events in a more open and honest fashion rather than to downplay or deny them.

Another mistake is to call the vaccines safe and effective without the measured caveats about side effects and lack of long term information.


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87 thoughts on “(FORUM) Shaken faith in public health agencies and officials”

    1. Expert Dr. Hooman Noorchashm asserts that screening should be conducted for those with high immunity or current infection because those are the groups most subject to vaccine injury.

    2. Thank you for this. Very succinct! Another mistake is not researching or identifying all the side effects and deaths from the vaccines. This number is said to be much much greater that what has been reported on the CDC site which admits only 1% has been reported.

  1. You call these points “mistakes”. Reads more like a litany of lies to me. How can anyone have trust in people who say and do these things?

  2. EB writes:
    With the swine flu debacle, the distribution of shots stopped with 30-50 people dead and about 450 cases of Guillain Barre syndrome.
    Now in the USA we have over 800,000 significant adverse effects reports and 16,000 dead (not counting all the children in lost through spontaneous abortions) after the shots. That’s with a reporting system that captures about 1% of events.
    By every accounting, violations of the Nuremberg Code and our Constitution continue against the populace at every turn with the “poison death shots’ as Dr. Zelenko has occasionally labeled these injections.
    This has never been about a virus. It’s been about injections: what they do and what they are meant to do.

    1. While an Army medic, Viet Nam ’65-’66 and then working in the burn ward at Brooks GH in Texas – largest in the world, I told the Army I quit. They said I couldn’t quit. I got a 2 star to help and changed my MOS to Admin and volunteered for Korea.

      My Flight Surgeon/boss in Viet Nam often said he wished he could get a second opinion cause he often felt he was guessing. That stuck with me and has helped me deal with medical issues that way. As a result I still have a left kidney that then had a black spot and the doc said must be removed NOW. I took everything and sent it to the top doc at Mayo, and he responded that the black spot was nothing more than a bruise from a buss running over me. Today at 76 I still have that kidney and my new doc said it has completely healed. Next was the diagnosis that I would never walk gain without a chair or cane. I found an old Marine trainer and I rebuilt my back L4 & L5 and today walk for hours with no paint.
      Doctors are just human. They all go to different schools and learn many things differently. I always tell people, get a second or third opinion. It made a huge difference in my life.
      I like your work a lot. we should connect. You will not easily believe my background and I think we could share a lot that you will find of use. Send me a note and I’ll respond. Just Google my name and there are about 4 pages of stuff. Ric Davidge

  3. On top of that, they now want to use our children as lab rats to further their profits.

    During the October FDA advisory panel discussion regarding approval of the vaccine for children ages 5-11, Dr. Eric Rubin admitted, “And yet, we’re worried about a side effect that we can’t measure yet, but it’s probably real.” Adding, “But we’re never going to learn about how safe this vaccine is unless we start giving it. That’s just the way it goes.”

    This is a sickening admission to think we’re going to just experiment on our children.

  4. I am an Infectious Diseases frontliner since day one. Studying this pandemic not only from what the agencies and so-called “specialists” told us, Me and my colleagues decide to shut our earings and decide on what we were seeing. Looking for to talk to you soon. Love you vídeo on TED. You represent the free spirit of Socrate’s “autonomy of thought”. I’d rather die for my thoughts questioning and promoting dialects on order to improve science on behalf of mankind, not on Geopolitic and Big Monopolies Industries interest. Roberta Lacerda, MD Twitter @Drobertalacerda Instagram @eurobertalacerda site http://www.covidflix.com

  5. Mistake after mistake that debilitates the population in the face of empirical data and the suppression of that data by media, pharma and government indicates a co-ordinated assault on humanity. Total control through a pandemic of fear is herding the trusting to the bioweapon. Their final solution.

  6. Many of these ‘mistakes’ were nothing of the kind.. They were deliberately planned and executed policies which caused untold harm – and for which, when the present madness ends,, the perpetrators must be brought to book.

  7. The mistake in this article is believing these were mistakes. Looking back it all now seems to have been done (and the push continues) for political reasons. This government (evil people who are now in power) has created much distrust in our country. Where we once trusted our government and it’s agencies, many no longer do. That’s not good. It will be hard for them to ever regain that trust…and that’s not good either.

