(FORUM) When the Covid-19 vaccines don’t work, is it proof that they work?

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Like many people I support the idea of people reading, consulting with their doctors, and researching to decide whether to take Covid-19 vaccines, which brand, and how many.

Journalists and media people should not be in the business of declaring that people they’ve ever treated, medically, “should get vaccinated.” Nor should they falsely claim (contrary to evidence) that the unvaccinated are somehow the root of continuing spread and problems. We now have an abundance of scientific studies and CDC data showing that vaccinated people are widely spreading Covid-19, able to get very sick with Covid-19, and are even dying from it. Data from Israel shows the vaccinated are coming down with far more cases of Covid-19 than the unvaccinated who were previously infected, with or without symptoms.

But an odd public narrative has taken hold among some in the media, and among some public health officials.

The more the Covid-19 vaccines don’t do the job we hoped they’d do– the more some people insist it’s proof they are working and that more people need to get them.

When somebody, like Colin Powell, dies of Covid-19 after being fully-vaccinated, these people insist that’s proof the vaccine works and that it shows more people need to get vaccinated to save people like Colin Powell.

This makes no logical sense.

When vaccinated people by the thousands get sick from Delta variant or some other form of Covid, it is claimed, without evidence, that they would have been sicker if they hadn’t gotten vaccinated. (In fact, scientists say, most unvaccinated people who get Covid will have cases that are mild or without symptoms.) It’s impossible to know whether a vaccinated person who’s sick was made better off by vaccination.

When CDC and other institutions discovery Covid-19 is routinely carried and spread by the fully-vaccinated, these people insist that’s all the more reason for more people to get vaccinated.

Those working to ignore natural immunity and promote the vaccine industry at all costs know the answer they want to have before the question is asked. Therefore, every question and problem raised– yields the same reply, no matter how ludicrous:

“This proves the vaccine works and more people need to get it.”


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40 thoughts on “(FORUM) When the Covid-19 vaccines don’t work, is it proof that they work?”

  1. Sharyl,
    These are such great thoughts to ponder. You would hope that our government officials and medical community would be addressing what’s going on. It started with get the vaccine and your life goes back to normal, now they’re saying you need a booster and maybe a booster every year.

    Bottom line is it’s all about PROFITS & CONTROL!

    1. Profits are a small part, it’s about the DimWITS getting vaxx passports, and THEN they will add in a few things like SOCIAL CREDIT SCORES. If you don’t support Brandon’s agenda, then expect NEGATIVE scores will limit: Where you can work, where you can shop, where you can travel…. The DimWITS are in ecstacy over getting almost total control of the population. It all starts with the VAXX and it ends in 1984 Gubermint control of EVERYTHING.

      1. Just a few months into the pandemic (early July, 2020), globalist Klaus Schwab’s book, “Covid-19: The Great Reset,” appeared on the market. He did not write this 250 page book overnight, so it must have been begun within a few weeks of the general public’s awareness of the existence of Covid-19. (One can even be forgiven for suspecting that Schwab had ADVANCE NOTICE of the pandemic, but that – of course – would make one a “conspiracy theorist.”)

        At any rate, you are correct in viewing the pandemic as an EXCUSE – or as an OPPORTUNITY, as Schwab saw it) – to implement an agenda of social control and surveillance that otherwise would have lacked public support. Along with the “existential crisis” of “climate change,” Covid-19 is being used to usher us into a world quite different from the one we left in March, 2020.

        Generalized fear, ridicule, and threats of loss of mobility and loss of job. are being used crush any resistance, whether individual or organized. The globalists proceed with a sense of mission and entitlement that will justify any tactic: censorship, the criminalization of dissent, bans on public assembly police attacks on dissenters, even – perhaps – the stealing of elections.

  2. “(In fact, scientists say, most unvaccinated people who get Covid will have cases that are mild or without symptoms.) ”

    I have been following the Worldometer database of Covid cases and deaths for well over a year. it reports data for every country in the world and every state in the US; as far as I can tell, it has no political bias and does not promote any particular narrative – “Just the facts, ma’am.”

