(READ) Crime fears in US rebound after pandemic lull

Americans’ anxiety and concern about crime has returned to its 2019 pre-pandemic levels, after a lull in 2020.

That’s according to a recent Gallup poll.

Frequent and/or occasional worry about violent crimes or property crimes increased between 5-9 percentage points over the last year, says Gallup. The specific crimes include:

  • getting mugged
  • having their car stolen or broken into
  • having their home burglarized when they are at home or away from home
  • being attacked while driving
  • being a victim of identity theft
  • getting murdered and being a victim of terrorism

Fear of crimes that did not statistically see a change in comparison with 2020 are:

  • having a school-aged child physically harmed at school
  • being assaulted or killed by a coworker
  • being a victim of a hate crime
  • being sexually assaulted
  • having one’s personal information stolen by computer hackers

Gallup has been tracking crime concerns among US adults since 2000, adding in categories like identity theft in 2009 and computer hacking in 2017.

“Concerns about these two cybercrimes have consistently outpaced the other crimes since they first appeared on the list,” says Gallup.

Read entire crime poll results in Gallup’s article here.

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5 thoughts on “(READ) Crime fears in US rebound after pandemic lull”

  1. Sharyl and Full Measure Team,

    This one,

    “being a victim of a hate crime,”

    is U N C O N S T I T U T I O N A L !

    [[ copy and remove ]]


    Orwellian ‘Love’

    The Op/Ed Page published a column on February 11th, 1994, headlined “Hate Crimes Can Be Punished Without Suppressing Speech,” by Mr. Craig Sumberg, director of the National Capital Region of the American Jewish Congress, which supports passage of Hate Crimes legislation HB 889, in Virginia.

    Webster’s dictionary defines “hate” as a “strong feeling of dislike for a person or thing.”

    In effect, HB 889 is an attempt to assign extra punishment for any “bad” feelings one may hold about others, or about things which relate to others’ sexual, racial, ethnic, or religious identity.

    Because thinking naturally evokes feelings, punishing one for what one feels punishes one’s thinking. This is the reason why punishing “hate” – or thought – is an attempt to control and suppress free speech. Hate crime laws do suppress free speech.

    If a man is given extra punishment because of his thoughts, which may or may not have been motive for his crime, then pretrial discovery must necessarily include finding “bad” speech to support that extra punishment; it involves interviewing his friends and co-workers, inspecting his library and video rental records, determining what newsletters and magazines he likes and any organizations to which he belongs, in order to establish what he might have thought before and during his crime. It requires Gestapo-like searches by Thought Police.

    The eventual result of such legislation will be prosecutors rifling the personal thoughts of any White suspect alleged to have perpetrated a crime against a minority person. Moreover, to be fair, it would necessarily demand that minority suspects be investigated to uncover their “bad” thoughts about Whites, whom they may have targeted for assault, rape, robbery, or murder—a FAR MORE prevalent array of “hate crimes.”

    A man may have no intention of harming another person, but because he can’t predict whether a situation might arise involving an altercation with someone not of his sexual orientation or race or religion, he would be imprudent to SPEAK OPENLY to friends and co-workers about his politics; nor should he checkout library books or rent videos which might give clues to his thinking; nor should he join any of the many organizations which are sex-, race-, ethnic- or religion-based.

    HB 889 is a THOUGHT-Control bill, adding MORE punishment for what one thinks and believes.

    What one thinks and believes may drive one to break laws for the benefit of a perceived greater good—such as men who claim to HATE babycide-clinic killings of wombed human life; hate PREDATORY/Grooming homosexuals’ Man/boy clubs; or hate certain minorities’ Bad influence on White Civil Society.

    In all three instances, the perceived “hate” is really POLITICAL thought, which moral men might act upon.

    Where one man sees bigotry another sees TRUTH.

    All thinking must be protected from punishment. If thinking prompts men toward unlawful conduct, then punish them for what they do – not for their thoughts ! – no matter how distasteful the Thought Police find their ideas to be.

    Thinking is the fundamental impetus for speech; ergo, “bad” thinking – spoken or written – must be protected. If one’s thoughts are linked to unlawful conduct, and if extra punishment is meted out by the state for those thoughts, then ALL thinking is at risk for control by Thought Police.

    Their faulty reasoning aside, the Left’s call for “love” – which they claim motivates their Hate-Crimes legislation – is means for disarming rational thought and advancing libertine liberals’ emotion-based agenda. It is really tyranny !

    Love un-tempered with reason is more often destructive than constructive, as with the “love” that libertine liberal enablers apply in keeping America’s poor dependent and chained to their “help.”

    With their passage of hate-crime laws, libertine liberals undermine the Constitution and punish America with their Orwellian love.


  2. I have always thought that “Hate Crime” laws were ridiculous and insane, and agree with Rick completely. It’s the same as “Thought Crimes.” In other words……..Orwellian!

  3. With all of the rioting that was going on in 2020, and what seemed like a spike in shootings and murders, I’m surprised there was a drop in worries about crime.

    1. Stephen Triesch,

      [[ better remove this, Sharyl ]]

      I grew up in Utopia, Stephen, before
      tyrannical/brutalitarian F O R C E D
      integration of Blacks and Whites.

      That was a MAJOR mistake by the
      ever-emoting, Libertine Liberals.

      I had been prompted to write about
      it in the early Nineties :


      — Never Enslave a People ! —

      S L A V E R Y

      If some among you do, and you halt the practice,
      then don’t release into your society those once-
      enslaved men, women, and their children. And if
      there is offspring from sexual intercourse with
      slaves, then remove such along with that tribe.

      Return them to their place of origin, no matter the
      suffering for them or the cost to you, because their
      subsequent generations and mixed-race offspring
      shall NEVER forgive you or your progeny, but
      always/incessantly play the VICTIMS’ role—and
      FOREVER recount their enslavement and resulting
      PAIN, chaining you and your progeny to their PAIN,
      demanding ever-increasing special treatment; for it
      was by a generally low opinion and dislike for them
      that they were enslaved at all. And it is upon
      discovery of the truth by your progeny, that that
      low opinion and dislike wasn’t out of an unreasoned
      hate, but from practical evaluation—that they learn
      much too late, the gravity of having let inherently
      dissimilar people try achieving equality among them.

      Your progeny will have learned far too late, that it was
      for an inherent inequality in character-/temperament-/
      /intelligence-potentials that that tribe was enslaved in
      the first place ( all races have taken their turn suffering
      that evaluation, correct or not ).

      [[ “Racial diversity makes societies inherently unstable.”
      —Black Professor Walter Williams ]]

      It is for that genetic inequality, which only millennia of
      generations might remedy, that your progeny find their
      lot – their community, their nation, their civilization – in
      R U I N !

      R E P A R A T I O N S

      Black Africans were enslaved by their own kings, as
      captives, after never-ceasing tribal wars—for millennia.

      Arab and Jewish slave-trading began after learning
      of potential profits, from that ignoble business-practice;
      and both African tribal kings and Arab/Jewish traders
      profited! —and tribal kings killed their human war-booty
      if there were no Western buyers ( often by torture,
      before death—even cannibalism ).

      Recall Phil Donahue‘s TV program, from the late-
      Eighties, in which he interviewed a number of Black
      men, who had (hopefully) travelled to Africa, to learn
      of their African ROOTS, but who came back to America
      greatly disappointed by what they’d witnessed—as one
      even admitted, that he became (reluctantly) glad his
      ancestors had been bought and enslaved in America !

      Who owes whom, regarding REPARATIONS ! ?


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