Sean Stone: When Conspiracy Theory Meets Fact (PODCAST)

Filmmaker and media host Sean Stone dives into the psychology of conspiracies and control. He also discusses about his famous dad: filmmaker director Oliver Stone. When some of the craziest conspiracies prove true, where does that leave us?

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11 thoughts on “Sean Stone: When Conspiracy Theory Meets Fact (PODCAST)”

  1. Interesting how MSM has all but dropped covering the border debacle, myriad container ships off California, trucker woes due to California regulations, cruel and unusual precharge incarceration of January 6 protesters and perhaps innocent bystanders, and so many other significant issues. They know that if they drop coverage, the public will forget.

    1. ” . . . cruel and unusual precharge incarceration of January 6 protesters and perhaps innocent bystanders,”

      Did they EVER give that any attention? When Tucker Carlson raised the issue in his January 6th series, the left – and never-Trumpers (supposedly) on the right – denounced it all as an “un-American conspiracy theory.” It seems that the media are just fine with trampling on the Constitution, as long as it’s “right-wingers” who are the victims.

  2. Hi Sheryl
    Great Job!
    You are one of our hero’s.
    Spreading truth.
    I prefer to read, not listen.

    Our biggest worry!
    Are the radicals going to keep control of our country?
    Bob and Donna Heller
    Santa Rosa,Ca

  3. The latest fodder for a “conspiracy theory” is the sudden elevation of the “omicron” Covid variant to world prominence. We never heard about it until two days ago. Early yesterday, Fauci was saying there was no immediate need for travel restrictions. Hours, later travel restrictions were announced.

    The omicron variant is said to be fast-spreading (or not); it may be more deadly than previous variants (or not). It is said to easily produce multiple new variants. We’ll find out, but it is clear we are in a new crisis RIGHT NOW!

    Within hours, a test for it is developed; a handful of people in several countries test positive. Big Pharma announces new vaccines are already on the way, available within weeks. (But what about the new variants that it supposedly creates? Will we need a new shot every month?

    The word “omicron” is on everyone’s lips. (The past two years has been a crash-course in Greek.) New lockdowns and new vax mandates seem to be imminent. Here we go again.

    Speaking of Greek, some conservative wags have noted that in dubbing the new variant “omicron,” the WHO skipped over two other Greek letters, “nu’ and “xi.” They probably didn’t want to cause confusion by dubbing the new variant “nu.” I get it. But it seems obvious that “xi” was skipped because it happens to be the name of the leader of China. We can’t have people making a link between China and a new variant of Covid! It’s far better that they associate it with Africa.

    One wonders what they would have done if “Trump” was a letter of the Greek alphabet. Would they have skipped over it in that case? If they had, no doubt the media would have jumped all over them.

  4. You know the Bible is a great conspiracy by which there is good and evil. The hidden manifestation and symptoms of it. It’s universal battle by which all these things have existed forever. the occult and power of beings wanting to control people. That is what was offered to Christ in the desert: control. Actually this desire is and has been represented as characteristics of possession. That is a belief that by our doing and technology we can control thoughts and happenings. isn’t that exactly what possession is? The soviets used to be involved in experimentation in the paranormal.
    The governments all over involved in it.

  5. I loved this episode – thank you! Thank God we have you and just a few others who actually care enough and have the ‘nerve’ to do the research and publish the facts – the truth! thank you!

  6. I think the word “conspire” literally means “to breathe together,” and hence a “conspiracy” can refer to any meeting of two or more people in which something is planned. All of politics is thus a “conspiracy” insofar as politics involves people joining together to further various political objectives.

    But this bland, generic definition of a “conspiracy” is obviously not what people mean when they speak of conspiracies in a political sense. When used with regard to politics, “conspiracy” has a sinister connotation, suggesting both that the thing being planned is nefarious AND that the planning is done in secret.

    Looked at in that way, it seems that much of today’s politics-as-usual actually DOES conform to the popular, negative definition of a “conspiracy.” Massive spending bills, prepared in secret by unknown congressional staffers and lobbyists, are dropped on legislators’ desks with little time for debate, or even time to read the bill in its entirety. The bills are usually given benign, misleading titles which are used to gain public support despite the existence of programs – buried deep in the bill – which may in fact be highly controversial and widely unpopular. This is government by deception, the very definition of what we mean by a “conspiracy.”

    If you factor-in a complicit media eager to protect the conspirators by concealing their machinations, we have a toxic recipe for creeping totalitarianism, and when government tosses in a billion or two in tax breaks for their friends in the media, the prospects for honest journalism grow very dim indeed. That is why independent journalists like Sharyl Attkisson are more important than ever.

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