    According to Worldometer, 2% of reported cases result in death. That is REPORTED cases, and the actual number of cases is likely to be at least two or three times higher, given that so many cases are either asymptomatic or resemble the common cold and are thus never reported. Moreover, we have reason to believe that the death count has been padded both for economic and political motives. Most deaths are of people with serious co-morbidities that may have had as much or more to do with the outcome as Covid did.

    Given these considerations, the actual death rate from Covid may be less than .5%, perhaps even as low as the seasonal flu. Without underestimating the seriousness of Covid for some people, we can question the Draconian methods that have been put in place to fight it, from masks, to social distancing, to shutdowns, to vaccine mandates.

    Data from around the world and from different states gives a mixed and confusing picture. At this point, I think it’s safe to say the following.: (1) for most people, the vaccines provide some temporary protection against the worst effects of Covid; (2) the vaccines lose much of their effectiveness after just a few months; (3) the vaccines do not halt the spread of Covid; (4) the vaccines are associated with an unprecedented number of adverse effects; (5) Covid is not life-threatening – vaccinated or not – for most people under the age of 50; and (6) a high vaccination rate is no guarantee against future outbreaks.

    The demand for vaccine mandates seems to have moved from a motivation of fear to a motivation of punishment. When Biden doubled-down on the vaccine mandates during his recent interview with Anderson Cooper, the hand-picked audience cheered. The perception that most vaccine-resisters are conservatives, Christians, and Trump supporters seems to be fueling this desire to punish, and each new round of layoffs seems to be greeted with a sense of glee.

  3. Here is an interesting nugget. Amazon has a best seller list for Vaccinations. Number one on that list is the forthcoming book on Fauci by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Mikkie Willis’s book Plandemic holds the second and third spots (hardcover and kindle). There are ZERO books making a case for the mRNA COVID vaccines. You would think after a multi-billion dollar advertising campaign and many perks offered (gift cards, lotto tickets, etc.), and now Presidential mandates “they” would put out a book showing data to make their case. They don’t. Why? Because they have no case? It takes guts to put something in writing, way more than putting out media talking points that are often forgotten. Books have permanence.

    By the way “they” are what I call the vaccinators or the vaxxies. Make up your own term but the definition here is those attempting to vaccinate entire populations with vaccines having highly questionable safety profiles and dubious effectiveness.

  4. “Therefore, every question and problem raised– yields the same reply, no matter how ludicrous: ‘This proves the vaccine works and more people need to get it.’”

    Similar “logic” is used to justify the idea of “climate change.” Heat wave? Climate change! Record cold? Climate change! El Nino? Climate change! La Nina? Climate change! Record rainfall? Climate change! Record drought? Climate change! Something happens? Climate change! The opposite happens? Climate change!

    If a theory cannot predict related outcomes with any degree of accuracy or consistency, it’s really not a very good theory, is it? Conversely, when empirical data doesn’t consistently align with theoretical models, it’s the models that should be called into question. This all seems fairly obvious to me.

    This is what we get when we allow Big Pharma to fund its own research and also fund the agencies responsible for objectively evaluating their results. Objectivity then becomes a liability, and logic gives way to absurdity as both sides seek to promote and protect their collaborative interests.

    1. Your comments on climate change are very apt. You point to what I think is called the flaw of “non-falsifiability” – if a scientific theory can be used to validate any facts whatsoever – including completely opposite facts, or facts that run contrary to the theory’s original claims – it has little if any value as a theory.

  5. Forgive me because I’m not taking the time to look up the up to date numbers for covid deaths, but last I heard it was around 600,000 and the number making up around .02% of the overall population. 600,000 on its own is a big, scary number when associated with deaths and probably more of a driving fear factor for many folks who don’t consider the overall risk.

    Go ahead and poke a hole in my basic math here, but let’s say 90% of the US population gets vaccinated, so 270,000,000. And vaccination side effects and death affect .01% (half of covid’s impact), that’s 27 million people impacted by the vaccine. Which is an even bigger, scarier number, in my world.

    This doesn’t seem like a good argument for making vaccination the ONLY way to attack covid.