    1. I agree, Larry, but add: I haven’t trusted the govt since Viet Nam. They continue to lie whether it was Viet Nam, weapons of mass destruction, the food pyramid and more. The US govt is focused on getting money for corporations and not on assisting the people.

    2. When I was studying history in high school back in the 1960s one thing I learned was that nobody should EVER blindly trust ANY government and its agencies. That lesson was driven home for me in the 70s with the Vietnam war. In my opinion, the fact that so many are finally, belatedly, learning that lesson (unfortunately the hard way) is a wonderful thing. If they ever forget this lesson and go back to blindly trusting any government and its agencies, that will be a very bad thing.

    3. Please understand that Sharyl is way more savvy than what you’ve given her credit for here. She knows they are not mistakes. She’s using artistic license to allow the reader to consider the context and apply their own determinations. This woman is not a fool. She knows precisely what she is dealing with.

  8. I have lost ALL trust in these institutions as well as our intelligence institutions. I watched every press conference President Trump did in the first few months of the pandemic because I knew his words would be twisted. As a people in the age group that puts us at high risk, my husband and I both got COVID. We took the virus seriously because we have a friend that nearly died from it after being put on a ventilator. But we were able to get the “forbidden” meds from a doctor that has treated numerous Covid patients with great success. He is appalled at the suppression of early treatment!

  9. The worst part of this remarkable mismanagement are the continued dissemination of mantras and myths, the lack of concessions of mistakes made and even the doubling down on them, and the continued push to have the whole population on irreversible vaccines that have not had their normal longterm toxicities throughly analysed and known before release

  10. VAERS data base, as of 11/5/2021:

    Total reports: 875,653
    Serious reports: 135,400
    ER visits: 97,659
    Hospitalizations: 91,728
    Permanent disability: 29,104
    Life threatening: 20,643
    Deaths: 18,461

    Despite this unprecedented number of adverse-reaction reports, health officials continue to insist that the vaccines are completely safe, that complications are “rare,” and are recommending them for (even forcing them on) a wider and wider public, soon to include everyone, including young children.

    Given these facts, why should we trust them? People who report, or who show concern about, these adverse effects are either ignored or called extremists and conspiracy theorists.
    Meanwhile, if 30 or 40 people reporting getting sick after drinking a brand of apple juice, the product is immediately recalled and pulled from the shelves. Why do we see such a black-and-white different response to the two situations? 875,000 adverse reactions to the vaccines? 18,000 deaths? 29,000 permanent disabilities? “No problem!” Forty adverse reactions to Woody’s Apple Juice? “Pull it immediately! Take no chances!”

    1. Young children are currently being vaccinated. I am an elementary school teacher. Several 8 year olds on my running team have already been vaccinated this past week.

    2. Ah, but they’ve set up the whole reporting system to be a failure. It’s a passive reporting system, and what IS reported is classified as “adverse EVENTS” (implication: coincidence) rather than adverse REACTIONS.

      And then the CDC doesn’t fully investigate them, and then claims there is no proof of causality (leaving off the fact that they failed to investigate)…

  11. Yes, I believe these were not mistakes, but were a result of purposefully ignoring evidence as a result of conflicts of interest and outright corruption. This is a million times more egregious that what Arthur Andersen And Enron executives did in the Enron scandal, and we sent people to jail, and enacted very comprehensive independence rules for auditors and public companies (known as SOX, Sarbanes-Oxley Act) as a result to protect investors. We care more about our investors than our children. It is a terrible crime.

  12. My dad always told me… follow the money. I would bet pharmaceutical lobbying dollars started flowing early and are still flowing into government leaders and employees pockets.

  13. What is not a mistake is the coordination it took to pull off all of these “mistakes”. Deeper digs will likely reveal actual coordination for evil purposes rather than altruistic “mistakes”.

  14. The entire medical establishment—from the government to the universities to the individual doctors— all of it has been corrupted by communists. Never trust a doctor. Never assume a doctor is acting in your best interest. Doctors are no longer distinct from politicians and lobbyists. Medical boards are no longer distinct from Soviet commissars.

    Take your own health into your own hands. Your body is a temple. Communists want to burn it to the ground along with everything else.

