(READ) Trump statement on his new social media empire

Statement on TMTGby the 45th President Donald J. Trump October 26, 2021 Last week, I announced the creation of a major new company that will challenge the dominance of the Big Tech giants and Big Media bosses. Today I want to explain more about what I am doing and why. For me, this endeavor is about much more than politics. This is about saving our country.

America has always been a nation of smart, spirited, and independent people who take pride in thinking for themselves. We admire those who aren’t afraid to speak their minds, or go against the tide. Yet suddenly, we find ourselves being censored and dictated to by a small group of self-righteous scolds and self-appointed arbiters of what everyone else is allowed to think, say, share, and do.

Nowhere is this censorship more dangerous and brazen than on social media, the public square of our times. We have seen renowned medical doctors being banned from platforms for contradicting “health authorities” or questioning the political narrative of the moment. We’ve seen scientists blacklisted for sharing evidence that the pandemic began in a Chinese lab. We’ve seen vital reporting about Joe and Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings—information that voters needed and deserved to hear—ruthlessly suppressed and erased from the internet just weeks before a presidential election. And as everyone knows, we’ve seen a sitting president of the United States effectively silenced by a small oligarchy of tech titans and “mainstream” media corporations.

The corruption of these platforms cannot be ignored. We have fallen far down the “slippery slope” of censorship in our country, and the topics that Americans are increasingly forbidden to debate are among the most important issues of our day.

This wildly aggressive censorship and “cancel-culture” is not only un-American—it has direct, real-world consequences. Most obvious are the many catastrophes unfolding under the current administration: the calamitous Afghanistan withdrawal, the disaster at the Southern Border, runaway inflation, and the multi-trillion-dollar socialist spending nightmare, just to name a few. In a country that had free speech and a free flow of information, none of this would ever have happened—and no one understands that better than the people doing the censoring.

Yet the silencing and cancellation also affects our country in more subtle, but equally destructive, ways. How many Americans no longer trust a word they hear from their leaders, media, or public health officials, because the one thing they know for certain is that they are not getting the full story? How many ordinary citizens have sadly come to resent their neighbors, feeling that they now live in two entirely different realities? And how many millions of Americans silently oppose so much of the nonsense being inflicted on us, but see the heavy hand of the cancelers, and conclude that their voice can make no difference, or that the cost of speaking up is just too high?

The new age of censorship is a disaster for our country. Things were far better in the days when we had our debates fiercely and openly, and then we could move forward together, as Americans, with both sides knowing that their voice, and their best arguments, had been heard.

The more I looked into this problem, the more I realized that to restore free speech, a major new platform would have to enter the market, with an ironclad commitment to protecting vigorous debate from all sides. But since it is both hard and expensive to build a new platform totally independent of Big Tech’s infrastructure, it would have to be an extremely well-funded, multi-year undertaking. In addition, such a platform would need the ability to rapidly attract millions of users, welcoming not only Republicans to join, but Independents and Democrats as well.

It’s a tremendously difficult set of challenges—and I realized I might be the only person in America with the megaphone, the resources, the experience, and the desire to make it all happen. So with the same “can-do” spirit that has always allowed Americans to persevere, that is exactly what I am doing.

To take on Big Tech censorship, we are creating a “Big Tent” platform: Truth Social. We are inviting people of all political stripes, and all different viewpoints, to come and participate once again in the great American debate. That’s what our country is supposed to be about. Unlike with the Big Tech platforms, there will be no shadow-banning, throttling, demonetizing, or messing with algorithms for political manipulation. We will not be treating users like lab rats for social experiments, or labeling alternative views as “disinformation.” We will not silence our fellow citizens simply because they might be wrong—or worse, because we think that Americans “can’t handle the truth.”

It will be as free, vibrant, lively, and diverse as America itself. And Truth Social is only the beginning of our plans. The Trump Media and Technology Group will also be launching an on-demand video streaming service that competes with the increasingly “woke” and politicized ‘entertainment’ programming created by Big Tech and Big Media players. TMTG also sees opportunities to create “cancel-proof” alternatives in other key areas ranging from web services to payment processing.

In the end, a small number of powerful people who all think the same and wish to silence anyone who thinks differently cannot be trusted to control almost every major media, technology, and entertainment company in America. I am determined to break their chokehold over the voices of the American People—not just for myself and my own supporters, but for the United States of America!