  6. One lies, the others swear to it.

    From the CDC study published last Friday (claiming that vaccine induced immunities are superior to infection induced (natural) — https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/70/wr/mm7044e1.htm?s_cid=mm7044e1_w

    “COVID-19–like illness were identified; 139,655 (69.4%) patients were hospitalized after COVID-19 vaccines were generally available to persons in their age group within their geographic region. Molecular testing for SARS-CoV-2 was performed for 94,264 (67.5%) patients with COVID-19–like illness hospitalizations. Among these patients, 7,348 (7.8%) had at least one other SARS-CoV-2 test result ≥14 days before hospitalization and met criteria for either of the two exposure categories: 1,020 hospitalizations were among previously infected and unvaccinated persons, and 6,328 were among fully vaccinated and previously uninfected patients (Table 1).Laboratory-confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection was identified among 324 (5.1%) of 6,328 fully vaccinated persons and among 89 of 1,020 (8.7%) unvaccinated, previously infected persons. A higher proportion of previously infected than vaccinated patients were aged 18–49 years (31% versus 9%), Black (10% versus 7%), and Hispanic (19% versus 12%).”

    So, 6,328 fully vaccinated people were hospitalized with Covid-19 vs 1,020 unvaccinated people (out of 201,269 hospitalizations for COVID-19–like illness).

    My takeaway is that you’re much more likely to be hospitalized with Covid if YOU HAVE BEEN VACCINATED!

    And they don’t bother to tell us the outcomes (how many died???).
    Clearly you’re much better protected against serious outcomes if you have natural immunity — which is consistent with the Israeli study — which found natural immunity was 27 times better than vaccine induced.

    They also don’t tell us what strains were involved — just sayin’.

  7. Since late August, new Covid-19 cases in the US have been double or even triple what they were last year. Only in the last week or so have they come down to approximate last years levels.. Over this same period, Covid-19 deaths have been approximately double what they were last year.

    Last year at this time, no one was vaccinated. This year, 56.7% are currently vaccinated, up from about 54% at the beginning of the period in question.

    The official explanation for these trends is to blame the unvaccinated, but that does not seem to account for the facts. A combination of widespread vaccinations plus natural immunity due to previous infection should – at the very least – have resulted in SOME decrease in both cases and deaths, especially deaths. (Not to mention that treatment methods for the infected should have improved with an extra year to test various approaches. However, bureaucratic resistance and political considerations seem to have thwarted efforts to explore new treatment options.)

    The fact that cases and deaths have both increased suggests serious flaws in the official narrative, particularly with regards to the efficacy of the vaccines. It has become increasingly apparent that the vaccines do not prevent transmission and have a very limited period of effectiveness. And it remains to be seen whether the insidious, long-term effects of the vaccines that were predicted by some critics will begin to manifest. Some claim that these effects (e.g., blood clots, stroke, heart inflammation, impaired immune response, cancer, etc.) are already showing up, but I think it’s still too soon to know for sure.

    1. Leaky vaccines, which these clearly are, can result in one strain dominating, in this case delta. It’s a survival of the fittest scenario for the virus. The imperfect and leaky vaccines lead inexorably to the current scene: an ineffective vaccine and one that has the added peril of have a dangerous safety profile. Moreover, increased cases and adverse outcomes as you have so well noted.

    2. Michael Bollinger

      My 2 daughters, nephew and niece went across the country to attend to a sister/cousin whose 49 year old husband had died. He died without symptoms prior to the 6 hours before he coded. He had recently gotten the vaxx (not a vaccine). Hospital said it was from Covid, that it caused blockages in the heart and lungs. His wife and two sons, went out after the events and got the clot shot, along with one cousin, and my daughter. ALL came down with Covid, even the two that went there fully vaxxed. I have questions for doctors who would 1) give a so called vaccination to a wife and sons whose Father had purportably died from Covid. Meaning they were exposed and possibly infected already, which goes against all rules for vaccinations that I have ever known. YOU DO NOT GIVE A VACCINE TO PREVENT A DISEASE IN A PERSON ALREADY INFECTED…

      More info, I am 67 and had the Covid, my wife is 60 and had it at the same time, my MIL had it in the same household, who is 95. ALL survived, no hospital visits. We just stayed in for about a month so as not to spread it around. The VAXXED go to work, go to the store, have parties. THEY are the vector for infecting everyone else. I fear the vaxxed, and anyone else I know who is anti mRNA experimentation is too. The reason? When people who are recently vaxxed, within a few days or a month come around, people get symptoms. Mainly of a headache and sinus symptoms much like a cold is coming on. When they leave, 24 hours later, symptoms abate. The mRNA treatment gives the recipients some sort of toxin that affects people around them in my experience.

