(STUDY) 53% of immune-compromised patients hospitalized with Covid symptoms were fully-vaccinated

A recent study published by CDC contains concerning findings for the millions of Americans who are considered “immunocompromised,” or who have a reduced ability to fight infection or other diseases.

The study finds a majority (53%) of patients who were hospitalized with Covid-19-like illnesses were fully vaccinated with two-dose RNA shots.

According to the study authors, several of whom receive support from vaccine makers, among 20,101 immunocompromised adults hospitalized with Covid-19, 10,564 were fully-vaccinated with Pfizer’s or Moderna’s shots.

The actual number fully-vaccinated, immune-compromised adults in the hospital may be even higher: the study scientists excluded patients who’d gotten the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, and also excluded vaccinated patients who’d gotten their second dose less than two weeks before hospitalization.

The most common time frame from the second vaccine dose to hospitalization was 89 days, or almost exactly three months.

CDC and the study scientists say they believe the Covid-19 vaccines still qualify as very effective for all groups.

Yet, based on the data showing declining vaccine effectiveness and serious illness from Covid in immune-compromised patients, CDC is now recommending four doses this year for the immunocompromised: the initial two, a booster, and then another booster.

No word yet on how many doses CDC might recommend for these patients next year, since there is no long term data on vaccine effectiveness after boosters.

A large body of scientific evidence continues to indicate that natural immunity after Covid-19 infection is far superior to vaccine immunity. However, most studies do not discuss the subgroup of immune-compromised.

Meantime, the study scientists recommend vaccinated patients who are immunocompromised follow measures and be treated similar to unvaccinated people. This includes masking, “considering non-pharmaceutical interventions and, “if infected [they should] be monitored closely and considered early for proven therapies that can prevent severe outcomes” such as monoclonal antibodies.


The table below shows the number and percentage of vaccinated and unvaccinated immunocompromised adults:

Unvaccinated (Top row, left): 9,537 (47%)

Vaccinated Moderna Middle row, left): 4,337 (22%)

Vaccinated Pfizer (Bottom row, left): 6,227 (31%)

Screen Shot 2021-11-06 at 1.47.40 AM.png

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26 thoughts on “(STUDY) 53% of immune-compromised patients hospitalized with Covid symptoms were fully-vaccinated”

  1. Considering the facts regarding the safe and scientific measures taken to properly assess factual data and statistics regarding vaccine safety–it should be clear to all who are reasonably well-informed (granted, time-consuming in an age of increased propaganda/disinformation agendas) that the mRNA/graphene oxide/ spike protein “experimental’ format is unhealthy, ineffective, and deadly for many humans. Also when considering drug trials in the past–the number of adverse reactions and deaths attributed to a new vaccine for the swine flu way back in the 70’s led to a moratorium on the administration of the harmful vaccine. Please see NYTimes:

    And for more detailed info on the adverse reactions caused by vaccines (and this video was banned on YouTube btw) Dr Michael Thompson’s lecture regarding MMR statistics: https://ugetube.com/watch/there-were-59-000-reported-adverse-reactions-to-vaccines-including-432-deaths-in-2016_fOeLuFX9OTHsFqv.html?lang=arabic

    The track record speaks for itself. ‘Follow the money’ reveals the motive every time!


  3. Sharyl,
    Thanks for the good work. Please consider applying pressure on state, county, and local public health officials to answer why they don’t require reporting adverse reactions via the VARES website.

  4. What I want to know ….are the vaccines driving the infections and/or the variants? Sounds dumb maybe. Example in Waterford, Ireland, is 99% vaccinated, but has the highest infection rate in the country. This seems to be what Geert Vanden Bossche was predicting about six months ago.