  15. Thanks for compiling this Sharyl. You are spot on. I had knowledge of how unsuccessful the mRNA technology had been in past and I’m not a scientist. From the very beginning of this mob hysteria the “two weeks” to bend the curve never made any sense to me. I perhaps sound like a know it all and am not but I did live legally in a So. Pacific developing country for 16 years in a very rural area (no I we were not working; living on assured retirement income) and witnessed first hand mob hysteria during a coup with my late husband. I have absolutely no trust in public institutions any longer – nationally or globally. But in the end my own hubris had the last laugh – I finally decided I’d researched enough to “trust” the J & J vaccine and fell for their “different delivery system” spiel so I could hopefully reduce the fear among others I knew. Wouldn’t have mattered which vaccine I had gotten but I am now among the Vaccine Injured – which of course doesn’t exist – (ha) because of an existing autoimmune condition I have. Not looking for sympathy, compensation nor am I a victim – I’m more angry at myself. And it wouldn’t have mattered which vaccine I had gotten. I kid you not – I am currently using a walker for the last 2 weeks, Went from a very healthy, active 67 year old to this condition exploding and escalating about 1 month after vax – and no, I am not an hysterical “old lady”; it has been humbling. Hopeful high doses of Prednisone will bring things back under control. And of course, most of the people I know kept telling me they didn’t want to hear my tin foil opinions on Covid – we had to follow the rules (now they are making up their own bubble rules) – I live in good old liberal Washington State – home of very slanted group think and a Governor that has tyrannical Emergency Powers. The “fear” among some people is still very real. I so appreciate your unbiased non-partisan reporting. Have been watching Full Measure and recommending it to others for years. Keep on keeping on Sharyl! Hey, but the best news ever was my very healthy 91 year old Dad & 86 year old Mom escaping to Canada on a moose hunting trip. They came back with stories of how loved Trump was & how much the Canadians hated Trudeau. And they were mask free, gave me hugs and kisses – and said everyone needs to make their own damn decision. It has been difficult for me to ‘politely’ try to explain to people that these vaccines were not polio vaccinations. Keep on uncovering the corruption – and many other ‘not reported’ news stories.

    1. As a fellow Washingtonian, I think it’s appalling – but hardly surprising – the way you have been treated by some of the vaccine cultists. They are often not the good, virtuous people they imagine themselves to be. Sad to say, I have seen this dismissive attitude to the vaccine-damaged, and overt hostility to the unvaccinated, even among conservatives. The relentless pro-vaccine propaganda effort has been very effective.

    2. So sorry to hear of your health challenges. I too live in Wa. ?My hubby and I are in day 3 of a 14 day isolation prior to Thanksgiving because as two of the “great unwashed” we are perceived to be such a threat to our grandchildren (2, 5, and 8) that we could not visit indoors. We are hosting Thanksgiving this year, and we are absolutely thrilled! I have considered getting a vaccine ( J&J, btw ) but am healthy and active with no comorbidities at 68. My husband will not consider vaccination, so were I to choose to, our family would be segregated in one more way, as I might be welcome, and he would not. He has given me his blessing to do whatever I choose (he always has) but I think these two week stints a few times a year will be much better than the potential for chronic disease.
      I have a medical background (veterinarian for 38 years, now retired) and I remember a vaccine for FIP, feline immunodeficiency virus, which left cats more vulnerable to that essentially fatal disease than the unvaccinated. That too is a corona virus. That was not the only problematic vaccine we dealt with over the last 40 years. We must be willing to look at history, and be willing to address our failures for the benefit of our future.
      All the best to you during your recovery.

    3. The Vaccine Righteous in the Kingdom of Inslee is absurd. COVID is not polio or small pox, diseases that were nearly always fatal or resulted in permanent disability especially amongst children. Nor are the vaccines equivalent — the small pox vaccine and IPV (polio) prevents infection and transmission, the various COVID vaccines reduce symptoms… if you repeat the jab before it wanes. They don’t prevent infection or illness. So while we fire people for not taking a vaccine that doesn’t prevent the spread, the most vulnerable would be better served if those workers were tested frequently, vaccinated or not.

  16. “One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.”
    (Carl Sagan)
    Mark Twain : “It is easier to fool the people, than to convince them they have been fooled. No man’s life,liberty, and property are. safe while the legislature is in session.”.