    3. Some claim that these effects (e.g., blood clots, stroke, heart inflammation, impaired immune response, cancer, etc.) are already showing up, but I think it’s still too soon to know for sure.”

      My wife and I had covid. It was a nothing burger for us, easily banished with a single tab of ivermectin, which I sourced back in 2020 when there were already 20 studies showing it worked against covid.

      Months later we were vaccinated. My wife did OK and got 2 doses, but me, I had a mini stroke and breathing arrest, so no 2nd dose for me thanks! In my small circle of friends and family I’m the 4th to suffer a stroke after these vaccines.

      Blood-clotting issues with these are NOT “rare” and why on Earth do you mean, too early to say? Even some governments have pulled AZ and Moderna because of blood-clotting.

      1. I only said “too early to say” because I was being cautious. For myself, fear of stroke is my main reason for refusing these vaccines. Stroke runs in my family (mother’s side), and I’m at the age where I’m vulnerable. I think for some people, the shock of these vaccines triggers a medical issue for which they might have had some pre-disposition. In others, it triggers something apparently out of the blue.

  8. Notstuckneverwillbe

    Follow the “logic”: Wear a mask, but you might still die. Don’t wear a mask, but you will probably almost certainly die. Get vaccinated but still wear a mask, but you still might die. The vaccines are highly effective but you can still get sick and die. Get a booster shot. Get two. But they will still lose their efficacy and you could still get sick and die. Stay home, even though you might die because someone, friend or family member brought it to your house. TAny talk of The Vaccine Adverse Events are the “scare tactics”. Ivermectin is horse medicine, we can’t be taking that stuff (except in Uttar Pradesh, India pop. north of 200 million people where everyone gets Ivermectin and Covid is all but entirely eradicated). First responders were heroes, now they’re selfish killers. Everyone who won’t get the vaccine is a selfish killer, matter of fact – going around killing all the vaccinated with their Covid. This is tiresome, but I could go on…….

    1. In the pre-COVID-19 era, people could get a flu vaccine if they were so inclined. Not once, at least that I can recall (I’m 58, by the way), did I ever hear anyone who had received a flu vaccine express any concern that they might subsequently be infected by someone who had not been vaccinated. The message—promoted by the “vaxxers” and fully embraced by the vaxxed—was that the vaccines protected the vaccinated, and this was a universally accepted and completely non-controversial position in those days.

      My how things have changed…

  9. Sharyl, you are making too much sense when you write articles like this. Pro-vaxxers hate this, and you must stop throwing those pesky facts around.

  10. There is big money going from Big Pharma to politicians and media companies. That mostly explains the “get the vax no matter what” drum beat. The reason that so many people nod their heads and follow like sheep is just human nature. If censorship was not used on journalists like you, more of the sheep would be questioning: “Who should I believe?”

    1. “get the vax no matter what”

      Every drug ad you see on TV, and even the labels on most OTC drugs, have warnings about possible side effects and about certain groups of people who should not take them, e.g., pregnant or nursing women, people with certain allergies, people taking certain other medications, and people with certain other diseases. All of that has been swept aside with these vaccines, despite the fact that they are new, were rushed into production, and have already been associated with an unprecedented number of side effects.

      Given these considerations, it would be surprising if there WEREN’T “conspiracy theories” surrounding them. And it is not as if we are dealing with the Black Plague or some disease with a virtual certainly of serious illness or death, but with a disease with a 99.9% survival rate for most age groups. and a 96-97% survival rate for the most vulnerable.

