(POLL) Almost everyone opposes payments for illegal border crossers

The overwhelming majority say they oppose the US government paying taxpayer money to illegal border crossers.

That’s according to the latest unscientific poll of 2,254 people at SharylAttkisson.com.

When asked, “Do you support paying illegal border crossers who were detained and separated from minors they brought?” 97% said “No.”

Two percent (2%) said the US government should apologize, but not pay.

Fewer than 1% said the the illegal border crossers should get paid, but far less than $450,000.

Fewer than 1% were unsure, and responded with “I’m mixed.”

Full results are below. Be sure to answer the newest poll at SharylAttkisson.com. Look for the black box on the right sidebar on your computer or scroll way down on your mobile device.

Do you support paying the illegal border crossers who were detained and separated from minors they brought?

<1% Yes

<1% Yes, but far less than $450,000 each

<1% I’m mixed

2% Apologize, but don’t pay

97% No! They broke the law

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4 thoughts on “(POLL) Almost everyone opposes payments for illegal border crossers”

  1. Sharyl and Full Measure Team,

    [[ nix this—after you’ve copied it to paper ]]


    — The Mosaic Law —

    Regarding Borders and Keeping the Peace

    – – –

    Millennia of Years of Blood-Letting Wars


    Determined National Borders

    – – –

    Those Who Remove Borders are Cursed


    Borders Do Keep the Peace !

    In the June/July 2000 issue of ”The Friends of Israel” is found an article about “Israel’s Impending Judgment,” by David M. Levy, which relates God’s displeasure with those who move landmarks:

    “Judah was guilty of moving landmark stones that divided property between neighbors and would be judged for her actions. ‘The princes of Judah were like those who remove the boundary; therefore I will pour out my wrath upon them like water,’ said the Lord (v. 10). The Mosaic Law forbade anyone, even kings and high officials, to move boundaries and pronounced a curse on those who did (Dt. 19:14; 27:17).”

    Here, Mr. Levy follows that Old
    Testament quotation with this
    proviso :

    “Some believe that the crime of
    moving landmarks is metaphoric and
    is mentioned to cover all social
    injustices that were practiced by
    the leaders of Judah.”

    Maybe, but probably not!—considering that boundaries are more vital than any other factor in keeping the peace among human tribes, within each human family and between any close friends.

    Name one other factor as important to guarding the peace as keeping boundaries.

    There isn’t one, which fact makes of Karl Marx and his present-day Libertine Liberal advocates merely blithering idiots to support a social system premised upon removing ALL boundaries :

    Marxist/Socialist/FEMINISTS’ system of a
    COMMUNIST UTOPIA (socialism being Marxists’
    first-step advancement toward effecting that

    — Do You Know Your Own Boundaries? —

    –What of that border each of us
    requires to remain comfortable
    in social situations; that two
    or three feet of space required
    when talking with someone?

    –What of that border each of us
    requires to keep our personal
    things private; that one drawer
    or shelf where you keep, say,
    momentos and/or a diary?

    –What of that border each of us
    requires to keep our bedroom a
    private place to withdraw from
    a chaotic world; that place in
    which to reflect, cry or make

    –What of that border each of us
    requires to keep our dwelling
    safe from intruding neighbors;
    that bit of land you can call
    your own and take pride in,
    having one’s own acre to
    manage as the seasons pass
    (those living in apartments
    feel no less protective of
    their special space)?

    –What of that border each of us
    requires to keep our community
    (town or city) from material or
    social decline; that community
    of like-minded folks who take
    pride in keeping their
    neighborhoods safe and clean,
    and who influence local
    government to that end?

    –What of that border each
    community (town or city)
    requires to keep one’s State
    from material or social decline;
    that large boundary separating
    one major government entity
    from another, allowing one to
    effect the kinds of State
    policies protecting local ones?