  17. ” . . . instead of shutting down the economy,”

    During the shutdowns, grocery stores remained open. The employees of those stores arguably came into daily contact with more members of the general public than anyone else, and for nearly a year this was in a pre-vaccine environment. Did those grocery employees experience an unusually high number of Covid-19 infections, hospitalizations, or deaths? I have seen no evidence of it, and a friend of mine in the grocery business confirmed that – at least for the store where he worked – Covid-19 had virtually no impact on the work force beyond following the various protocols that were put in place: Covid-19 itself never emerged as a serious health problem, even when one or two employees came down with mild cases.

    This is probably because those employees are not aged and infirm, or hobbled with serious health issues, so Covid-19 presented little risk for them despite their constant exposure. If the entire work force had been allowed to work under normal conditions, maybe – as Sharyl suggests – we would be a lot further down the road to widespread natural immunity.

  18. Shattered is more like it. I blindly followed prior to C-19. I will no longer. Thanks for the list. I find I forget much of it as time goes on and to have a reference to refresh is great. There is so much it is hard to keep up on the current fiascos of these officials let alone previous ones.

  19. As always, Sharyl Attkisson delivers authentic journalism. That said, I believe we are finally at the watershed moment when we must simply label this scandal for what it always was: a crime against humanity. This link provides the “patent” trail which will clarify who the players/stakeholders are–and we must also activate the Nuremberg Trials 2.0. Let the trials begin!….Dr. David Martin: Who “They” Are: “The Names and Faces of the People Who Are Killing Humans”


  20. My fully vaccinated brother in law died of Covid Nov 2. My fully vaccinated sister got Covid at the same time.

    My great niece (34) has a serious vaccine injury which has caused severe disability.

  21. Sallie and William

    Thanks for your excellent work. We recommend you to our family and friends for honest reporting on issues that matter.

  22. what we see in the news every day says a lot. with the judge shopping. , and the laws change with who every says it no there no trust left in the America gov. and if you look 75% of that has happened since the dnc has had control. and the reason for that is . the democrats are looking out for every one but us americans . and with between 1/4 and 1/3 of us are working 2 and 3 jobs jest to get buy. and the dnc jest keeps putting more and more on us and our tax dollars . it is time to replace and and all that dont put americans first in every way

    1. “the democrats are looking out for every one but us Americans ”

      The warnings about “domestic extremism” were ramping up as the Democrats launched one initiative after another which seemed INTENDED to infuriate average Americans, especially conservatives: open borders; special privileges for illegal aliens, including the in-progress $450,000 payout; cancelling pipelines and eliminating blue-collar jobs, especially in the energy sector; CRT in the schools and military; purgin the military; coddling BLM rioters while coming down hard on January 6th grandmas and goofballs; LGBTQ indoct4rination everywhere; inflation; impending “climate change” mandates; supply-chain problems; censorship; treating concerned parents like like criminals; FBI thuggery; endless absurd allegations of “racism” and “white-supremacy”; and – perhaps above all – vaccination mandates that are costing tens of thousands of people their jobs, careers, and pensions.

      It seems that it is the INTENT of the Biden administration to stir up passions and provoke violence. Then they will say, “See, we warned you.”

      1. Push Americans too far and the “see we warned you mob” will become the subject of their ire. IF this avalanche ever starts , God forbid, it will sweep all before it into the valley of chaos and destruction. Political parties will become the enemies of the people and unscrupulous leaders will emerge. That is just history repeating itself.

  23. It is becoming more obvious every day that the CDC and NIH work for the pharmaceutical companies and not for We The People. And that Fauci is driven by both ego and a desire for personal wealth. This madness must be stopped legally, in the courts, and by more and more aware people who continue to demand medical freedom.

  24. The so called “experts”, meaning the public agencies, and higher education, and their mouthpieces (media), simply continue to indoctrinate us with their store bought “science” and cooked one sided statistics. The truth is not important to them.

  25. Thank you for this list. I agree with some of the commentors that these “lies” were deliberate efforts to mislead the public. I have been following this “story” since early 2020, I cannot recall any claim by the CDC that wasn’t a lie. I was forced to recognize that the CDC does not care about public health, only about foisting vaccinations on the public – drugs whose manufacturer has no liability. Is this not a crime?.

