(POLL) Most voters support workers’ right to refuse Covid-19 vaccine

As the Biden Administration doubles-down on Covid-19 vaccine mandates set to begin in early 2022, a recent Rasmussen Reports poll shows that 52% percent of US voters support workers’ right to refuse it.

The voters also say they believe that enforcing such a mandate by firing workers for non-compliance will ultimately hurt the overall US economy. Thirty-eight percent (38%) of respondents said they do not support workers refusing the vaccine, while 10% said they are not sure.

The 1,000 US likely voters were polled on November 2 and 3 by Rasmussen Reports, just days before the Biden Administration and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) released mandate requirements.

President Biden’s Covid-19 vaccine mandate will force employees of companies that employ more than 100 people to either get vaccinated or undergo weekly testing beginning January 4.

Source: Rasmussen Reports

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8 thoughts on “(POLL) Most voters support workers’ right to refuse Covid-19 vaccine”

  1. This is great, but these people who are against the mandates are not willing to support their fellow coworkers by joining the unvaccinated and walkout or protest. This means there won’t be enough people to hurt large corporations like Ford Motor Company, enough to stop their collusion with the tyrannical federal government. Especially when the govt is giving them billions of dollars in subsidies to make electric vehicles under another tyrannical edict. In the case of Ford, the only way to compete with that kind of FU money is too hurt their ability to produce the very product the govt is pushing them to make. Which means stopping all production. But people won’t do it, they are too afraid to lose their “things”.

    Until these “voters” do what needs to be done, authoritarianism will win out and millions of people are going to lose their jobs, homes and livelihoods starting Dec 8th because many of these same “voters” have already complied and given the govt sovereignty over their bodies.

    1. Mary,

      If there are any FLU-symptoms this winter,
      arm yourself with P R E P A R A T I O N S
      – just in case! – by word-searching, in Duck
      DuckGo dot Com, “Dr. Mercola advice”—for
      healing from that EGI (( Experimental Gene
      Injection )) Jab.


  2. I am unvaccinated and won’t get it until I absolutely have to. I am not afraid of it, but feel that there is risk involved either way, and I am going to go with my natural, God-given system over anything that these clowns are pushing. It seems to be lost on most people that the same idiots who thought gain-of-function research was a great idea are the same ones pushing an unnatural solution. I am appreciative of all of Sharyl’s work -giving us real facts and data. Keep up the actual investigative journalism.

    1. Jim,
      Sorry but your comment ‘…until I absolutely have to…’ is what they are counting on. The fear of loss is an age old tactic that is very effective, unless you seek out the truth. This vax was developed and is designed for the Alpha variant, we are now in Delta, meaning it is completely ineffective against this strain and any that come later! The vax does not stop anyone from getting covid, it does not stop anyone infected from spreading covid. Apparently it does reduce symptoms, serious illness and hospitalizations, which is very interesting when considering Dr. Malones (he invented the MRNA tech) comments recently. He said that by reducing the symptoms (but NOT the viral load) a fully vaxed and infected person is much more likely to shrug it off as a minor cold and decide to go to work, etc. In his expert opinion, this is the very definition of a super spreader! I hope you have the faith and strength to stay the course and stay healthy, naturally.
      PS, my doc told me last week the red cross screens for covid anti-bodies, I am going to donate tomorrow.

  3. The Pandemic will end when Big Pharma can make more money from selling “Pills” rather than selling shots. The pills are ready to be distributed in January and they will essentially be a copy of Ivermectin, the drug we should have been given in the first place.

    1. Disturbing and true, Nina.
      Pharma is always capable of more sleaziness, Their ugly past demonstrates that. AND, practically never any accountability!

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