States Gamble on Sports Betting; Environmentalists Critique Wind Energy; The Problem With Florida’s Tourism Boom

Maybe you’ve noticed the recent explosion in places that offer and encourage sports betting.

More states are getting in the business after a Supreme Court decision opened the door.

Sunday on Full Measure, we look at the excitement over the trend along with the many concerns that accompany it.

States are placing odds that sports betting will be a win-win. But will it spark addiction and ultimately create more depression, homelessness and drug use?

We’ll also look at the first big offshore wind project approved in the U.S.

Lisa Fletcher finds that this form of clean energy has plenty of opposition even from environmentalists who say it’s not as green as you might think.

And as the U.S. pulls out of the Covid shutdown economy, tourism is booming in Florida. Find out why that’s not all good. Scott Thuman reports from Miami.

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7 thoughts on “States Gamble on Sports Betting; Environmentalists Critique Wind Energy; The Problem With Florida’s Tourism Boom”

  1. States are definitely salivating at the mouth over the increased revenue this will bring, without regard for the human cost. This will allow them to say, “Hey, we’re not raising your taxes” while doing nothing to control unencumbered spending.
    What’s next? Cockfights (very big here in So. Florida)? Bumfights?

  2. And election betting as well. After all, if elections are going to be rigged to make sure the Democrats win, at least we can make big money backing them. I bet on Biden winning in 2020 as the election officials clearly had every intention of making sure that he did.

  3. Re: offshore windmills.

    Not only are these a blight, they also interrupt and/or disturb the lives of sea animals . If environmentalists are not for this, they are not true environmentalists. The same thing applies to land based windmills and solar farms.

  4. Looking forward to your pieces tomorrow. Florida tourism is up but oddly cruise industry having issues with the governor. They cannot demand full vaccination status of passengers and crew but Disney can! Hope you clear that up and let us know if it’s the same rules for all cruise ships.

  5. I think that the gambling phenomenon has infected lawmaking concerning Global Warming(GoreBull Warming). This is because there is an element of risk involved in spending so much money preparing for a questionable disaster. CO2 is not a poison and in the 48 states of the USA, we experience a 21.5 degree Centigrade change in average temperature from Duluth, MN to Key West Fl. I only have to move two hundred and twenty miles south to experience another 2 Degrees Centigrade in Temperature. What is being proposed goes well beyond making preparations for a hurricane or an Earthquake. It involves potential international taxation. There is a Russian Proverb: Where there is a trough, there will be pigs. Very few people enjoy change but the kind of change that is being forced on people is not enjoyed any more than the change that is sometimes forced onto people by free markets. The changes forced on people by Thermogeddonites will not be as gentle as those who were gently forced on us to abandon a phone on a chord to a smart phone. We don’t feel poorer with our smart phone but we run a real risk of regretting the money spent on saving the planet. In a way, our government is becoming like the person who spends the rent money on the horses. This may be a minor thing when the population has a lot of income but what is going to happen to people living off of $600 per year? I think there is an moral issue here that suggests that the gap between us and them can just wait until we solve the thermostat problem.
    If the government starts mandating change, then it can reward those who are on the forefront of change. It will reward those who already have the most money to take advantage of the unnatural opportunities provide by government subsidies or the trough.

  6. we will not be around but what will the Left say in 100 or 200 years when the climate has not really changed the lives of people on Earth? Will they confess that it was all a hoax to dominate people??

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