    The lie that underlies many of these is that the PCR test can reliably recognize the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in people. It cannot, period. And yet this test has been the basis for public policy.

  26. Find out the group that controls this “NARRATIVE”, and you will solve the puzzle. (It’s like “Deep Throat” and “follow the money”.)
    The difference here is not money, it is power. The control of the “NARRATIVE” does not need private money – already well sourced (US tax $).
    What is extraordinary is how organized this group is and how deeply MSM is involved.
    Thank God we still have a few representatives willing to oppose them.

  27. Vaxxed But Wary of What’s Next

    Here’s a few more for consideration:
    Another mistake is downplaying the importance treating patients earlier with monoclonal antibodies.

    Another mistake is having the federal government control the distribution of vaccines and monoclonal antibodies instead of relying upon the tradition pharmaceutical distribution and pharmacies to administer the vaccines.

    Another mistake is not following the data and science which show the current vaccines are not curbing the spread of Covid case.

    Another mistake is failing to anticipate the negative effect of temporarily pausing the J&J vaccine on people’s perception of all vaccines.

  28. Many many thanks for putting this together Sharyl.
    I have to admit,my ‘debating’ skills leave much to be desired.When I find myself in a conversation with someone parroting MSM/CDC/GOVT. propaganda,I let my lack of tolerance and anger get the better of me.I lose my train of thought,can’t recall stats or facts and just walk away.
    With the ‘ammo’ you provided here,I can now calmly maneuver them to the ropes and slap ’em silly with the truth.
    Btw,I smelled a rat the minute they locked us down and made mail-in ballots a national priority.In my humblest of opinions,the FLU was weaponized for political reasons.I’ll let y’all draw your own conclusions on that matter.
    Thanks again Sharyl.

  29. This is an incredibly useful article, except for one thing. We know Sharyl has the facts straight. She always does, but an article like this should include links to back up these statements. Don’t get me wrong. I believe they are true. I’ve bookmarked this article and would like to use it – I am going to be doing a speech on Covid soon and this would be great material, but I don’t want to have to look up all of the links. Sharyl if yo see this, please provide links. This is one of those articles that is a keeper, but is less useful without links.

  30. The endpoints of the administration of exogenous mRNA are, for the most part, unknown and will not be known for many years.
    Wait for the Novavax: Its a protein like every previous vaccine.

  31. The article and the comments are diplomatic and politically correct, but for the love of G*d, can we say the hidden things out loud?

    We have a group of tyrants and thousands of unelected fledglings running the country. Medical tyranny is the flavor of the method. ‘They’ want to flatten US exceptionalism. The end game is a global government. This powerful few plan to CONTROL the world populous. Collectivism under the guise of Build Back Better. A summary from 25oo years ago;

    Aristotle’s ‘Politics’, circa 380 B.C.

    The Art of the Tyrant
    * Sow quarrels among people
    * Separate people physically
    * Favors foreigners
    * Makes wars
    * Supports lawlessness, a lack of justice
    * Excess laws
    * Incites fear

  32. 1. It was a mistake to call these shots a “vaccine” when in fact they are a gene therapy. They did not really become a vaccine until the CDC changed their definition of a vaccine
    2. It was a mistake to impugn the unvaccinated when the vaccinated are just as likely (some studies show “more likely”) to infect others
    3. It was a mistake to mandate a jab once the CDC’s VAERS and the European version of the same showed large numbers of adverse effect and deaths from the mRNA shots. They stopped the swine flu vaccination program after about 30 deaths; mRNA jabs (including boosters) have now caused many tens of thousands.
    4. It was a mistake (especially in this country) to mandate anything with so many flaws that are obvious to thinking peoples’ exercise of free will and their belief in what’s good for them and their situation

  33. Far too many mistakes. This many mistakes aren’t mistakes. This is lockstep deliberation of non-science. This is a population being misled on a grand global scale. It’s not over either. These mistakes must be hidden, obfuscated, indeed carried to the next level because there are too many of them. The biggest mistake today is to believe anything we are being told. We are at war with an enemy that we are being told to worship at the alter of medical (and soon, again, climate) science.

