(READ) Trump thanks his base for Youngkin win in Virginia

November 2, 2021 – Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America
I would like to thank my BASE for coming out in force and voting for Glenn Youngkin. Without you, he would not have been close to winning. The MAGA movement is bigger and stronger than ever before. Glenn will be a great governor. Thank you to the people of the Commonwealth of Virginia and most particularly, to our incredible MAGA voters! 

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3 thoughts on “(READ) Trump thanks his base for Youngkin win in Virginia”

  1. As we all know, for all of President Trumps presidency, before and to this day, he was relentlessly and viciously attacked on a daily basis. An assault like no other in history, an assault like very few could have survived. Since the announcement of Joe ‘winning’ the election by MSM, the news has been nothing but glorious about everything Joe/Kamala while ignoring and downplaying real stories about the absolute and total disaster of Afghanistan, our southern border crisis and his obvious lack of cognitive ability. With all the power of the media to protect Joe and vilify President Trump, Joe’s approval numbers, across the spectrum of issues and regardless of political party (a majority) have plummeted when compared to where President Trumps numbers were at the same time of his presidency. Even the mighty media with all their over paid plastic faces on camera, cannot make you believe something that is not true (Trump was everything bad), nor can they hide the truth from you that is in plain sight (Joe and his puppeteers are trying to dismantle our Great Nation).

    ‘One of the traditional methods of imposing statism or socialism has been by way of medicine’.
    ‘If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on earth’.
    ‘The time has come to return to God and reassert our trust in Him for the healing of America – our country is in need of and ready for a spiritual renewal’.
    – Ronald Reagan, 40th President of the United States

    1. Mark,

      It had been Ronald Reagan, who
      had trusted Libertine Leftists, at
      their word!, to grant an amnesty
      just once, to the line-cutter (invader)
      “migrants”—then all would be fixed
      down the road, re the invasion.

      Here is my satirical report, on what
      that came to mean for White folks
      —to the Founders’/Framers’ America :
      D E S T R U C T I O N !

      [ Satire ]



      — Your White Face —

      C.N. Declaration of Interdependence


      Coloring the White Race

      ( Eleven Steps To Help Whites Get With The Program )

      1. IF YOU ARE WHITE, you’re racist. Your just appearing white is evidence that your ancestors — millennia of generations of them — were racists. Your racism is deeply rooted in you, heritably so, which fact requires an anti-white/pro-mongrelist course from diversity trainer and cultural Marxist Jane Elliot, who teaches whites how to feel guilty about minorities feeling inferior in white culture. Shed your racial independence; get with the program.

      2. IF YOU ARE WHITE and married to a white spouse, you’re racist. What other motivation than bias against other races would drive you to marry your own kind? For the sake of globalism — the Global Village — you ought to have been sensitive and caring enough to find a black, brown, yellow or red person to marry. Your racial gene pool is not special. All races were created to be equally talented and equally treated; so get with the program.

      3. IF YOU ARE WHITE and talk in that uppity, grammatically correct English–stop it! Your lingual elitism makes people of color feel uncomfortable, out of place. And it wouldn’t hurt to take some courses in Spanish or mandarin or ebonics–or in whatever minority language that’s now most prevalent in your increasingly diverse community. English is not the only tongue for this Capital Nation (C.N.) representing the United Nations of the World (U.N.W.). The C.N. represents all the world’s people. It must look and sound like the world; so get with the program.

      4. IF YOU ARE WHITE, stop turning the TV channel every time a minority sitcom comes on. Watching minority programming will acclimate you to what your lily-white community soon will look like. The Feminist Communications Council (FCC) and the Rainbow Movie Board (RMB) now require that all TV programming and Hollywood movies look like the world, as does Aid to Race Mongrelization (ARM); so get with the program.

