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7 thoughts on “Howls of Debate Over Bringing Back Wolves (PODCAST)”

  1. Wherever there are deer, there should be wolves. Without predators, deer become nuisances, often involved in vehicular crashes, and spread disease such as chronic wasting and COVID among the herds. Additionally, deer can significantly and adversely affect the environment without predators.

    When wolves were reintroduced in Yellowstone National Park, the positive transformation was dramatic. https://www.yellowstonepark.com/things-to-do/wildlife/wolf-reintroduction-changes-ecosystem/

  2. I found the wolf advocate argument “for” wolves to be weak. C’mon man, just admit it’s aesthetics, it’s your gaia religion or whatever. If you’re mismanaging the deer population doesn’t mean you need to add a wolf population.

    That said, I think a lot of conservative rural people who are against wolf populations simultaneously enjoy the wild around them, it is a point of pride and interest to talk about where the pack lives, when you heard howls, gossip of how so and so saw a wolf the other week, etc. My area has wolves, people I talk with daily have seen them and hear them, I hope to see them sometime myself, I’ve seen cougars, bears, and moose, but no wolves yet!

    Wolves, cougars, bears, and moose are dangerous, no doubt (sorry, I don’t buy the wolf-nice argument, simply not true). Not as dangerous as, say, driving on an icy road, IMHO, but still a good reason to have big dogs and guns available on the quick. Ranchers are in the business of selling livestock for profit, with proper compensation and easy paperwork it seems a non-issue.

    Wolves are interesting to have around, though it seems they’re hard on the elk, then again the elk are also hard on the ranchers hay, I hope this can be worked out, unfortunately the population is getting denser per the second man’s argument, not sure why the left continues to insist on unlimited immigration, it works against their environmental purposes. The left is puzzling to me, they take easy wins and make them hard, they work against all their own stated goals, it’s because their ideals have simply been hijacked by those who are targeting America.

    I enjoy American wild lands and wild life, the wolf is part of that, and it’s a legacy we need to pass forward if we are worth our patriotism.

  3. Expounding upon the Dan Tige 11/28/2021 comments. After having driven two separate vehicles hit by deer over several years’ time and not exceeding the posted speed limits during these occurrences, I drive with a degree of caution. Also, these hits occurred during daylight hours. With the exception of legal deer hunting season within the state I reside in, wolves would be a practical answer to at least try to control the deer herd which is a problem with-in my state.

  4. Give nature a dose of natural reality, wolves, who were there before us and if given a chance would likely be there after us.

  5. I think central park needs to have them reintroduced… the golden gate park and presidio… oh and downtown DC would be great as well. Just saying, if you want rural people to live with them, you should be willing to do so as well! But watch out for your pets, they tend to be targets!

  6. It seems that wolves should be a part of nature if there is enough land for them to co-exist with people. But what do you do when they overpopulate? What do you do when they inevitably attack farm animals, and perhaps people? What do you do if a wolf the Federal gov declares an “endangered species wanders into your area?”

    The only thing I would strongly advocate for, is that 100% of the policy to control them belongs at the state level, and that authority should be transferred to the state and published in Code of Federal Regulations, before any decisions are made. The Federal gov should NEVER have control of this issue, because the rationale for decision making will sooner of later be political, and all their “promises” will be as the wind.

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