  34. Another mistake is to completely avoid the discussion of the following: How is it vaccinated people can contract Covid-19 but people who’ve had Covid and survived have not contracted Covid again. Not one report! The CDC doesn’t even track it!

  35. In response to the Covid “pandemic” the government shut down at least two major categories of necessary activities in this country: the economy and the higher brain function of its citizens.

  36. Falling for all of these lies – NOT mistakes – is hard evidence that the progressive socialist traitors decades of dumbing down the general populace has been more than effective. It’s been a slam dunk.

    Anyone with critical thinking ability and any slight sense of history would have known from the get-go that is was indeed a plandemic; as false as the sun rising in the west. The fact that it has taken those in positions of influence this long to begin to grasp the magnitude of this gigantic scam is disappointing at best. But then, perhaps better late than never?

    Better weapon and ammo up, folks. It ain’t gonna get better for a very long time. And as Michael Yon keeps pounding the table, food up as well.

  37. So appreciate your reporting, Sheryl!

    We live in a world where good is called evil and evil is called good.; there is nothing new under the Sun.

    We should not be surprised because history tells us that those in power do not care about the common folk.

    As Michael Yon says, start prepping for harder times, friends!

  38. Many people are still under the Impression:
    1). If you’re vaccinated you’re safe from Covid – You can’t catch it and you can’t spread it. There is evidence that both those assumptions are false.
    2). If you are vaccinated you are being vaccinated with an FDA “Approved”/Licensed Vaccine.- This is also apparently false. The “COMIRNATY Vaccine” that has been licensed and “Approved” is not available for distribution according to the Letter released by the FDA. If the vial doesn’t indicate “Comirnaty” then your are still being vaccinated under the EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) protocol which I understand is still the trial stage and which prevent you from suing for damages if you are injured by the Vaccine.

  39. The article and the comments are diplomatic and politically correct, but for the love of G*d, can we say the hidden things out loud?

    We have a group of tyrants and thousands of unelected fledglings running the country. Medical tyranny is the flavor of the method. ‘They’ want to flatten US exceptionalism. The end game is a global government. This powerful few plan to CONTROL the world populous. Collectivism under the guise of Build Back Better. A summary from

    Aristotle’s ‘Politics’, circa 380 B.C.

    The Art of the Tyrant
    * Sow quarrels among people
    * Separate people physically
    * Favors foreigners
    * Makes wars
    * Supports lawlessness, a lack of justice
    * Excess laws
    * Incites fear

  40. There was only ONE mistake during this pandemic. That was actually trusting the totally politicalized gov’t faux scientists. These medical Nazis cared nothing for actual research and science but took their instructions from politicians. When Trump was developing the vaccine many “top” leftist politicians advised against and assured that they would not take anything developed by the Trump program.

    Suddenly he is out of office and now the same vaccines are MANDATED under unconstitutional and coercive directives. People are losing their livelihoods, their ability to travel and in some cases medical treatment because they are reluctant to take the same vaccine the leftists advised against taking while Trump was in office. This was a political (read Nazi) medical program being forced on the American population. Even deaths caused by vaccine are being hidden.

  41. Another mistake is the utter lack of follow-up studies and analyses from FDA and CDC. These vaccines should (and probably have) provided a tremendous amout of data which no one seems to be collecting or analyzing. In addition to normal data sources we have the VAERS data which seems various groups are analyzing to prove a point, not to learn what the data reveals about the success of the vaccines. CDC is late reporting information and often gets it wrong (like a vaccination is better than natural immunity).

    I am amazed that we get better medical analysis from UK and Israel than we do from our own more than 400 million doses of three different vaccines.

    I think this is almost criminal.

  42. I do think the pandemic has taken the shine off of public health. Federal agencies seem to be fixated on promoting profitable pharmaceuticals. All “mistakes” point us toward a pharma-solution. This is also true at the local level. My county health commissioner gives a covid report to our board of health twice a month. He pushes vaccines and on-patent pharmaceuticals. He downplays all other treatments. He offers zero health advice to the public. .