  11. It’s impossible to know whether a vaccinated person who’s sick was made better off by vaccination.

    I completely agree…

    Suppose a driver’s ed instructor told his students (new drivers-no previous driving experience) – you will have 50% fewer accidents in your lifetime, if you have a four-leaf clover in your pocket. How could he prove that? There isn’t any accident data for the students, they are NEW to driving. The instructor cannot prove his claim.

    In the same way, without individual experience with Covid (no previous history), one cannot claim their symptoms were lessened by the vaccine.

  12. I have reached my ‘do not cross line’ and no one will move me, ever. Here is why, and I’ll try and make it as simple as I can:
    All of the stats around fully vaxxed and getting and spreading the virus are true, maybe (probably) even bigger numbers than we know.
    – Hospital have made millions attributing illness and death to covid
    – Every single report of case rates mention vaxxed and un-vaxxed – NEVER mention previously infected un-vaxxed, EVER.
    – EVERY single commercial promotes the vax and how safe and effective it is, need more convincing? Just go to getyourvaccinequestionsanswered.org (not the actual address) and you will see even more convincing people tell you the same thing!
    – At last weeks FDA advisory panel meeting to discuss giving the vax to 5 – 12 year olds, Phizer gave the (8hr long) presentation presenting their stats and studies and answered the questions!
    – Every single possible treatment has been removed from use, EVERY SINGLE ONE, leaving only the vax, so naturally we have to use the Emergency Use Authorization
    Question: If the vax is SO safe AND effective, why not drop the Emergency Use Authorization AND the liability protections of the manufacturers?
    One more morsel to chew on, Cancelling, There is nothing that is really true that should be afraid of challenge, if it’s true, it’s true. It shouldn’t be an issue for it to be challenged because truth will win, no matter what the challenge is. So when you see a doctor, actor, professional of any kind that has the ability to make an impact due to a large following get cancelled, fired or shamed in any way, you can bet your life it was because they spoke truth. When ‘conspiracy theory’ is used to silence, it is for the same reason, the lies are being revealed. UNITED WE STAND, the TRUTH is rising and momentum is growing! Truth will prevail, In GOD WE TRUST!

  13. If consulting physicians means putting faith in man, forget it. They know nothing about health, for healthy people don’t need doctors; the ones with a license to kill via drugs, chemicals that don’t belong in the body.

    Financial reset = culling. What’s so difficult to understand…The wise persons leaving “practicing” medicine throughout the yrs because they realized their oath was hypocritical. Does the average desire someone “practicing” putting odd chemicals in their vehicle. Let’s try this arsenic in your gas tank and see if it works or how about a squirt of PEG or maybe even some parasites… Maybe the first rounders were lucky and got saline, but that was only too fool – 2 and 3 times are the charm = harm.

    “Those working to ignore natural immunity” – Ya mean our creator did such a super job while people want to trust man to be wiser? Man hath made nothing for it was the creator that provided the raw materials… Tis only the righteous that’ll run from medicine – why – because God provided intuition too. The devil is foolish but not wise, while ignorance is tempted. Logic will not make nonsense logical, no matter how hard one tries.

    The sheople are happily walking to their demise, while animals in the forest will carry on, maskless and jabless… GeorgiaGuidestones here we come~!

  14. They sold this experimental, liability-free gene therapy by calling it a “vaccine”. The belief that vaccines are “safe and effective” is not allowed to be questioned and everyone just keeps repeating their vaccine catechism. If you try to show them any dissenting opinions, they will all eventually bring up polio, not realizing polio was caused by toxins. Read “The Moth in the Iron Lung”, by Forrest Maready, for an interesting view of the history.

    As far as this covid “vaccine” is concerned, maybe it is “working”, just not the way the vaccine cultists expected. With almost 18,000 deaths reported to VAERS, which Harvard found represents as few as 1% of the actual total, why hasn’t it been pulled from the market? In the 70’s when there were 50 deaths caused by a new vaccine, it was discontinued due to safety, but more importantly due to liability. Thanks to Congress, in 1986 Pharma was granted economic liability when they passed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act. Since then their has been a drastic increase in chronic childhood illness and autoimmune disease, as well as autism. The EUA has done the same thing to protect Pharma. But whatever you do, DON’T do your own research and reading, as my brother and Forbes Magazine has warned. It’s too dangerous. You should trust the authorities!! I guess they have never watched an ACIP meeting.

