(READ) Trump on ‘Fraudulent Election’

– November 9, 2021 – 
Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America
The Unselect Committee of politically ambitious hacks continues to subpoena people wanting to know about those protesting, on January 6th, the insurrection which took place during the Presidential Election of November 3rd. There is so much proof, but the Fake News Media refuses to print it or show it in any way, shape, or form. Just read the findings of the Arizona report, or look at what’s happening in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and numerous other States. That’s right, the Committee is studying the PROTEST when it should be studying the Fraudulent Election that led to the protest. As the LameStream Media knows, the facts are there for all to see!

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11 thoughts on “(READ) Trump on ‘Fraudulent Election’”

  1. Sharyl and Full Measure Team,

    Rather :

    “Unlawful Installation of Interloper Biden & Company !”



    What has happened to that video
    showing quite a number of National
    Guard, with their backs turned toward
    Interloper Biden’s car—during his motorcade
    motoring to his FALSE swearing-in ceremony ?

    The video was recorded and published
    ( anonymously ) by an individual riding
    in one of those limousines !

    —a very news-worthy National Guard
    response to Biden & Company, yet
    buried by MSM.


  2. You have a typo in the gray box below your Slanted book ad.

    It says, “where the news media taught us to love censorship “ad” hate journalism”

    Someone forgot the “n” in the word “and”. Just thought you’d like to know.

    Thoroughly enjoy your honest, unbiased reporting.

    Thank you.

  3. The people who rigged the 2020 election like Mark Zuckerberg who admitted in a Senate hearing to Ted Cruz that he had put over 400,000,000 into the election, are all affiliated with two main organizations and the same man founded both of them. The main organization known as the World Economic Forum (WEF) was founded by Klaus Schwab in 1971 and as of now, every big tech corporation and every drug manufacturer or big pharma are partner members in the WEF. In fact, most corporations if they are international corporations are affiliated with this organization and there are over 800 corporations on their list as of the last time I checked, about a month ago.

    I was actually watching the Senate hearing live when Zuckerberg became visibly irritated with Senator Cruz’ line of questioning and just fired off the $400M. When that hearing took place I didn’t know any of what I’m writing here right now, and had no idea what these globalists were up to.

    The Second organization was founded by Klaus Schwab in 2005 and is called the “Forum for Young Global Leaders” and they refer to this as the “YGL”. Zuckerberg is a member, Adam Kinzinger is a member, Pete Buttigieg is a member, Ibram X. Kendi (critical race theory) is a member. and a significant number of other people who are embedded into governments around the world are also members of the YGL. All of this can be verified simply by going to the Forum for Young Global Leader’s website where most of the members are listed.

    I have dug into this extensively and what I have found over the past two years regarding all of the chaos happening around the world related to COVID, lockdowns, mandates, and totalitarian style behavior that has broken out and surfaced in many western governments can all be tied directly back to the WEF and the YGL. Even Joe Biden’s farewell speech in 2017 he gave from Klaus Schwab’s podium at the WEF in Davos. I watched that full speech a week or two ago, John Kerry is also heavily involved in all of this, which is why he was undermining President Trump by talking to foreign leaders about official US activities when he had no legal authority to do so because he held no official government title in Trump’s admin which gave him that authority.

    Joe Biden was not elected by the people, Trump was. They got exposed and everyone saw it, and the ‘FBI and DOJ sat on their hands and ignored the 1000s of sworn affiants who had sworn under penalty of perjury that they had witnessed what many of them believed to be criminal activity on election day while doing various election related duties in official capacities. These were democrats and republicans alike who came forward, and they were all credible sources whose reports and affidavits should never have been ignored as they were.

    Not even so much as a probe into this matter was launched by the FBI, the entire American citizenry was simply ignored. And I say that because if the election was rigged, and nothing at all was done to even investigate credible individuals’ allegations of such, then the republic we had is technically dead, and it is just as dead for democrats as it is for republicans.

    Of course Time Magazine published in the February 2021 issue the story by one of their reporters who detailed a great deal of what was done in secret in a bipartisan manner in order to prevent Trump from winning the election, even if he won it.

    Every single bit of it ties straight back to Davos, to Klaus Schwab, and to the WEF. George Soros is heavily involved as well, and together these people have worked for decades to plant their goons within the ranks of western governments across the globe, which demonstrates why the totalitarian behavior on the part of previously defenders of freedom such as the US, various European nations, and Australia just to name a few. In many cases the people who are most involved and this is well known, can be found on the Forum for Young Global Leaders site, and at the bottom of that site is the explanation of the connection to the World Economic Forum. The YGL is nothing more than a minion factory for Klaus Schwab,

    I have written my Governor, my US Senators, my US Rep, and my State Rep regarding all of this, and I even had a Zoom meeting with one of my US Reps staffers where I explained in detail all of this. I emphasized the importance of making sure that my Rep received the information that I had disclosed. I do not think that happened, however. I was pretty peeved that I couldn’t get 5 minutes from my Rep which is all I had asked for, but one of the managers in his office referred me to a kid who didn’t understand much of anything I was telling him. He simply didn’t have the political experience anywhere near my own.

