(READ) Massachusetts gets best score for affordable health care

The following is an excerpt from Becker’s Hospital CFO Report.

Massachusetts topped the list of a scorecard rating states on their adoption of policies to improve affordability of healthcare, but no state earned a perfect score. 

The Healthcare Affordability State Policy Scorecard, which Altarum’s Healthcare Value Hub released Nov. 3, shows many states have work to do to address the affordability of healthcare for residents. It also provides a guide for each state on where to focus regulatory and reform efforts. 

Altarum, a nonprofit research and consulting organization, rated 47 states and the District of Columbia on four policy areas: 

  • Reducing low-value care
  • Curbing excess prices
  • Making out-of-pocket costs affordable, and 
  • Extending coverage

Read full article here to see your state’s ranking.

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8 thoughts on “(READ) Massachusetts gets best score for affordable health care”

  1. Misleading. When you have to deal with an influx of migrants who don’t want and can’t pay for healthcare the numbers get skewed badly. Same argument goes for public education. Look at the top 3-4 states in the survey. They are small NE states except Oregon which is an isolated NW state relatively insulated from the invasion from the south of refugees/ migrants who live day to day and in most cases off welfare. It is misleading for a survey to compare a small state tucked in the corner of the US with a huge state like Texas. Typical however.

    1. Thanks for your insights – I agree. Funny how people don’t mention that, how the context behind any survey needs to be taken into account. It’s just another form of “news” that adds to the reality of disinformation.

  2. You mean the state that experienced the financial debacle known as Romney Care now has the most affordable Healthcare? Right!!!

  3. Massachusetts is a huge welfare state. I worked in healthcare as a nurse there for years. My insurance premiums continued to rise as soon as Obama Care was instated. AT one time, as a nurse I was paying 300 a week for ins. This was to offset the cost of covering people who in many cases just chose to to carry ins. There is no penalty for living off the hard working people of Massachusetts. Now so many nurses have been fired out of Mass for refusing the vaccine that is literally killing people. Mass is sending patients out of state for lack of nurses. How long with it be before Boston is no longer the Health care Mecca it once was.

  4. RomneyCare failed MA. Socialized med. = political illusion. MA got LESS access to quality providers, LONGER waits, more CROWDED ER’s, and HIGHER overall costs. Better only for very poor, and med. tourism (‘free’ hip replacements for foreigners). Plus 5 extra pgs on tax returns.

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