S. Korean TaeKwonDo headquarters awards Trump high honor: 9th-degree blackbelt in TaeKwonDo

  • Trump joins the Pope in receiving the high honor
  • The belt ceremony took place Thursday at Mar-a-Lago in Florida
  • The Korean presenters had a special robe made for Trump to wear for the presentation

Donald Trump is the first current or former American president to receive one of the highest honors that can be presented by Koreans: a high-degree blackbelt in TaeKwonDo.

The head of South Korea’s Kukkiwon TaeKwonDo organization flew into the U.S. and presented the ninth degree blackbelt to Trump at Mar-a-Lago in Florida.

Photos from Kukkiwon Facebook page

The U.S.-based TaeKwonDo GrandMaster Eungil Choi (to left of Trump in photo) helped organize the presentation. Choi is also a ninth degree blackbelt.

TaeKwonDo is an Olympic sport and the official sport of South Korea. Widely practiced in both North and South Korea, including by the military, it is one area of commonality that brings the two Koreas together. The South Korea-based Kukkiwon TaeKwonDo headquarters has helped arrange past visit to the U.S. and demonstrations by the North Korean demonstration team.

The last major international figure to be awarded a very high-ranking honorary blackbelt was the Pope, who received a tenth degree blackbelt in 2017.

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15 thoughts on “S. Korean TaeKwonDo headquarters awards Trump high honor: 9th-degree blackbelt in TaeKwonDo”

  1. Things like this actually mean very little, and belittles those that have struggled to earn them. Photo opportunities like this only impress those that have no clue.
    Universities passing out honorary PHD’s. Lollypops for kids after getting vaccinated. Key to the City. Indigenous Peoples Day. Award for Competing. All “promised Free Stuff” for those that haven’t earned the right.
    Everything of value costs someone something.

  2. LMAO ? ( “Laughing My At Off ” ).. He was awarded that Degree after karate Chopping 3 = Buckets of the Col. Sanders Best Fried Chicken’s apart in One setting Dinner, While employed by the White House with envey fluttering eyebrows from Vladmir Putin !.. OMG ! ” Ha ! Ha! Ha!

  3. These leftist commenters clearly illustrate the fact that there can be no peace with the left, or any reconciliation, as they will do anything and everything to win. Their minds are missing a key ingredient that would allow them to rationalize and accept others opinions, and even change theirs. The only compromises possible are those where you bow to the leftist ideals and goals and bury your own.

  4. My daughter earned her black belt in TaeKwonDo and I am so proud to see they awarded President Trump the same honor. This is a symbol of commitment, strength, perseverance and discipline. These are all inherent characteristics he possesses and demonstrates in his fight for Americans everywhere. Well deserved!

    1. Sharyl, kudos to you too for your commitment and dedication to martial arts for well over 20 years. My husband just reminded me that you are master 5th-degree black belt. President Trump is in good company!

  5. I liked your article Sharyl. An excellent way to promote the Sport and all it stands for. I agreed with almost every comment. Now have you been training??!! PeterG

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