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48 thoughts on “(READ) Trump statement on his new social media empire”

  1. Making this work, is about audience, content, and functionality. You will get the majority of your supporters. But how do we send our message to leaders that count? Maybe active POLLS on subjects that we publish.

  2. We’ve been hearing this talk for months from the Repugs, and others trying to cash in on his coattails, mostly on Facebook so at this point we’re just ready for a sign up link.

    1. Aww Linda, no need to be hateful. What I read in that letter is altruistic and “juste”. The effort of a truly Noble enterprise, that even trucks hate such as you seem to espouse here.

    2. Henry Afamefuna Ilona

      Me too, many are sick and tired of silicone valley tech giants censoring them. I see many leaving Facebook in droves of Donald Trump sets up his own social networking platform.

  3. When Trump is re-elected in 2024, I hope you have a significant role in his administration. You’re way above Press Secretary, although you’d be great at that.

    What role would you like to fill, Sharyl?

  4. Here .Here, Lets go, We need to take back, And I say We, mean all of us. The Republicans, the Conservatives, the Liberals, the Moderate Democrats, the Independents. All walks of life, not the woke’s way of tribalism we are all Americans, and we all have to be the solution to what has been created in the last 4 Decades in the Teacher’s union, the Big Tech monopolies, the Media monopolies, the collage strangle hold over our higher education, indocunating our youth and instilling tribalism, racism, wokenism to divide us to destroy America from within so the left elites can take and hold power, thank God for Trump and many patriot Americans saying no way this is the peoples government not one party or the other. Free the Jan. 6th patriots from jail and answer for your imprisoning Americans with rights you have trampled on. Steve Roberts

    1. Steve Roberts, I agree with your words that the time has been too long in that “FREE SPEECH,” has been under attack. HERE are quotes from the first (4) Presidents in their words of their viewpoints from their time in office!
      4th. Jams Madison: ” A POPULAR GOVERNMENT WITHOUT POPULAR INFORMATION, OR THE MEANS OF ACQUIRING IT, I S BUT A PROLOGUE TO A FARCE OR A TRAGEDY, OR PERHAPS BOTH. ” Truthful words then and even in today’s measure by the obamaities/ governing running the country, while sleepychinajoe, follows whatever they tell him to do! While China/Russia and other enemies , laugh at us and move forward with any program to destroy this republic, such as recently with the hypersonic missile program’s, while sleepychinajoe orders that we delay our testing of our proceeding in order as to not cause any problems with either China or Russia? Typically obama had a hand in this as from before! DJT, warned us this would happen and now it’s here!

    1. It may be in your better interest to see the bigger picture. I seriously hope he pulls this off, whether or not he likes vaccines. We need an alternative, where hopefully, we can start being human to each other again.

  5. I agree, we have been hearing about it for a long time. Now we just want to see it launched. We would also like to see a news outlet like we used to have that reported real news. The kind we don’t get anymore. With facts about issues of the greatest concerns like the the fraudulent 2020 election facts, what’s going on with and being uncovered bye investigative journalists and others. We won’t let these issues be allowed to die and be buried. We must demand the truth and it isn’t going to come from government because too many of them are financially benefiting from China who is our greatest enemy!

  6. Henry Afamefuna Ilona

    That’s a great good news for conservatives, traditionalists, and Donald Trump’s fans all over the world. The censorship and silencing are beyond words and imagination. If Donald Trump succeeds in the creation of his own social networking platform, it will be a big blow to the tech giants of silicone valley.

    1. Henry Aamefuna ILona says , Well way overdue. The time is now to roll with this in attempt for the truth and not be censored any longer. Every loving American, that supported DJT, needs to join and support I did! Make it happen for America, our children, their children ‘s for their future as well

  7. I hope he has a better vetting process than what we have presently in ALL social media platforms. Get ready for the creation of fake names and accounts by both the Russia and Chinese Communists as well as our own corrupt intelligence agencies using this as just another place to spread their propaganda. There should be prison time for impersonating others or misrepresentation. They will need to establish a strict detailed process for people to join and establish a user name. For example, the John Durham investigation where those who are being indicted for creating false information are going to prison. However, those in the FBI, CIA, NSA, DOJ, etc who knew the dossier was fake all along and never divulged it should face even stiffer penalties. Freedom of speech is one thing. Freedom to commit crimes need to have penalties. Sharyl Attkisson is my most trusted scource of news.