      5. IF YOU ARE WHITE and unable to bear children, stop hoping for a white baby to adopt. It’s shameful how some white folks act so racist when it comes to adoptions. There’s an overpopulated Third World full of babies of color for you to love and be loved by, needing the wide-open spaces of North America in which to plant deep, anti-white cultural and racial roots. Adopting Third World babies brings the Global Village closer to our Capital Nation, helping to expose white children in public schools to the beautiful range of colors from which to choose, in order to produce their own mongrel offspring. Fortunately, males of color prefer white females; so get with the program.

      6. IF YOU ARE WHITE parents of white children, inform them that for the good of the Global Village they must marry outside their racist race. Again, with all the black, brown, yellow and red children filling up formerly white schools, they’ll have plenty of non-white classmates from which to choose. The Rainbow Coalition (TRC) dictates it, having passed anti-hate laws, with stiff fines and jail for racist speech or any opposition; so get with the program.

      7. IF YOU ARE WHITE and live in a white neighborhood, you’re practicing racism. You have a globalist obligation to create a diverse neighborhood and a mongrel people. The Global Village can have no lily-white enclaves. Besides, your exclusivity deprives you of the benefits of diverse cultures. And, yes, the cultural traditions of cheating, stealing, revenge-killing, raping, drug abuse, animal sacrifice, genital mutilation, gang-banging and street-drinking ought not to be avoided by you. Jump into it! It’ll get that too-stiff, lily-white heart a jumpin’ with the hip-hoppin’ and gansta-rappin’ times. Fortunately, our State Department of Equality (SDE) uses religious organizations to import and equally distribute all the races of the world into lily-white communities; so get with the program.

      8. IF YOU ARE WHITE, your time has passed. The coming age is the Rainbow Age–the age for coloring whites. This Capital Nation must look like the world, which is why the U.N.W. has made all of North America a World Heritage Site. There’ll be no room for a white race, anywhere. You’re an accident of nature anyway, because your ancient mother was black African–source of all the sciences, etc. White Western democracies have stood too long in the shining path of One World Equality, which seeks justice through whites’ racial mongrelism, to make everyone truly equal. Besides, white is dull while black, brown, yellow and red are power colors. The sooner your family tree – your now-defunct race – sheds that anti-mongrel racism and pale-face skin the better; so get with the program.

      9. IF YOU ARE WHITE, the Rainbow Age requires that you embrace affirmative action, quotas and proportionalism–so that people of color can work next to you. You’ve heard racist lies about certain non-whites lacking equal mental abilities to match your own. Don’t believe them. There are many different kinds of intelligences just as important as computing numbers and analyzing knowledge. Some of them your race lacks–such as athleticism, singing, dancing and feeling deeply. “Whitey can’t jump or feel,” says it all. And if your personnel office gives you notice, to bring in some of that colored talent, don’t worry–be happy, you’ll find work elsewhere in this borderless world, now that your once-lily-white companies are moving manufacturing to every Third World land; so get with the program.

      10. IF YOU ARE WHITE, don’t appear the racist by complaining about the mongrelist changes around you. Your life will be far better in this borderless, mongrelized Capital Nation you now fear. In the end, racial mongrelization makes us all equally talented and happy–equally fed, clothed, housed and schooled; so get with the program.

      11. To help you get with the program, WHITEY, find and study a copy of Marx and Engels’ sensitive and caring book, The Communist Manifesto. As for equally mongrelizing Third World nations, well, it’s genocide to mongrelize nations of color. Only whites are racist—in need of alteration.

      Honor our Capital Nation, established for leading the
      U.N.W., which organization our High Commander (HC) Bill
      Clinton fondly refers to as “Socialists’ Hopes In Triumph.”

      The Capital Nation’s Supreme Social Caretaker (SSC) Hillary Rodham has predicted a near-total racial mongrelization by the year 2075.

      [[ Note: The armed troops used to enforce the New World Order, and to keep the peace in your neighborhoods, are only temporary means to building our Utopia. Be patient! ]]

      FEWER’s programs/articles are edited by the FCC, SDE, RMB, ARM, TRC, HC, SSC and Klanstop.

      F.E.W.E.R. ( Foundation for Extinction of the White Establishment Race )

      ©2010/Orwellian Centre 666, N.Y.C., Capital Nation




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