    –What of the borders that each
    of us in our home, community
    (town or city), State and
    nation requires to keep our
    culture – our way of life –
    from material and social decline,
    and from invading armies; that
    boundary ensuring that you, your
    loved ones and neighbors remain
    unmolested by foreign powers and
    peoples wishing to impose their
    will and ways upon you–or to
    take from you what your race has

    — Borders Are Gene-Based Manifestations, as is CULTURE —

    Examine how nations are forged. Study, for example, the histories of Britain and Europe to grasp the massive degree of blood-letting during two-thousand years (and more) to establish boundaries; for without them chaos, hardship, and warring reign!

    Your Marxist/Socialist/FEMINIST federal government, serving this Marxist-driven United Nations, is preparing white Americans for the elimination of those north and south boundaries defining the contiguous United States (capitalists play a vital role in the plan, to help increase consumerism – ergo profits – by rapidly growing the population), borders which once protected a unique race and its culture :

    (( read my essays on Marxism in America; and read my
    essays, “White Western Civilization’s Mad Rush to
    Culturicide and Genocide” and “Internationalists’
    Planned North/South Corridor” )).

    The corrupt U.S. Senate has a lock on power, as it is thoroughly bought and paid for by Big Business/Big Banking, so that the majority White position on the importation of anti-white/anti-Western people of color can’t be effected (( nearly 80% wants such immigration severely curtailed; read my essays, “Why Vote?” and “America is no Democracy nor Democratic Republic” )).

    Immigration from the Third World
    (( legal or not )) amounts to an
    invasion—the taking of an entire
    civilization, of culture and race!;
    WHITE RACE and its legacy of
    Western Christian culture in North

    To demonstrate a bit of the trickery used to usurp the will of the people by Washington tyrants, examine their “Immigration Reform and Control Act” of 1986, which gave an amnesty to millions of illegal Mexican wetbacks (read my essay, “Good Name-Calling”) – sending a signal to all the world that if you can get here, you can remain here! – and, then, made it impossible for employers to lawfully determine whether a prospective employee was an illegal immigrant or citizen, as the legislation forbade any denial of employment to anyone on the basis of citizenship status (the idea “citizenship” in America is a joke today, which actually is a very deadly situation that will precipitate hardship and warring in the coming century–on U.S. soil).

    — Marxist Tyrants Remove The Most Vital Boundaries of Race and Sex and Class —

    There are other, more vital boundaries – more important than those mentioned above – because the above-listed ones are a direct product of these :

    Racial, sexual, and social boundaries of
    h e r i t a b l e differences (( gene-based
    proclivities) existing between the races
    (even between intraracial ethnic groups )),
    between men and women, and between
    any two individuals.

    If there is a Biblical curse for those who remove physical boundaries, what about those who have F O R C E D the integration of diverse races and break those natural, genetic-based boundaries?—such as how our Marxist/Socialist/FEMINIST feds (( Libertine Leftist Democrats, all? !, and to include progressive Jews, liberal Christians and secular humanists )) have FORCED blacks into WHITE CIVIL SOCIETY for decades!, then began, in the Sixties, to leave our borders unguarded, to actively import every race and culture – and religion and language! – from around the world.

    What utter stupidity (( to understand the Left’s psychology, read my essays: “America’s Deadly Plunge into the Passive Feminine” and “The Donahue Syndrome” )).

    For what purpose, Libertine Liberals’ anti-White/
    anti-Christian diversity and tolerance movements? :

    To destroy the Founders’/Framers’
    America, and FORCE/Install a racially
    mongrelized, U.N.-directed and -borderless,
    One-World-premised Leviathan of a tyrant
    government—necessarily B R U T A L ! ;
    for applying Global Economic Socialism,
    to be “fair!,” then :

    Global C O M M U N I S M.


  2. The basic challenge is to separate the illiberal progressive for what they truly are and help the rising generations see the real light that is illuminated by the real truth.

  3. The people pushing this are insane. What is going on with this administration? They’re giving new meaning to the word CORRUPTION.

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