    1. I wholeheartedly agree about the criminal nature in the act of internet “Identity Theft”, even if the criminal is masquerading as “Micky Mouse”. The very first step in honesty is to take responsibility for what you are saying. To use your own name was once the law of the land in the United States. In the early 1970s, the government created a system whereby people could “Drop a Dime” on anyone else anonymously and leave it up to the government to tear into the accused life to find out if the anonymous report was true or just a vindictive lie. No liars were ever prosecuted and the victim could not even find out who slandered them so they could sue for damages to their reputations in Court. Now we see the evolution of this secret society manifest itself in a culture where people can say anything they want without taking ownership of their opinions and others label anything they disagree with as “Fake”, then pulling the plug on what they didn’t want to hear, or allow others to hear.

    1. Linda,
      Sharyl and Full Measure Team,

      Study my below excerpts, from my
      report about Bolshevik Russia’s
      “P S Y C H O P O L I T I C S”—yes
      that is a Very REAL Thing !

      Excerpts from my
      3,000-word essay :


      The Underlying P s y c h o p o l i t i c s


      Marxists’ Shadow-State Support


      Abortion and Homosexuality and Communism


      You may not be familiar with that term, “Psychopolitics,” because Shadow-State operatives (( embedded in all U.S. (un)Intelligence Agencies after WW-II; and study!/read, “Blacklisted By History—The Untold Story Of Senator Joe McCarthy,” by M. Stanton Evans )) keep it – keep its dreadful meaning and purposes! – well-hidden from you—because it’s an anti-individual, animalistic, pro-collectivist, civilization-wrecking, Russian MANUAL (( created by G_dless Bolsheviks during their worse-than-Nazis B R U T A L I T A R I A N I S M torturously/lustily applied against Christian Russia )) for Marxism-inspired instructions/teachings on how to BRAINWASH the White/Christian West, developed by brain-storming Shadow-State mass-murderers ( those psychopathic, maternalistic, mass-murdering, equalitarianist, haters-of-mother/father/child/G_d family formations, pro-Khazarian, pro-mayhem Bolsheviks!; and word-search that history of the “Khazar Civilization” )), during the early 1900s; for toppling White/Christian/Western democracies for SOCIALISM / COMMUNISM / FEMINISM / ATHEISM / and (very curiously!) FREEDOM from any restraints/guardrails against Sexual Activities (( Note : Rising Feminism is Marxism on the march!, which rise throughout world history has effected the death of high-culture civilizations: Ancient Greece, Rome, (now) Europe, (now) Great Britain, and (now) this Once-White/-Moral/-Civilized/-Safe America )).

      – Brief Overview of Communists’ Psychopolitics –

      —excerpted from the Russian/Communist Manual about how to brainwash enemies of the communist state, used for brainwashing (tricking/fooling!) freedom-loving people within those meritocratic/democratic/capitalistic/G_d-centered societies in the West.

      And keep in mind, that the value of INALIENABLE Rights for each individual are distinctly Western in their origins and their applications (( a value bequeathed to us by those ingenious, liberty-loving, Ancient Greeks )) while the “rights” of the collective (( always a collectivism put in service to the central authority of a king OR a queen OR a dictator OR a cabal of rulers, which collectivism always negates the G_d-given rights of any one individual )) are Eastern in their origins (( a central authority having been the common, worldwide method for governing mankind until that Greek Miracle had blessed the common man with possible relief—from his unending subjugation to brutal, despotic rulers; read Judith Hamilton’s book about the differences between West and East, “The Greek Way” )).

      And keep in mind, while reading below excerpts, you’re evaluating ideas from a very sick mind—a truly, indisputably psychopathic mind!, as all people embracing socialism/communism/atheism are either mentally diabled or mentally ill—or both!, and which depths of mental sickness have been displayed through the horrors OF tortures, OF firing squads, OF mass starvations and OF full-bore wars that those Eastern-influenced socialists/communists/atheists had effected during the 20th century, effecting a body count of about 120-million victimized souls (( probably 250-million souls dispatched, when considering the aftermath deaths ))—dispatched by socialists/communists/atheists Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, and other lesser-known psychopaths in Leftism (( my clarifications and analyses of these below excerpts from “Psychopolitics” are bracketed, and my double slash-marks link certain excerpted paragraphs found in the Manual )) :

