REPORT: Mayo Clinic vaccine mandate could terminate up to 8,000 employees

Mayo Clinic Protest – Rochester, Minnesota

On Monday, Nov. 1 in downtown Rochester, Minnesota large crowds took to the streets to protest Mayo Clinics recent announcement of vaccine mandates.

The demonstrations lasted over four hours as protestors carried signs and chanted “Shame on Mayo” and “Stop the Mandate.”

According to Med City Beat, unvaccinated employees received an email stating that in order to comply with President Biden’s forthcoming mandates, all unvaccinated employees must receive a COVID-19 vaccine or obtain a medical or religious exemption by Nov. 8.

Unvaccinated employees without exemptions will be placed on unpaid leave on Dec. 3 and fired if they remain unvaccinated by Jan. 3, 2022.

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19 thoughts on “REPORT: Mayo Clinic vaccine mandate could terminate up to 8,000 employees”

  1. None of this is legal or Constitutional. Why are companies complying? COVID-19 is 99.8% recoverable. Wearing a mask is like throwing sand at a chain link fence and hoping it won’t go through the holes. We have become a nations of idiots. People need to THINK about what they are being sold. I know two people who have had strokes after getting the shot. And one who is deathly ill after getting the booster. Insanity is ruling and people are following. It’s nuts out there.

    1. I don’t have any insider knowledge, but common sense tells us that the industries most in bed with the government seem to be the quickest to comply with the vaccine mandate. You see the airlines, which would have gone bankrupt during covid if not for government bail-outs, leading the way to enact the vaccine mandate on its employees. Similarly you see the health care industry, which made a killing off of treating covid patients, labeling patient deaths as covid-related, developing expensive vaccines and tests, receiving immunity from liability for the vaccines, etc… rushing to enact the vaccine mandate. It’s what happens when government gets too big and interferes in the private sector. Instead of just creating a level playing field then letting businesses compete, it picks winners and losers. Then instead of making business decisions to serve customers, they start making political decisions to stay on the good side of government.

  2. If only anti-science rubes oppose the vaccines, why are so many medical professionals resisting them, even to the point of losing their jobs?

    1. It is certainly a valid question about why those in the medical field are resisting the vaccine. Is it because of fears of possible vaccine side-effects? Is it because they don’t like being told what to do? This article provides no insight into the source of the complaint so I can’t tell. And yet it seems like really important information to me.
      I assume that this comment is intended to cast doubt on the vaccine by making it seem that this group of “medical professionals” has some special insight into the issue, and we should pay great attention to their complaints. But that means that the first question to be asked and answered is how many of those such people are actually in a position to have a legitimate technical opinion about the vaccine. How many of those such people are immunologists or epidemiologists or even have an understanding of the development and testing of vaccines?
      Case in point: I have an advanced degree in Electrical Engineering. If you need a system designed to automatically land an airplane or create a self-driving car, I might be able to help. But if you want me to analyze the local utility company’s power plant design, my views are not worth much more than some random guy’s on the street. Because power system design analysis is not in my bailiwick.
      That’s why answering my question is important. Just working at a medical clinic doesn’t necessarily give you any special insight into those specific specialty fields of vaccine development and testing.

  3. The fear mongering by the Biden Administration and the left wing media is pure lunacy. They have NEVER followed the science. This is all about control and money. Who is benefiting from all these mandates? Big Pharma, and Democrats. Fauci started this mess with the Chinese and The Democrats took advantage to take further control of our rights and our country. WE all have to refuse…..we have to fight back for our rights as Americans. We are living in a Nazi Germany adjacent country. We have been sold out to the Chinese by all these corrupt and multimillionaire politicians. How are they all so rich on a public servant salary? Audit them and the FED.

    1. It’s a combination of fear-mongering along with appeals to vanity, i.e., by taking the vaccine I show that I am a good person, a smart person, and a believer in science, unlike those selfish, anti-science rubes who refuse the vaccine and thereby threaten the safety of all of us enlightened, vaccinated people! Away with them, the unclean, the unvaccinated!

      Earlier today I was driving my car listening to a local sports radio show. They were talking about Green Bay QB Aaron Rogers testing positive for Covid and being ineligible for the Packers’ next game. According to the radio jocks, Rodgers is unvaxxed, and this immediately led to snide, presumptuous remarks about him being “anti-science.”

      Rogers is a smart guy and probably knows as much or more about science as the average layman, including radio jocks. But their reaction shows how people have been conditioned to think of themselves as being “smart,” with-it, and morally superior just for submitting unquestioningly to these vaccinations. In Christian terms, it is a secular form of “cheap grace,” of feeling virtuous with little or no effort.

      I live in the Seattle area, and a few weeks ago the head coach (and several assistants) of the Washington State football team were fired for refusing the vaccine. The same jocks greeted him with a mixture of scorn, derision, and condemnation, never thinking for a moment that the coaches might have been making a principled stand for their beliefs, regardless of whether those beliefs were based on safety concerns about the vaccines, the arbitrariness of the mandates, religious beliefs, or basic civil rights issues of personal and bodily autonomy. No, they were just bad/stupid people.

  4. Marc Maximilien Authier

    Thaen Mayo Clinic should be put on notice that their management will be put on notice that they will be accused of crimes against humanity. These people are in sum ENLGLISH speaking NAZIS. They should indeed understand that they are violating the NUREMBURG CODE and the HELSINKI CONVENTION. No employer can coerce you to take a medical treatment of ANY KIND that you judge detrimental to your health. We will have to arrest those people. try them for crimes against humanity and HANG THEM. This is NAZISM in its purest form !!!!

