Physician Assistant: ‘My bosses didn’t want me to report Covid-19 vaccine side effects’ (PODCAST)

Physician Assistant Deborah Conrad says when she saw a flood of Covid-19 vaccine adverse events in the ER at the hospital where she worked, her superiors discouraged her from reporting them to the federal database VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System).

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25 thoughts on “Physician Assistant: ‘My bosses didn’t want me to report Covid-19 vaccine side effects’ (PODCAST)”

  1. For someone who could have taken this personally, your guest certainly kept her helpful comments objective, and she dealt with information that she had first-hand knowledge of rather than reporting what she heard or read.

  2. Hi Sharyl, When you said that better VAERS reporting would create less, not more, vaccine hesitancy, because then consumers would have more confidence that the problems were in the open and not being covered up, that makes sense theoretically, but it’s only true in practice if the overall level of adverse events is at or below a tolerable level from the consumer’s point of view. But for these Covid vaccines in particular, the levels of injuries and deaths are so high that if all of them were reported and investigated, almost no one would take the vaccine voluntarily. Vaccine hesitancy would go through the roof. That’s why the CDC refused to implement the recommendations from the Harvard Pilgrim study on VAERS, and it’s also why the vaccine manufacturers told Congress in 1986 that if they don’t get liability protection they won’t be able to put vaccines on the market.

  3. Awesome reporting!

    I had a reaction and reported it… My knee swelled up a few days after the shot. I had hyperextend it almost a year ago and and it wasn’t getting better. The swelling prevented me from using it for a few days and when the swelling went down it was healed. Crazy positive reaction that I thought should be reported. That was in April. My knee is acting up again so I’m getting the booster hoping to see another positive reaction.

    My wife developed Tinnitus a few months after the shot. She’s very unhappy and does not intend to get the booster. She’s also not reporting her reaction on VARES because she saw me do it and knows it’s a real pain and feels like no one really cares what’s on VARES.

    My brother-in-law got Covid pretty bad but fully recovered. He followed the science and hasn’t been vaccinated and does not plan on getting vaccinated. Thankfully he lives in Maine and is self employed.

    All of this must result in vaccine hesitancy… Thanks for getting the word out and you are right some doctors nailed this from the beginning and some didn’t. What makes me angry is those that are clearly wrong now, without doubt, are doubling down on stupid.

    1. So you’re… sorry, its hard for me to understand… You’re getting the booster to help your knee??

      Sorry, I vomited a little bit in my mouth and had to swallow it….

      Please help me understand what you were trying to say….

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