      “ In rearranging loyalties we must have command of their values [[ by destroying religions and other virtue-supporting teachings and traditions ]]. In the animal the first loyalty is to himself. This is destroyed by demonstrating errors to him, showing him that he does not remember, cannot act, or does not trust himself. The second loyalty is to his family unit, his parents and brothers and sisters. This is destroyed by making a family unit economically non-dependent [[ non-dependent on the family unit for anything; ergo, infuse society with welfare-state supports to destroy the family ]], by lessening the value of marriage [[ for any sexual satisfaction or having and raising children; for destroying the underpinnings of the meritocratic / democratic / capitalistic / G_d-centered state ]], by making an easiness of divorce [[ “no-fault” divorce ]] and by raising children wherever possible by the State [[ leftists’ on-going push for increasing establishment of fatherless homes and childcare centers, everywhere ]]. The next loyalty is to his friends and local environment. This is destroyed by lowering his trust through bringing about rumors concerning him, allegedly perpetrated by his fellows or the town or village authorities [[ use of comrade-informants, for spying on potential enemies of the State ]]. The next is to the state and this, for the purposes of communism, is the only loyalty that should exist once the [[ non-communist ]] state is [re]founded as a Communist State. To destroy loyalty to the [[ non-communist ]] state all manner of restrictions on youth must be put into effect, so as to disenfranchise them as members of the capitalist state, by promises of a better lot under communism, to gain their loyalty to the Communist Movement. // Denying a capitalist country easy access to courts [[ ? ]], bringing about and supporting propaganda to destroy the home [[ anti-White-family premised TV sitcoms, movies, books and magazines ]], creating and fostering juvenile delinquency [[ natural consequence of the breakdown of the nuclear family and elevation of the value of single-parent childrearing ]], thus forcing upon the state all manner of practices to divorce the child from the family [[ and the idea, Morality/G_d ]] will in the end create the chaos so necessary to communism. // By making drugs of various kinds readily available [[ recall clever-drug-pusher Hollywood socialists’/communists’/atheists’ do-your-own-thing 1960s revolution, against moral restraints—for enjoyment of mind-altering, “recreational” drugs ]]. By giving the teenager alcohol, by praising his wildness, by stimulating him with sex literature and advertising [[ recall Hollywood’s yearly, summertime, teen-sex movies celebrating rebellious social behavior; and recall porn-pusher socialists’/communists’/atheists’ 30-year effort – from the mid-Fifties through the mid-Eighties – at mainstreaming pornography, using courts and legislatures to that evil end, in order to “free” us from our “prudish” opposition to sex-is-fun movies, books and magazines ]] . . . the psychopolitcal operator can create the necessary attitude of chaos, idleness, and worthlessness that will be the matrix to give the teenager complete freedom everywhere—[[ in order to effect ]] communism. // If we can effectively kill the national pride and patriotism of just one generation we will have won that [[ Western ]] country. Therefore we must keep up a continual barrage of [[ Libertine-Leftism-infused ]] propaganda abroad to undermine the loyalty of the citizens in general and the teenager in particular. // The role of the psychopolitical operator is very strong. He can, from his position as the authority on the mind advise all manner of destructive measures [[ authority working through the subjectivistic fields of sociology and psychology, both mostly being Leftism-effected tools for disseminating anti-family/pro-communist propaganda in Western democracies ]]. He can teach over-permissiveness as the means of dealing with the child at home [[ outlaw corporal punishment—outlaw parental control of children ]]. He can instruct, in an optimum situation, the entire nation in how to handle children—instructing them so that the children, given no control or given no real home, can run wildly about without responsibility for their nation or themselves. // The misalignment of the loyalty of youth to a capitalistic nation sets the proper stage for a realignment of their loyalties with communism. Creating a greed for drugs, sexual misbehavior, and uncontrolled freedom, while presenting this to them as a benefit of communism, will easily bring about our chosen alignment. // The educational programs of Psychopolitics [[ of entraining/brainwashing ]] must, at every hand, seek out the levels of youth who will become the leaders in the country’s future, and educate them into a belief in the animalistic nature of Man [[ promote the sexual perversions of – for examples – man/boy and woman/girl sexuality, of man/beast and woman/beast sexuality, and promotion of children’s “right” to unrestrained sexual expression; that is, promote any sexual expression that demeans the sacredness of procreative sexuality found within the healthy constraints of heterosexual marriage ]]. // It is the basic purpose of Psychopolitics to reduce the state of mind to a point of where it can be ordered and enslaved [[ making of us Zombies through hypnosis-effecting Rock music ]]. Thus, the first target is Man himself. He must be degraded from a spiritual being to an animalistic reaction pattern [[ explains the socialists’/communists’/feminists’ 1960s sexual revolution—and explains its now-fever-pitched push for open homosexuality in the armed forces and civilian recognition of marriage between homosexuals ]]. He must think of himself as an animal, capable only of animalistic reactions [[ a natural, free-love position for those atheistic socialists/communists to embrace ]]. He must no longer think of himself, or his fellows, as capable of ‘spiritual endurance,’ or nobility [[ as the personal nobility of spirituality is an enemy of State-Communism, which demands of each individual an absolute allegiance to its authority, for the good of the collective ]]. // Man must be consistently demonstrated to be a mechanism without individuality, and the idea must be programmed into a populace under attack [[ so ]] that Man’s individualistic reactions are [[ thought to be ]] the product of mental derangement. The populace must be made to believe that every individual within it who rebels [[ against State-Atheism/Communism ]] in any way, shape or form . . . must be considered to be a deranged person whose eccentricities are neurotic or insane, and who must be referred at once to the treatment of [[ by ]] a psychopolitician (licensed as a mental healer) [[ he/she is also known as a “social worker“ and/or “community organizer” and/or “medical doctor” and/or “psychologist” and/or “psychiatrist” and/or . . . ]]. ”