    1. Great question..
      now they are pushing the inmuno-compromised to get additional boosters, when in previous studies from Covid-19 vaccines it had been shown that the vaccines were not nearly as efficient on them (only around 17%). So some doctors had not recommended these vaccines to their patients because the risk/benefit analysis resulted in not much benefit for the risk of an experimental vaccine on people already inmune -compromised.
      One recent study (in in vitro cells) shows spike protein from virus as well as used on vaccines, dammages DNA repair system and Inmune adaptability system.
      Some other studies are showing inmune system is being reduced by these vaccines, while others suggest that they are inducing some sort of vaccine induced HIV/AIDS inmune deficiencies.
      Other previos studies from Various Coronavirus had shown that after vaccination, when animals were subject to virus in the wild, they became ill and die due to ADE.(antibody-dependent enhancement).
      If any of these theories are proven true, we will start seeing a rise in mortality from all sorts of illnesses, including from coronavirus variants that are constantly mutating (probably more contagious but not necessarily deadlier except for those vaccinated).

      * (SARS–CoV–2 Spike Impairs DNA Damage Repair and Inhibits V(D)J Recombination In Vitro
      by Hui Jiang 1,2,* and Ya-Fang Mei 2,* https://www.mdpi.com/1999-4915/13/10/2056/htm).


      Bit of both Mark. The vaccines and boosters wane, and create infection amongst both unvaccinated (not pre-exposed to ANY TYPE OF THE SARS VIRUS), and the vaccinated who get serious infection when the ‘shot’ wanes and they catch any strand of SARS-Covid2. Better not to get on that bandwagon. Steve Biko, once said in his Cape Town speech (1971): “The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor, is the mind of the oppressed”. The masses have been scared to bits from this virus by following the propaganda of officials. No need. Just help yourselves. Keep in your cupboard some Immune Booster Pills (Quercetin, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3 & Zinc), some Cold & Flu Tablets (Ibuprofen + Phenylephrine Hydrochloride) some Turkey Tail Powder and lastly some anti-parasitic pills to combat the Corona + H.I.V. stranded virus. Anything with Ivermectin or Artemisinin will do (for human consumption-not your dog’s pills). All can be sourced on line from places like Amazon. Good luck, and stay safe in God’s name.

  5. The 53% total of hospitalized patients in this group is a bit less than the total percent of Americans CURRENTLY vaccinated (about 56-57%, I think), Immuno-deficient people were among those prioritized for early vaccination, but I don’t know what percentage of the fully vaccinated are in the immuno-compromised group. If more than 53% of immuno-compromised people have been fully vaccinated (which I think is likely, since they were an early priority), the benefit of the vaccines might be somewhat better than the 53% figure suggests.

    Still, the benefits of the vaccine are considerably less than promised, and this doesn’t even take into account the huge number of adverse reactions that have been reported, with no doubt thousands of them occurring in the immuno-compromised. These adverse reactions might be sufficient in numbers to cancel out the slight benefit with regards to Covid-19 alone.

    1. None of you sheep actually read the data. This article is poorly written and misrepresents the findings. Only 8% of immunocomprimised patients tested positive for covid 19 in this study.

  6. This is to amplify on my earlier comment:

    The finding is that 53% of the hospitalized immune-compromised people were vaccinated. To evaluate this we need to know what percentage of immune-compromised people are vaccinated. To illustrate this, I will use small numbers and easy-to-calculate percentages. Suppose there are 100,000 immune-compromised people, and 80% (80,000) are vaccinated, with 20% (20,000) unvaccinated. Suppose that there are 10,000 hospitalized people in this group, and that 5,300 of the hospitalized are vaccinated, and 4,700 are unvaccinated (This is the same percentage (53%/47%) as in the study.). So we have the following percent hospitalized in each group:

    Vaccinated: 5,300/80,000 = 6.6%; Unvaccinated: 4,700/20,000 = 23.5%. This is a big difference, indicating that the vaccines make hospitalization more than three times LESS likely even though – in raw numbers – more of the vaccinated are hospitalized.

    In real life, the number of immune-suppressed people is probably in the millions, so the difference in the hospitalization rates might not appear so stark as in my example, perhaps something more like .66% vs 2.35%, or .066% vs .235% (staying with my 80/20 split and combined 10% hospitalization rate). Even though the difference might not appear so dramatic with these smaller percentages, the same ratios would apply.

