(READ) CDC statement on new Covid-19 variant from S. Africa

CDC has issued the following statement:

CDC Statement on B.1.1.529 

On November 26, 2021, the World Health Organization (WHO) classified a new variant, B.1.1.529, as a Variant of Concern and has named it Omicron. No cases of this variant have been identified in the U.S. to date. CDC is following the details of this new variant, first reported to the WHO by South Africa. We are grateful to the South African government and its scientists who have openly communicated with the global scientific community and continue to share information about this variant with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and CDC. We are working with other U.S. and global public health and industry partners to learn more about this variant, as we continue to monitor its path.


CDC is continuously monitoring variants and the U.S. variant surveillance system has reliably detected new variants in this country. We expect Omicron to be identified quickly, if it emerges in the U.S.

We know what it takes to prevent the spread of COVID-19. CDC recommends people follow prevention strategies such as wearing a mask in public indoor settings in areas of substantial or high community transmission, washing your hands frequently, and physically distancing from others. CDC also recommends that everyone 5 years and older protect themselves from COVID-19 by getting fully vaccinated.  CDC encourages a COVID-19 vaccine booster dose for those who are eligible.  

Travelers to the U.S. should continue to follow CDC recommendations for traveling

CDC will provide updates as more information becomes available. 

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23 thoughts on “(READ) CDC statement on new Covid-19 variant from S. Africa”

    1. JG,

      It has been Kabuki Theatre from the get-go.

      Consider Mr. Trump’s on-going problem :

      ‘ Political and Spiritual Treason Surrounds Trump –
      Mark Taylor, @ USAWatchdog dot Com ‘

      “Trump pushing a New World Order agenda? They can’t figure out why. I talk to the patriots. . . . There are some patriots out there who are refusing to support President Trump unless he backs off the vaccines. . . . This is the problem when you have demonic advisors.”

      “What has to be done? Taylor says, “There has to be a shift in the advisory role around the President. . . . . The President was led astray, and he has got to come out and get ahead of this narrative now before it’s too late. He’s kind of painted himself in a corner and saying he’s the ‘Father of the Vaccine,’ and he’s proud of it.”


      1. Trump is still our best bet for President! He can get new “advisors” but there is NO ONE better to save us from the predicament we are in. He can make the best decisions for our country because he loves our country and its people.

    2. Someone in Botswana twitted earlier, saying its a mockery & fake. IN last week ‘0’ deaths & 69 cases, in the last week, they are lying to bring g in Covid/ID Pass after commanding everyone get jabbed…. UK is resisting, WHO via Gates ramping things up.. #TogetherDeclaration #HoldTheLine

      1. Also use OurWorldInData & look up Botswana & South Africa, astonishing, they auto give out 2x yearly HCQ for Malaria, hence not had excessive anything

  1. But the news is also saying that this variant is “vaccine resistant” which of course we already know that all the strains are. So protecting ourselves by getting the vaccine is prima facie hogwash. Who falls for this crap?

    1. Dee Cee,

      Word-Search first four words ( in DuckDuckGo dot Com ) :

      “Bill Gates Charged with Murder for COVID-19 Vaccine Death in India’s High Court – Death Penalty Sought” :

      “The Indian Bar Association is reporting that murder charges have been filed in India’s High Court against two billionaires responsible for the AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine, Covishield, for the murder of a 23-year-old man who was injected with the shot. The two named defendants are Bill Gates, and Adar Poonawalla, the CEO of Serum Institute of India (SII), reportedly the world’s largest vaccine maker. According to corporate news sources, Adar Poonawalla’s company produces not only the COVID-19 vaccine Covishield, but also over 50% of the world’s vaccines that are injected into babies. The article goes on to quote case law in India which makes it clear that before giving a vaccine or any treatment to a person, he should be informed about the side effects of the medicine and also about the alternate remedies available. If any person is vaccinated by suppressing the facts or by telling a lie that the said vaccines are completely safe, amount to the consent being obtained under deception. In India, vaccination under deception or by force/coercion or by putting certain stifling conditions, is a civil and criminal wrong. According to the article, this makes Bill Gates and Adar Poonawalla co-conspirators to mass murder. If convicted, they face the death penalty. While it is encouraging to read that charges of mass murder are actually being filed against billionaire Globalists for their crimes against humanity for the gene-altering COVID-19 injections, the question remains as to whether or not this case will ever be brought to trial. Does India have the ability to run a covert military operation to extract Bill Gates from the U.S., for example, and bring him to trial in India?”


  2. So we have a new variant….but when you get tested for Covid it doesn’t have a list of variants. Why would this be? Ah because the PCR testing is set so high it is unreliable but somehow you’ve found different variants. The FDA will NOT approve it for use in testing next year because of its unreliability, yet you are basing these same variants off an unreliable test which is set so high it will pick up any viral particulates including flu and cold……..we should get out of this clown car

  3. At this point we must step back and consider what the news we hear does for the one pushing this fraud. and to get to the truth of it. None of all this actually follows the science so we have to follow the politics. There are 2 parts to this illness. a cold that was eradicated in 2008 and a computer generated spike added to it, (gain of function), and then placed in a shot, (in the form of mRNA) to make sure as many people as possible are exposed to it. Most people were immune to the virus part. Now people are running around the world manufacturing them in their bodies and possibly shedding them to others. In my opinion the rest we hear about is vaccine reactions. More people have died this year than last and we know the numbers last year were fudged by calling all deaths covid and by exposing the part of the population that usually get hit the hardest so are usually protected. Talk to the Dem governors about that. So since there was such an effort last year to get those numbers up what is causing it to climb even higher this year and it is not even over yet? Remember you are not counted vaccinated until 3 weeks after your last shot and many that took the shot 6 or more months ago are considered not vaccinated until they take a booster and 3 weeks pass so if anything happens to them they were not considered vaccinated so no way it could have been from the shots. Never mind how many bad vaccine events happen within days of a shot.