    1. It is not uncommon for responders in this newsletter to use the epithet “Nazi”. And, of course, it’s hardly limited to readers of this newsletter. “Nazi” has become the insult of choice in political discourse nowadays to describe someone doing something that someone else doesn’t like. I find that wording both lazy and disrespectful. It’s lazy because it’s doesn’t really provide any meaningful information – except that “those guys” must really be bad. Because being a “Nazi” is about as low as you can go. No need to actually describe how “those guys” and a real Nazi actually compare to each other. It’s enough that they are both Nazi’s.
      So here we have a complaint that those supporting the vaccine mandate are Nazis. In what way would that be? The Nazi’s methodically and deliberately murdered more than 6 million people. The vaccine mandate is just telling people that they have to get a free vaccine that has been shown to save countless lives if they want to continue working at certain businesses. And, even then, medical and religious exemptions are available. It’s pretty hard to see any equivalency here.
      And, of course, we have had vaccine mandates since before I was born. Were all those people pushing vaccine mandates way back then Nazi’s too?
      And the casual use of the term Nazi is also disrespectful to those who really did suffer under the Nazi’s. I knew someone who spent four years at Auschwitz. If she were alive today, I’m sure she could tell you about the real Nazi’s. And I’m pretty sure that she wouldn’t characterize those mandating lifesaving vaccines as Nazi’s.

        1. Where is the evidence that the vaccine has “killed over 50k and injured thousands more”? No medical authority that I’m aware of is making such a claim. The J&J vaccine does use fetal cells in its production. But if that is a personal issue, there’s always the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines which do not use fetal cells in their production (although they did use fetal cells during initial testing).

      1. except that this leaky “vaccine” has not “been shown to save countless lives,” nor is it, nor anything else “free.” medical and religious exemptions can be filed, but they can (as is the case at my employer’s) rejected for any reason deemed by them to present undue hardship.

        if you’re just trying to provide a contrary point for the sake of argument, i can cede it. it is easer to dismiss the nazi comparisons if we’re looking at actual enlisted soldiers vs citizens. but to glibly dismiss the parallel drawn between those times and now, considering that the nazi party was an elected body by the citizenry, many of whom served the bureaucracy by operating as unpaid conscripts and informants, is what i would consider lazy wording.

        1. Claiming that the vaccine has not been shown to save lives means somehow explaining away the fact that, according to a CDC study, unvaccinated people are 11 times more likely to die from COVID. I suppose you can choose to not believe those numbers, but I would ask what numbers do you believe are the correct ones and what is the source of those numbers.
          I am using the term “free” in this case to mean no monetary cost. Literally, you are correct – the vaccine is not free. The government is paying for it though so it’s free to the recipient.
          I am not promoting a contrary theory just to be a contrarian. I believe that it’s ludicrous to compare the Nazi regime with those advocating for vaccine mandates. Go read Rise and Fall of the Third Reich or any number of other books about that period in Germany. If you still feel that the comparison is valid, then you and I have a fundamentally different view of the world.
          I’m sorry but I can’t decipher what your remaining points are. I will just say that the Nazi party never received a majority of the popular vote in a free election The last free election in Germany was in November, 1932 and the Nazis received about 33% of the vote (the Nazi party did receive the most votes). After the election, Papen and Hindenburg agreed to allow Hitler to form a government. Once Hitler was named Chancellor, he cancelled elections and that was that. So you can say that the Nazi party was elected, but that only tells a small part of the story. And Biden was truly elected by a majority of the electorate in a free election so I think that this comparison is inapt.

  5. Stop the mandates.

    Stop ignoring naturally acquired immunity.

    Stop threatening the livelihoods of persons and families.

    Stop the insanity.

  6. Has anyone bothered to take a look at the obituaries in Rochester MN since the mandate?
    Mayo employees are dropping like flies via “sudden illness” a couple come out with heart attacks and strokes in the obituaries.
    Ranfranz & Vine Funeral Home. Macken Funeral home…go look at the obits.
    I work at a 9-1-1 Center, our average deaths (people who couldn’t be revived at the scene and transported) has more than doubled since Jan. 2021. People in their twenties & thirties just dropping dead..
    There are several reasons why someone might refuse the jab. Possible death would be high on my own list.

  7. I have insider information and Fauci was recently hired to speak to a graduating class. Mayo Clinic isn’t supposed to get involved in political parties, but it’s extremely clear they are. BTW, they suddenly changed their “put on unpaid leave” to “highest form of corrective action before firing.” They also told us they expect to only lose a handful of people. Ha!

  8. Like a frog in cool water set to boil…..The covid mandates are like operant conditioning. Conditioning the masses to accept, one day, the actual mark of the beast which will be required of EVERYONE on earth to buy or sell anything. That means no milk, no gas, no medications, no cigs, no alcohol, no new clothes, no laundry detergent, nada. You better make sure you know JESUS IS LORD NOW before it’s too late and you’re one of the people taking the mark in the future. And NO the covid vaccine is not the mark of the beast….it’s the start of the beast system. So, if you’ve taken vaccine, it’s OKAY. IT”S OKAY. You are not compromised. READ YOUR BIBLE NOW. The actual mark of the beast will occur when …”it causes all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave, to be marked on the right hand or the forehead, so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name. This calls for wisdom: let the one who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and his number is 666.” SO THE MARK OF BEAST WILL BE when you hear a world leader and others saying EVERYONE needs to get a mark on their forehead or RIGHT hand. Why forehead? Because everyone has a forehead.

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