      – end of my analysis –



      Late 19th-century spokesman for Talmudic
      Judaism, Rabbi Waton :

      “ Judaism is communism!”


      1. Rick, by the “end of your analysis” I had the distinct impression it was a “Diatribe” instead. Some syntax suggests you might be a Jew and from “your analysis” I can find no similarity at all between Communism and Judaism or even the Government of the modern State of Israel. While it is clear what your opinion of the Communist State Religion of “Communism” is (the State as a demigod unto itself over the people) you just accuse the Jewish Religion as being Communist in its essence without elaborating on that at all. You did not use Karl Marx’s name when addressing at length the Communist program, but you did use one Jewish Rabbi’s name (Walton) without saying why you believe the Jews are just another form of Communist. Your analysis reads much like a diatribe to me.

        1. Recently, Ben, Israel had FORMALLY
          adopted Talmudism as its “State
          Religion,” which declaration terrified
          this scribbler, as I’ve studied that text.

          The Bolshevism in Russia’s communism
          had been, mainly, Jew-Effected/-Directed.

          Find and study, “The House of Government.”

          Also, throughout my decades of writing
          to defeat socialism/communism/atheism,
          beginning in 1963, I’ve been accused of being
          Jewish. Torah Jews are the good guys!, such
          as Rabbi Daniel Lapin (( word-search him, for
          his anti-communist essays )). So, such a
          charge can be an honor.


  8. Marc Maximilien Authier

    The Warp Speed Orange Clown has now his own media empire. He is still pushing his poisonous Trump Juice. Yeah Mister Warp Speed is as guilty as Biden for pushing for the deadly big pharma crap. When will people ever learn that the GOP and the DNC when they are in power almost behave the SAME way. Feeding the criminals in Wall Street at any costs. That is Biden but ALSO Trump.

    1. Mark,

      How would you have challenged the Shadow Cabal,
      which controls EVERYTHING, particularly FIREPOWER ?

      Mr. Trump stood between a rock and an ANVIL of Deep
      State opposition to his service to the COMMON citizen.

      He had played along to get along – to NOT get taken out –
      by acceding to BIG Pharma and Communists everywhere
      around him—especially Dirty Actors/Dirty Cops in “his”
      State Dept.

      There sits treasonous General Milley, as TESTAMENT to how
      dangerous our situation is—re our “Civilian Controlled Military .”


  9. This from one of the biggest liars of all. If anyone contradicts him its off with their heads.
    If you support him you need to kneel in front of him or he will banish. So again he will take money from his base, not his money and use it for his personal purposes. The inmates have taken oven the alyssum.

    1. Carol L Heller,

      Regarding lying, have you not heard
      the expression : “Fight fire with fire” ?

      Mr. Trump necessarily has attacked liars
      with lies—to always throw off-balance his
      – our! – Libertine, Leftist, Communist, MSM


    2. That you still have your head after contradicting him shows that you’re at best, hyperbolic, and at worst just another leftist liar. Nice try though. Thanks for playing.