    I have sat face to face with legislators many times over the years as an advocate for people with disabilities and I have even helped to get laws passed, successfully too I might add. That is no easy task, and because of that work I have done I know a great deal about the legislative process from start to finish, how the committees and hearings work, I even know a bit about Roberts Rules of Order and how boring a person needs to be to memorize them all, which I have not done. I do understand how things work and better than most constituents do, yet I was talking to a kid about issues he didn’t have a clue about and even alluded to that fact more than once.

    I realize that it all sounds like some grand conspiracy theory, and I can explain that pretty easily. That is because it is an actual conspiracy and there is no theory portion attached to it. The things they are doing are concerted, they are planned well ahead of time and have been for many years, and their goal is the complete economic collapse of the western governments of the world, especially the US, at which time Klaus intends to swoop in and offer terms to people who are loaded down with crisis for which they mostly have no idea how to deal with.

    No food, no water, no electricity, no way of communication, and a lack of knowledge needed to survive in such conditions. Fortunately for myself, I’m not amongst the people who don’t know how to survive in those conditions, but a great many people around the world do not have a fraction of the skill set that I have. These people will be freaking out and my guess is that many of them will die if this ends up becoming the reality that Joe Biden and Klaus Schwab, and George Soros are attempting to make it.

    Everything Biden has done since assuming office illegitimately as he did, will work to hurt this country and its economy, every single thing which has any kind of consequences for us. Look at all the problems he’s created already just after 9 months. Not one good thing for us, not one..

  4. Once again, Trump thunders about the “stolen election”. And, once again, no evidence is provided. If there really is “so much proof”, how come none of it has been presented in a court of law to prosecute those involved in the fraud? Because we all know how well that has gone for Trump.
    Trump seems to think that all he has to do is make some claim, however unsubstantiated and however devoid of details, and his followers will simply “follow along”. Sadly for our country, he’s right about that.
    And, once again, I ask anyone believing in the stolen election – where is the evidence? That’s the way it normally works – you make some claim and provide some evidence to back it up. So far, it seems that the onus is on those who don’t believe the election was stolen to provide proof that it wasn’t. It’s completely backwards.
    But Trump’s thunderations do provide some evidence, I guess – evidence of Trump’s thin skin and damaged ego. He just can’t accept the obvious: given the success of down-ballot Republicans, it’s clear that the 2020 Presidential election was a personal repudiation of Trump.

    1. Your TDS is showing. Mounds of evidence exist…..no one will investigate. So there lays the reason u have seen no evidence. 1,000’s of affidavits…..why don’t you look into those. You DONT want to see if because of your hatred for TRUMP! The best President we have ever had!!!

      1. I ask again. Where is the evidence? Allegations do not become evidence no matter how many times they are shouted at me. And amorphous statements like “mounds of evidence exists” does nothing to sway me at all. I (and everyone else should) need details. So where are they? And let’s not forget that there have been lots of investigations (Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, at least) and zero has been actually found (other than the 4 people who voted for dead relatives). So it’s really hard to take the comment that “no one will investigate” seriously. How many investigations do we need? There have been affidavits alleging fraud. But the sad fact is that none of them (as far as I know) was ever made a part of an actual lawsuit. And the reason for that is that if they are part of a lawsuit, the person making the allegation has to defend it in court under cross-examination. I assume that means those promoting fraud knew how flimsy they would appear. Just look at the woman in Michigan who claimed that the vans supposedly bringing food to the poll workers was really being used to bring in fake ballots. She filed an affidavit, I believe. Then it turned out that she hadn’t actually seen any ballots. She just thought it was a nice story. One of the claims in Arizona was that some people may have voted more than once (and in some cases, the multiple sites were in different counties). It turned out that was based on the fact that some people share the same name and birth year with someone else. Imagine that! Trump recently claimed that they were finding lots of fraud in New Hampshire. It turned out that the race being investigated was for a state assemblyman and the number of ballots in question was about 300 (Trump lost New Hampshire by about 60,000 votes). Time and again, someone makes some claim, and it falls apart upon closer examination (no, the number of absentee ballots returned in Pennsylvania did not exceed the number mailed out; no, the number of people that voted in Detroit was not greater than 100% of those registered). So, in the end, we are left with a non-specific “there’s lots of evidence out there”. It’s pretty hard to refute something like that.
        And, of course, my degree of TDS is completely irrelevant to the discussion (as is the claim that “Trump is the best President we have ever had”). Evidence is evidence. Don’t just keep saying it exists. Show me some.

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