(READ) Court order halting Biden Covid-19 vaccine mandate for private employers

A federal appeals court has temporarily halted the Biden administration’s Covid-19 vaccine mandate for companies with 100 or more employees.

More than half of the U.S. states and other petitioners have filed lawsuits challenging the mandate as unconstitutional.

The judge in the case ruled that there is “cause to believe there are grave statutory and constitutional issues with the Mandate.”

The CDC and FDA say the Covid-19 vaccines are safe and effective for all populations they are approved for.

However, some people who get the vaccines have serious and, sometime, fatal side effects.

In addition, scientists say, the vaccines are wearing off after several months. CDC announced months ago that data showed fully-vaccinated people are often getting and spreading Covid. It is not rare for vaccinated people to end up hospitalized with Covid and, sometimes even die.

Public health officials are recommending the vaccines for children as young as age 5, saying they are safe and effective. However, there is no long-term data on safety of effectiveness of the vaccine.

One major issue some scientists have with the Biden mandate is that it ignores the great body of scientific evidence that finds natural immunity in the millions who have had Covid-19 significantly outperforms the vaccines.

CDC has kept its estimate of how many Americans have had Covid-19 secret since May 28, and has not responded to a Freedom of Information request for the information, which belongs to the public.

Read the order here.

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9 thoughts on “(READ) Court order halting Biden Covid-19 vaccine mandate for private employers”

  1. “However, some people who get the vaccines have serious and, sometime, fatal side effects.” NOT directed at Sharyl, I’m sure it :”lessened their symptoms”…

    1. Covid19 shots may reduce serious covid19 related health concerns at the same time enhance civid19 disease in others. While with reduced symptoms the vax create mutations and become super spreaders getting a free pass by the covid19 police. While at the same time the vax have no impact on some and help end life premature with blood clottings, strokes, heart issues, and neurological ones too before they reach “full vax” status. In fact, more people died in 10 months of 2021 with 3 vaccines, than all of tail end of 2019-2020. How is this possible.

    2. Most people has had Covid and didnt know it, Right now in Australia mass numbers of vaccinated people are straining the hospital system, The health minister said its not Covid and could be a prolonged side effect

  2. I just want to add this about Vaccines, A flu vaccine almost took me out at 20 y/o
    Ive been bed ridden sick twice in my 5 decades. Once due to a flu vaccine
    I am not anti vax at all, But would you want the Covid shot after a Flu shot
    almost killed you? I also dont get sick like normal people, I haven’t had a cold
    in over 12 years, I eat vitamins to build my immune system, I also do not work
    in a clean environment at all, My son sat next to me last year in a enclosed truck
    for 3 hrs, He started feeling bad, He had Covid, I didnt get it. His wife and kids didnt get it,
    Not everyone will know they was even sick, So masking up is useless, Everyone will come in contact with Covid. No avoiding it.
    Now I am hearing about how the Covid vaccine is lowering a persons immune system, No way can that be a good thing if true, Your immune system even fights off Cancer from forming, I recommend people to learn about and take vitamins, Our food is trash

  3. I hope Sharyl keeps up the good work.

    My default mode to all mainstream news is to assume it’s somehow false or misleading until independently verified. (Not that I EVER watch MSM except by accident or to research the opposition narrative.)

    My default mode to all New Right news is to “trust, but verify,” depending on how hyped up it seems. This includes The Gateway Pundit, but does NOT include Infowars, which I consider NOT news.

    My default mode for Sharyl Attkisson is “if Sharyl reports it, her sources are sound and it is fact that will hold up upon cross-examination in court.”

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