(READ) Exclusive: “Increased number” of Covid-19 vaccine injury claims from govt. employees

In the face of the Biden administration’s Covid-19 vaccine mandate for federal employees and contractors, the government reports it’s already getting “an increased number of claims resulting from apparent adverse reactions to the COVID-19 vaccination.”

Normally, vaccine injuries are not compensated by the government, but the feds announced an exception and said that it will cover Covid-19 vaccine injuries since employees are forced to take them to continue employment.

No word as to who, if anyone, is considered liable for vaccine injuries in private industry when companies require Covid-19 vaccination.

An announcement on November 8 told federal employees that the Department of Labor Federal Employees’ Compensation Program has been receiving the injury claims.

The 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals has temporarily suspended implementation of the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate at private employers with 100 or more employees.

Read the announcement about vaccine injury claims below:

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16 thoughts on “(READ) Exclusive: “Increased number” of Covid-19 vaccine injury claims from govt. employees”

  1. It’s a pretty terse announcement; it gives no numbers or any detail about what kinds of reactions are being reported. But I’m actually surprised they issued this statement at all, given the government’s repeated insistence that the vaccines are completely safe and that adverse reactions are “rare.”

    And I’m wondering about the reporting form they’ve provided. Will these reports be added to the VAERS database, or will they be aggregated, away from the public eye, somewhere else?

  2. Addendum to earlier comment: I’m also surprised they called the form a “Traumatic Injury Claim.” I would have expected something more bland like “Incident Report” or “Description of Symptoms.”

  3. When will the public take control of the narrative and demand an independent safety review board to halt the vaccine program long enough to determine safety signals have exceeded the thresholds set in prior vaccine rollouts (i.e. anthrax, dengue, swine flu, etc)? How many suspected or unexplained deaths are tolerable? How many autopsies will it take? When will the gaslighting of the injured cease?

    1. It seems that the vaccine mandates now have some other purpose than simply controlling the pandemic. Austria is poised to mandate the vaccines for everyone, even though the Covid death toll only represents about 4-7% of the deaths you would expect in a normal year. (There have been about 11, 900 Covid deaths in nearly two years, in a country with a population of more than 9 million, where you might expect 90,000 deaths a year – 1% of the population – from all causes.)

      About 65-66% of Austrians are vaccinated, yet the Covid case rate recently rose to a level 50% higher than the highest level when NO ONE was vaccinated. It doesn’t make a lot of sense unless – perhaps – you accept that the the vaccines are incubating the virus rather than destroying it.

  4. Here is another not widely disseminated piece of info that was released yesterday without much fanfare. The information should give every US citizen pause as to the reliability of the Pfizer data that was used to authorize the FDA to use it on the public. Here is the article –


    Sharyl and team should do some investigating as to why the FDA has gone to the federal courts requesting that Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine should remain hidden until 2076. If the science is so strong to support the use of this vaccine as 100% safe and effective why the lack of transparency to the data?

    1. Comirnaty was FDA approved not the Pfizer shot. Comirnaty is not in production. The Pfizer-BioNtech shot and Comirnaty have same formulation, but LEGALLY DISTINCT. These are 2 different drugs not the same.

    2. There can’t be any transparency because this entire covid debacle has nothing to do with our health. How do you prove more would have died if they didn’t take the therapy? Their fear campaign has been so successful I can imagine them using it again and again. Keep an eye on the unfolding UFO propaganda being slowly fed to the gullible masses through the controlled media.

  5. Hi Sharyl,

    The Federal Government issued a code for keeping track of vaccine injury time. It was a special administrative leave code. You should FOI them to get a total # of hours and # employees who were injured by the vaccine.

  6. The concern for many will the use of federal workers comp and state workers comp programs be the source for compensation for so many injured persons. The CounterMeasures Injury Comp Program is setup for covid countermeasure injuries petitions. Yet the refusal of HHS/HRSA to process any claims are holding those persons hostage. So the other route would be workers comp.
    But this might be just another way to dilute the injury totals and to continue to hide the injury data.
    Most workers comp data is not public data.

  7. I just believe that private companies mandating the vaccine clearly are liable since they are doing this despite being told to cease and desist by the court. Therefore, every vaccine injury falls on the shoulders of the companies requiring the shot. Or at least this is what would make sense. Play stupid games win stupid prizes.

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