(READ) Trump on Rittenhouse verdict

– November 19, 2021 – 
Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America
Congratulations to Kyle Rittenhouse for being found INNOCENT of all charges. It’s called being found NOT GUILTY—And by the way, if that’s not self defense, nothing is!

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10 thoughts on “(READ) Trump on Rittenhouse verdict”

    1. Exactly the correct message. Kyle needs to take a break from the public eye and rest, and recoop. President Trump is correct that he has every right to defend himself.

  1. Sharyl and Full Measure Team.

    Note to the Ever Language-Challenged
    rightists/conservatives :

    Stop using Libertine Leftists’ propaganda
    language, as it’s never been “Gun-Control”
    with them—but SELF-Defense CONTROL !

    Always write/say that, in response to
    Libertine Leftists desire to disarm you.


    1. P.S.

      Sharyl, this post at Helena’s site
      may provide a clue to your mostly
      lacking posts—your public exposure
      would otherwise generate :

      Forwarded Message :

      My below post may be found here :

      NOVEMBER 20, 2021 AT 1:22 PM


      You’re trying to explode my brain ?

      You’ve revealed so much truth there !

      This scribbler has been trying, but
      failing, to inform conservatives
      of LANGUAGES identifying Semites
      —and that Arabs and Hebrews are
      SEMITE tribes ( “Khazars,” notwith-
      standing ).

      As for “Race” vs. “Bloodline”—a
      difference without a distinction ?

      Canine breeds = human breeds—as
      the laws of genetics are UNIVERSAL.

      BTW, who are you ? Do you have
      a uniform under your street apparel—
      under which you hide a uniform,
      printed thereon the words :

      “Super Woman” ?

      There is so much revealed!—it’s very
      difficult trying to unpack all the revel-
      ations therein !


      1. P.P.S

        Oops !

        Wrong message.

        Here it is (( edit this—
        remove the above P.S. ))

        Forwarded Message :


        WordPress decides for you—which comments
        are SPAM.

        This scribbler has had 4 previous WordPress-
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        SPAM posts; and blocking my ability to post on
        those sites in the future.

        Why ?—because my views challenge – a bit
        too much – the Communist Insurgency Agency
        ( CIA ), which Agency operates WordPress.

        Here’s one possible way you are forbidden to
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        The Agency creates many GHOST copies
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        WordPress isn’t protecting you,
        but BLOCKING you. Any Spam
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        you—allowing YOU to DECIDE !

  2. Off Topic: It’s been nearly two months since the AG of Arizona received the results of the PROVEN election fraud by Lt. Col. Wendy Rogers. What’s going on? Why the stonewalling? Is the attorney general bought and paid for by the Clinton machine/Deep State as well?

  3. Thomas Joseph Hussman

    Mr. Binger, the prosecutor in the Rittenhouse case must have been absent the day “Ethics” was taught at his law school. Mr. Binger pointed a rifle at the jury during the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse. One can only speculate as to what he was thinking………..In the Minneapolis, Minnesota case known as State of Minnesota v Thomas Joesph Hussman, prosecutor Fred Dog Karasov used a different method of Prosecutorial Misconduct. Senior Attorney Karasov waited until Judge Lorie Gildea left the courtroom at which time he flew into action. Karasov ran across the courtroom as I (Thomas Hussman) was preparing to take a lunch break during the trial, and slammed his body into my shoulder in a blatant attempt to incite me to defend myself. Karasov didn’t wait around after the assault, he just continued running for the door………..I attempted to notify the junior Judge Gildea about the offense, but she dismissed me and refused to listen………..My trial was a typical Minneapolis example of justice gone awry………..Several interesting things happened following my conviction for Terroristic Threats. Tim Pawlenty immediately appointed junior Judge Gildea to the Minnesota Supreme Court. WoW! The defense attorney, William Orth, who was drunk during both days of trial, later died of an alcohol related illness. The alleged victim, who started all this, went on to commit murder. Wesley Mckeon Francis Gubbin went to prison. Fred Dog Karasov was sent to Afghanistan against his wishes, and later had a major heart attack and became a vegetable. Pawlenty lost his bid for the Whitehouse but left with the money………..Kevin Devore, the appellate attorney lost the appeal and then found a way to loose the entire case file……….I think the Fake case of Minnesota v Thomas Joseph Hussman qualifies me to call the Minnesota Legal System a failure. Justice Worke wrote the opinion for the appeal and excluded the information that should have completely exhonerated me, but she lied and the system failed again. I hope you got whatever you were looking for Mr. Karasov. As for you Ms. Gildea – I pity you.

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