    1. In recent years we have seen our trust shaken in many former sacred cows: the FBI; the courts; the justice system in general; the DOJ; the news media; the public schools; colleges and universities; college and professional sports; Sesame Street; Disney; the military; and, in some cities, the police. Now, the medical profession is added to that list. (I might have added Congress to that list, but Americans have always had a healthy skepticism of politicians. Still, the current lot is unbelievably bad.)

  4. Footnoted Here in past posts. A thriving Corona Virus mutation’s don’t simply just go away because Sharyl Attkisson ( No-Punt intended ) and others take a pole on different websites in past 2 years, to see who believes this Virus day’s are over with ??. I said this from before the U.S. started learning about this virus in the Trump administration, because I first learned of this Virus from Asian people first getting sick from Asian news overseas… Any How any infectious Disease non-isolated with over 8 Billion people in the world, has the potential to Keep mutating with Boat and Air-travel and so on = Non isolation ongoing Mutations !.. What the U.S. and other countries need is a Joint Countries U.N. New economic resolution passed for a Dept. Relief pkg, because No country can Afford this with over 8 Billion people living in the World, it could go on from since the beggining to up to 5 years or more (( Remember polio )). And economic damages from this virus in all countries is unrealistics in terms of each countries economic damages ! = Stating Real reality Here ? ( For the past 2 years it’s been my thinking all this mis-information and Bad people wanting to imagine this Virus away as nothing worse than the common cold, are about 30 French Fries short of a Happy meal = on going outbreaks and New Death toll’s ??? )

    1. Bill Andrews,

      “What the U.S. and other countries
      need is a Joint Countries U.N.”—you

      Thanks for exposing why all that
      Kabuki Theatre has been applied,
      GLOBALLY !

      The death-numbers are contrived,
      and result from WITHHOLDING
      known, inexpensive cures—
      withheld by the Medical Mafia,
      Stay away from sugar, and keep
      your body in an alkaline condition
      —to stay healthy (( find what is
      recommended by Dr. Mercola, to
      stay protected ))..


  5. Am I allowed to post a link here?

    In March 2020, the WHO told the world, “Don’t wear a mask”: rumble. com/ve34nj-who-march-26-2020-dont-wear-a-mask.html

    Because science.

  6. These new variants are a joke. Many people are waking up to this fraudulent theater. All these officials pushing the depop shot should go to prison.

  7. About a week ago, there were a couple of news stories asking why Covid rates and deaths were so low in most of Africa, despite the low vaccination rates there. So right on cue, we hear about a spooky new variant emerging from Africa, threatening the whole world, and being used to justify new travel restrictions, new lockdowns, and – undoubtedly – a new round of vaccinations. And this all happened in just a little more than 24 hours.

    Meanwhile, local health officials in South Africa claim that this variant doesn’t really seem that deadly. Nonetheless, the whole world is “on alert,” ready to be told what to do and when to do it. A narrative is being formed at breakneck speed. No doubt Fauci and the WHO will tell us what lessons this teaches us.

  8. Now CNN is quoting “experts” saying that the omicron variant should spur “millions” to get the vaccine. They’re pretty much opening their playbook and showing it to us. Meanwhile, down in New Zealand, they are saying that anti-shutdown demonstrations are being inspired by American “disinformation,” including QAnon, and are being used as a “Trojan Horse” to spread “white supremacy” and “misogyny.” People wearing Trump hats have been seen among the demonstrators! There is a new threat of “populism” in New Zealand!

    I have never seen anything in my life like what we have seen in the last five years, and especially the last two years. It is indeed like there is spiritual warfare going on.

  9. If one is truly interested in the science, the vaccine is not a vaccine, but a therapeutic. It does not eradicate the virus any more than a flu shot does, because both influenza and SARS-CoV-2 are zoonostic diseases. The ONLY benefit of the shot is the potential to lessen the severity … nothing else. Studies have already illustrated that the vaccinated or unvaccinated carry the same viral load.

    Lockdowns, along with mask and distancing mandates don’t inhibit the virus spread. There have been dozens and dozens of studies which find surgical and N-95 masks ineffective at halting influenza infections. Why is this relevant? N-95 masks are 95% effective (protection) against any particle, bacteria or virus larger than 300 nanometers in size. Both influenza and SARS-CoV-2 are similar in size (including the spike protein) at between 40-160 nanometers.

    Nothing is going to halt the spread or mutation (variant) of the virus. Natural immunity (those who have already been infected) offers the best long-term solution, in spite of the CDC’s continued narrative that natural immunity is inferior to the shot. A 2008 study of survivors of the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic were found: “100% of the subjects had serum-neutralizing activity against the 1918 virus and 94% showed serologic reactivity to the 1918 hemagglutinin.” On the study, the Associated Press reported the following:

    Anthony Fauci, MD, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said recent studies have projected that immunity lasts several decades; the current study provides proof, the AP reported. “This is the mother of all immunological memory here,” he told the AP.

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