  10. President Trump didn’t twist anyone’s arm, mandating vaccinations. President Trump didn’t rule by Executive Orders. President Trump wasn’t literally “asleep at the wheel”. President Trump would not have left one American in Afghanistan. I could go on, but suffice it to say “Let’s go Brandon”.

    1. Yes Susan, you are correct. President Trump cares about America first. The Dems, MSM, social media companies DO NOT CARE ABOUT AMERICA.

  11. THIS is why we love and respect Donald Trump. He doesn’t hide his character flaws and fundamentally he believes in what’s right and good for America. The “other” side has done everything to hide their pedophile network and child trafficking while committing treason at every opportunity. Unfortunately anything Trump is connected to will be labelled racist, sexist, homophobic, etc- the usual liberal mob false accusations. The TRUTH is you don’t want to hide people who are racist or sexist- let them talk so you know who they are and can stay away from them.
    Similarly you want to know who the racist liberal mob is and even though they have been turned over to a depraved mind by God- you want to know who they are and what they believe so you can also stay away from them.

    I don’t know if I believe any social media will be free from manipulation or silencing because even if Trump is in charge, it still takes everyday people to manage the rest of it- and some of them will likely manipulate and censor things just because they can.

    Either way I’m going to be a part of this new social media because at least there is hope that I can speak freely and not have any lying “fact checkers” censor my posts and I won’t be put in any digital jail because I spoke against the controlling mob.

    1. rusty,

      You opine : “hide people who are racist or sexist”

      My bit of DEEPER understanding about that,
      which Rush Limbaugh – no matter how hard I’d
      tried, over decades – could not comprehend :

      Everyone is RACIST and SEXIST!—except (mostly)
      Libertine, Name-Calling, Leftist-LIARS/-Hypocrites;
      that is, rusty, you’d have to “hide” the total, global
      population of men and women and children, all of
      whom see quite clearly ( overtly and/or subcon-
      sciously ) the GENETIC differences between males
      and females, and between, say, Chinese Asians
      and BLACK Africans.

      Scroll up from here, and find my report about Russian
      Bolsheviks’ secretly applied Psychopolitics across
      all Western democracies!—beginning with their 60s
      Sexual Revolution against the ONCE-Sacred treatment
      of heterosexuality and marriage, within the once-
      termed/-defined (world-wide) “Holy Matrimony” in
      nuclear family formations.

      Your statement is product
      of that Commie effort – via
      magazines –
      to destroy the heterosexual
      nuclear family. In short, you
      are touting communist-type
      P R O P G A N D A.

      How do we bring back prayer in schools, reverence for
      sexuality / wombed-babies / marriage / family—and the
      once-ubiquitous posting of Ten Commandments in
      government buildings and schools ?

      Well, the American Communist Lawyers Union (ACLU) had
      effected – through dumbed-down judges’ courtrooms –
      over ten decades ( beginning with their 1920s fight for
      publication of pornography ) the above destructive
      changes to the Founders’/Framers’ Christian-America.


  12. Can’t wait to have another alternative to Big Tech and their unAmerican censorship of Conservatives, Republicans,Christians and real doctors and scientists. Sign me up…..when will it start and where do we get on board?

    Thank you Donald Trump! We miss you!

  13. When media and big tech can decide to censor a sitting or former President whether Republican or Democrat, the time for change has come! I have no doubt that TMTG under the tutelage of Donald Trump will launch a potent challenge to the existing platforms operated by the “Woke” elites. After Facebook and Twitter removed the former President, I in turn deleted both. Apparently the new platform “Truth Social” is not yet available as I have tried to download. I look forward to again engaging in dialogue with those that agree and disagree with me………….

  14. Thanks for the Post Sharyl! And especially for your straightforward, unemotional, and unbiased presentation of information, along w providing specific sources for us to do our own research and determine what makes most sense to us!! Invaluable!

    If Trump can pull off Truth Social, my suggestion would be that for the first month or so of its’ debut, the only thing that should get posted are ALL THE CENSORED posts from a variety of people and professionals that only wanted to make sure all perspectives and all information was provided so that we could fully contextualize a topic–. that were
    taken down on the other Social Media Outlets over the last year or so.

    It would build credibility to the Site as well as pique the interest of a variety of people.

  15. Donnie,
    If you want to make this truly viable, adopt the same procedures of KYC (Know Your Customer) as cryptocurrency exchanges. This will reduce the shills, bots and cowards from exploiting the platform.

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