  15. If these vaccines are so ‘SAFE AND EFFECTIVE’ to the point now, where we now recommend giving vaccines to the ultimate group that says ‘safe and effective’ for EVERYONE, why are they still being used under Emergency Use Authorization AND the pharma companies that make them are ‘immune’ (pun intended) from being held accountable for any adverse effects??
    Remove the EUA and protections from prosecution and put your money where your mouth is! As it stands now, people are being forced to risk their lives and/or livelihoods yet ‘they’ will not risk loosing money.
    Does anyone think the massive promotions would continue if the protections from prosecution is removed?

    1. I saw a cartoon where a nurse is giving the vax to a man who asks, “Will this give me immunity?” The nurse says, “No, only the drug companies have immunity.”

  16. Thank you Sharyl,
    I feel like you write down everything I am thinking. I’m in BC Canada right now, with vaccine passports and a restriction on flying if you aren’t vaccinated. It makes my head spin that they push and punish those who see the red flags and don’t want to go down that path. I’ve had Covid, they took my positive Covid test at the border, but unlike the vaccinated I had to quarantine for 14 days. Punishment for not being vaccinated could be the only reason for this. I’m far less likely to get Covid again in 3-4 months of having it than the vaccinated . Nothing makes sense except the agenda to get as many people vaccinated as possible.

  17. So much going on behind the scenes, just have to ask what the distractions are. Covid and mandates, perhaps? For example the Pittsburgh Airport now breaking ground for “post Covid” technology and health safety. WAIT – planning takes years in advance, so all these measures were already accounted for ??
    And the “airlines” are paying the billion dollar tab. OR who is financing the airlines so they will have this cash to “pay” ?? What industries want high tech, in step with public health, to be the future? What individuals are known to invest their billions hoping for even more windfall? What are those industries and “non-profits” demanding of those airline corporations?
    After the airport, what other “build betters” will be breaking ground? And who will be their true financiers? What conditions will need to be met?
    Where is this all leading
    Now just step back and ponder how Standard Oil convinced so many cities to eliminate rail-based public transportation.
    Here we go again. Oh, and rails are making their way back too.

  18. Two prominent mainstream commentators have come down with the virus in the last few months. Both (one in this last week) were given monoclonal antibodies, ivermectin, and slew of other vitamins. Both recovered in days and said they felt better than they did before the caught the virus. There’s been far too many adverse reactions that would have taken any vaccine off the market were it not labeled for emergency use. The best pathway forward are treatments that work. Unfortunately for the pharmaceutical companies, it’s not the poison they’re making billions off of.

  19. I rather suspect the vaccinated are actually spreading covid more than the unvaccinated,. We know people who are vaccinated are contracting covid with enough viral load to spread it, They may not feel that sick, so they go out in public as normal without masks. The unvaccinated who have light symptoms generally don’t have enough virus to spread while those who get sick know it and quarantine. I am vaccinated but I cannot understand any logic associated with mandated vaccinations given above.

  20. These shots should not be given to children. It is very disturbing that they are planning vaccine clinics at schools now. My granddaughter’s school does not allow the parents in the school, or even on the playground. Will the UN document (WHO) be used for parental consent if the clinic is just made known?
    If this shot is not effective for adults, why should a child get it, who is not at a high risk?

  21. If we are not willing to stare the grotesque reality of this in the face and take the steps to eradicate the monster demons, it is not going to stop! The Department of Justice has had this information since the Spring of 2020 and has done nothing.; it was also provided to many State Attorneys. Have you seen any change in the narrative? My faith in God tells me that a Reversal is coming! But, we need to fully understand what we are up against. This video is Silver Bullet that should be known in Nations around the world! Dr. David Martin has been speaking up! Soon this information will be within the blockchain where it can not be tampered with or erased. Please pray that the children and everyone else is protected!


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