  43. Robert Kennedy Jr. has provided all the info on the monumental human disaster that is Fauci in his new book ,The Real Anthony Fauci. How you can come to any other conclusion than the man is a sociopath, is cognitive dissonance in the extreme. The story of his professional decision making and inherent disregard for human life, and in fact complicity in the murder of thousands in the name of “science” makes him the Josef Mengele of our time. He should be tried at Nuremberg for crimes against humanity.

  44. Some of these might have been “honest mistakes” (the only real mistakes). But, perhaps in an attempt to state things apolitically, many of what you label “mistakes” were not mistakes at all, but intentional deceptions driven by the immense profitability of the “vaccines”. The masses, and probably many politicians and journalists, made big mistakes in believing the deceivers, but this entire thing has been driven in such an illogical way that it’s difficult to ignore the possibility that it’s all part of an overarching plan.

  45. Other than being aware of the totalitarian dictates, few seem to be concerned with the blatant attempts to control society. Never in America’s history, have so many Americans bowed to such unconstitutional government mandates.

  46. James Groenewald, Cape Town.

    I suspect that behind all this is a Communist Chinese hand and that the COVID pandemic is an accident that they have turned into an opportunity. (I still want to know what Little Rocket Man meant when he told the world that “they had a very special Christmas present for Donald Trump” in mid December 2019.).

    The more I read, the more I am am beginning to understand the contents of the book below.
    It was first published in Communist China in 1998/9.
    Unrestricted Warfare : China’s Master Plan to Destroy America
    By (author) Colonel Qiao Liang , By

  47. Another mistake is ignoring the crucial role vitamin d deficiency plays in severity, complications, and risk factors relating to Covid. Vitamin d deficiency has long been considered a global health issue.

    It’s also worth noting that people of color, particularly those with darker skin, have greatly increased rates of d deficiency … and correspondingly greater increases of Covid-associated risks.

    Please see these studies: https://academic.oup.com/jn/article/136/4/1126/4664238



    as well as the first 22 citations in this letter to the editor: https://www.bmj.com/content/372/bmj.n544/rr-1

    And I really hope you do a segment on this. I think it’s shocking that our health officials don’t mention a peep about this.

  48. Shaken faith in public health agencies? Yes. But we were always prepared for that. Most of us would jump to read yet another headline screaming about fraud, waste, etc. We instinctively believed the worst and were ready to read all about it. In this case, we know we should be reading at least a few screaming headlines about vaccine injuries and deaths – not to mention Fauci’s Flip Flops and lies to Congress. But there are no such headlines, at least not in any of the bedrock journalistic sources we once trusted. Our real problem, then, is not so much our shaken trust in health care institutions as our totally shattered trust in journalism.

  49. “Thoughts?” – the perfect last line.

    “Never underestimate the power of a question.” —Robert Gore, Straight Line Logic

  50. Perhaps the first mistake was Antony Fauci deciding to sidestep the prohibition on gain of function research by providing funds to EcoHealth Alliance so they could just do the research in the PRC.

  51. Ms. Attkisson: you are a “class act” and superbly demonstrate, as too few journalists do these days, professional integrity, and the moral courage of your rightminded convictions. This entire COVID 19 scenario has been so pitifully politicized, at the cost of human life and the worldwide anxiety of untold millions.

    Your assessments are spot on and based on my research, I conclude that cloth masks are absolutely worthless in protecting against Covid 19. If these masks were actually effective against that virus, why haven’t these cloth masks been mandated in years past for protection against the annual flu virus thought-out the years ?

    James P. Kress
    Colonel, USA (Ret.)

  52. Ms. Attkisson: you are a “class act” and superbly demonstrate, as too few journalists do these days, professional integrity, and the moral courage of your rightminded convictions. This entire COVID 19 scenario has been so pitifully politicized, at the cost of human life and the worldwide anxiety of untold millions.

    Your assessments are spot on and based on my research, I conclude that cloth masks are absolutely worthless in protecting against Covid 19. If these masks were actually effective against that virus, why haven’t these cloth masks been mandated in years past for protection against the annual flu virus thought-out the years?

    James P. Kress
    Colonel, USA (Ret.)

  53. Like others have said, replace the word “Mistake” with “Lie” or “Attack” and your list will be spot on. Nobody can “accidentally” make that many “mistakes.” These were all deliberate attacks on not just the American people, but the people of the entire world.

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