    I have no idea what percentage of immune-suppressed people are vaccinated, but I recall that they were a priority early on, so the percentage is likely to be considerably higher than for the general population – quite possibly higher than the 80% I randomly chose. If true, this 53% figure is very misleading, and may even be hiding the fact that the vaccines DO reduce COVID hospitalizations in this vulnerable group, even if they do not provide anything like complete security, and even though the notorious adverse side effects of the vaccines may offset this seeming advantage to a considerable degree.


      Love your thorough research Steve. It is true that the vaccines DO WORK, but only for a short time. 3 months ago the hospital beds were filling up with vaccinated people, whose ‘shot immunity’ was waning in Israel after 9 months. They are all receiving boosters now, if they wish their ‘vaccine passport’ to be active. Sounds like the vaccines don’t work properly, just like what was administered 100 years ago, were humanity witnessed 1st hand ADE. Rumour has it that Big Pharma is preparing up to 8 boosters to end the pandemic. The guinea pigs will be lucky to get to4 without serious blood toxicity. Even the vaccinated are in trouble without a healthy lifestyle and going for Natural Immunity. Take your pick. A get out of jail card for the short term with boosters, or an absorption of the virus without regular ‘junkie’ shots. May God’s Spirit enlighten us with the right choice. As General Patton once said: “We Americans like competition, and we will not stop until the job is done. I will personally hang Hitler myself in Berlin”.

      1. Everyone ( well, most ! ) begins with a
        false premise, re what’s afoot :

        That “Covid-19” exists!, rather than being
        a DEEP State attempt at gain of function,
        had failed—so plan B was employed ;

        Scare everyone into believing it; that is, take
        the USUAL year-to-year flu and present it
        not as the normal flu epidemic but as a
        DEATH-on-the-wing PANDEMIC.

        I had posted this
        somewhere else
        in Sharyl’s Pages :

        GLOBALIZED Kabuki Theatre ! — but deadly serious theatre :

        Watch/Listen to this doctor :



      2. I looked at the data in the study, and it’s kind of confusing. The hospitalizations are of people hospitalized with “Covid-19 ‘LIKE'” symptoms, not necessarily Covid-19 itself, and among the immune-competent group, only 16% actually tested positive for Covid-19; among the immune-compromised the rate of Covid-19 was even lower: 8%.

        Among the immune-competent group, of the 69,116 total hospitalizations for “Covid-like” symptoms, 29,456 (43%) were vaccinated, and only 10,961 (16%) tested positive for Covid. In the immune-compromised group (20,101 hospitalizations), 10, 564 (Sharyl’s 53%) were vaxxed, and only 1,537 (8%) tested positive for Covid.

        So a lot of people both vaccinated and unvaccinated are being hospitalized both for Covid and for things other than Covid, but which resemble Covid. Vaccination reduces hospitalization but is far from being some sort of panacea: in this study, 40,000 vaccinated people were hospitalized.

  7. If I want to donate I have to give my email address and lots of information. Am I giving it to the author or to a third party that will send me a crap ton of emails I don’t want?

  8. How long have we known that the COVID (so-called) vaccines deplete the immune system, in particular the T8 cells that fight cancer, among other illnesses? That’s not news. The “vax” will hurt or destroy you – it’s designed to do just that.

  9. I (belatedly) keep taking another look at these numbers, and I am increasingly struck by their ambiguity. First of all, the sample group of hospitalized people (89,217) is NOT limited to people who tested positive for Covid-19, but who had symptoms RESEMBLING those of Covid-19. If this group, only 12,498 (14%) actually tested positive for Covid-19.

    Furthermore, 40,020 (45%) of the total number hospitalized were vaccinated, and 65%, vaccinated or not) had a history of chronic respiratory issues. Only 17% (15,224) of the total patients were admitted to the ICU., and only 14% (2,061) of the ICU patients tested positive for COVID-19. Unless I missed it, we are not told how many of the ICU patients who tested positive for Covid-19 were vaccinated.

    At any rate, only 2.3% of all the hospital admissions in the study resulted in the patient being admitted to the ICU after a positive test for Covid-19. Regardless of the ratio of vaccinated vs unvaccinated (whatever it is), this seems to be a small number, especially for a group with such a large percentage (57%) of people with chronic respiratory issues..

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