Sharyl Attkisson establishes ION award with cash prize for original or investigative reporting by UF students

Note: I will be expanding this award to the professional industry in the near future.

Award-winning journalist and University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications alumna Sharyl Attkisson, B.S. Telecommunication 1982 and Hall of Fame 1999, has donated funds to establish the Sharyl Attkisson Investigative and Original News (ION) Prize, intended to encourage fresh, innovative and open-minded approaches to independent reporting on important public policy issues at the university, city, county, state or national levels.

A first-place prize of $3,500 and an honorable mention prize of $1,500 will be awarded for reporting that uncovers facts and illuminates issues not previously known or rarely discussed at the time of publication. The work must have been produced and published in either a student, university or professional publication during the 2021-22 academic year. The contest is open to all UF students enrolled during that year.

The contest entry period will begin in March 2022.

Attkisson is a NYT bestselling author and is managing editor of the national Sunday TV show, “Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson.” For 30 years, Attkisson was a correspondent and anchor at CBS News, PBS, CNN and in local news. She is a five-time Emmy Award winner, and recipient of the Edward R. Murrow Award for investigative reporting.

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10 thoughts on “Sharyl Attkisson establishes ION award with cash prize for original or investigative reporting by UF students”

  1. Impressive that a relatively small amount of $$ could encourage and reward important work. I’d worry about how the prize winners will be chosen. Perhaps the requirement for being a judge should be that you’ve been banned by at least one major social network.

  2. If there is anyone who I would like to see teaching future journalist is certainly be Ms. Attkisson. You are the best and one fantastic asset to the USA. Thank you, thank you.

  3. After the last months of “Gropin Jo”…am I right?…What wouldn’t our Presidementia do….complaisant in firing whistle-blowing researchers….confiscate research papers…force fired whistle blowers to litigate all the way to the SCOTUS to get thier papers returned?? How abt a Kindle Book where Jo participates/ engineers a coverup for Big Pharma Eli Lilly inorder to keep them from an onslaught of wrongful death suits over a drug/Aprindine to control Arrhythmia in heart patients…thus Killing My Father.: Colonel William Leroy Parker…
    Read “Killing Colonel Parker” or send me an Email and I’ll send you a copy off my flash….free gratis…

    1. lee c. parker ( and Sharyl ),

      Any idea about the ROOT Source that had installed
      Interloper Biden & Company ?

      Some 40-years ago, this scribbler had asked major
      ( conservative ) newspaper and magazine editors to
      do a series of articles about “The State of the Nation-
      State America,” to no avail ! I had not realized at the
      time, how totally controlled MSM – Left and Right –
      was (( hadn’t realized the POWER of the Illuminati-
      Focused House-of-Rothschild )).

      I had focused on William F. Buckley Jr.—asking him
      to consider this fact, as applied in the Catholic Rite of
      Exorcism :

      The priest must discover the NAME
      of the demon occupying the host.
      Only then may the possessing entity
      be ejected.

      Well, Brother Bill (( I had come to address him that way,
      after many exchange of letters )), wasn’t willing to
      sacrifice the many NYC parties he had attended at the
      time, given by powerful Libertine Leftists—as naming
      that name would have seriously threatened his CIA-
      installed National Review magazine (( financed by that
      Agency, on Brother Bill’s agreement, to marginalize/
      denigrate the anti-Communist John Birch Society—and,
      so, he played along to get along, at the cost of wrecking
      the Founders’/Framers’ America )).

      Glenn Beck & Boys – Controlled Resistance – had
      laughed and mocked the anti-Communist John Birch
      Society some few years ago, even though that
      organization had warned, in the 1950s, of what Beck
      warns of today : Communism, but half-heartedly and,
      too late !

      Today, only one major conservative talk-show host is not
      CONTROLLED Resistance, controlled by the House of
      Rothschild (( demon-possessed Soros being the ”wet-
      work” servant—see Podesta emails, in which he cleverly,
      cryptically predicts the murder of Antonin Scalia )) :
      Michael Savage, whose range of influence has been
      greatly reduced from the late 1990s forward.

      The late Rush Limbaugh was CONTROLLED Resistance,
      as he had single-handedly BEGAN the END of U.S.
      economic hegemony—by taking orders from Controller-
      thru-the-FED Greenspan, via fence-straddler-messenger
      Newt Gingrich, to adamantly argue for N.A.F.T.A.’s
      passage!, on his radio program, even though his listening
      audience overwhelmingly opposed it. He had gone so far,
      in a fit of anger, to tell his callers :

      “I don’t care what you want!”

      The idea, “Investigative Journalists,” is futile!, until the
      P O S S E S S I N G Demon is named and ejected.


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