(READ) Loudoun County Sheriff: Loudoun Co. Public School decision to place alleged sexual assaulter at another high school resulted in second girl being attacked

Two female high school students were sexually assaulted in recent months by the same male student at different high schools in Loudoun County, Virginia. One attack happened in May and the second in October.

The courts have since found the male student, a juvenile, guilty.

Controversy has been building ever since the assaults became public. That was after Loudoun County School Board Superintendent Scott Ziegler publicly– and apparently falsely– denied they had occurred.

Ziegler later acknowledged the attacks and said they may not have been properly reported to the state of Virginia, as required.

Loudoun Co. School Supt. Scott Ziegler (right)

In a subsequent letter written to Loudoun County Sheriff Mike Chapman, Ziegler seemed to imply Sheriff Chapman’s office may not have followed proper reporting rules. (Read the letter below.)

Chapman has now answered with a lengthy letter of his own, establishing that Loudoun County Public Schools– and Ziegler, in particular– knew of the first assault the day it occurred; that Ziegler notified others in the school system; and that the school system allowed the attacker (“alleged” attacker, at the time) to attend another high school, where he assaulted a second girl. (Read the letter below.)

Loudoun Co. Sheriff Mike Chapman (left)

The boy committed the initial May assault in a bathroom while wearing girls’ clothing, according to court records.

According to Sheriff Chapman, School Superintendent Ziegler “knew of the alleged sexual offense the day it occurred,” but “despite the serious nature of the offense,” placed the student into another high school where he “victimized” another student.

When Ziegler denied knowledge of the attacks, it was at a June 22 public school board meeting. But an email shows Ziegler knew about and notified the school board members on May 28, the day it occurred. It is unclear why the rest of the school board remained silent while Ziegler was giving the public misinformation at the meeting.

One Loudoun County school board member resigned after a recall effort led by parents landed her in court.

Recall efforts against other members are moving forward. The recalls were already underway prior to the sexual assault controversies. The school system had been battling parental outrage over racist overtones in Critical Race Theory teachings, Critical Race Theory training of school personnel at taxpayer expense, institution of controversial transgender policies, and conflicts with teachers who decline to refer to students by their opposite sex or gender upon request.

WATCH: Loudoun County’s Critical Race Theory Controversy

Six school board members and Loudoun County’s Commonwealth Attorney were discovered to be part of a controversial Facebook group that advocated targeting and secretly infiltrating parents and parent groups that are opposed to Critical Race Theory.

A criminal investigation of the alleged threats resulted in no criminal charges. The Sheriff’s Office consulted the FBI about the targeting of parents by school officials, but Sheriff Chapman says the FBI was not interested in pursuing.

Just weeks after passing on the opportunity to investigate parents getting targeted by school officials, the Department of Justice claimed it is school board officials who are being targeted by parents, and announced an effort to watch for and prosecute any parents who commit offenses nationwide.

The incoming Attorney General of Virginia has already said there will be a review of the circumstances involving the attacks and school officials’ handling of them.

Meantime, Superintendent Ziegler recently announced he hired a company to do an “independent” review of the controversy, apparently at taxpayer expense.

Read Sheriff Chapman’s letter and Supt. Ziegler’s letter below:

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3 thoughts on “(READ) Loudoun County Sheriff: Loudoun Co. Public School decision to place alleged sexual assaulter at another high school resulted in second girl being attacked”

  1. The entire school board, Ziegler and a great many more school system employees need to resign or be fired. They have lied, behaved negligently, and even criminally over the past 18 months. They need to go. But they won’t go easily.

  2. Sharyl and Full Measure Team,

    Unfinished business :

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      Please read and evaluate the news report opposite this column and one on the other side of this page.
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