UPDATE: Attkisson government computer intrusion lawsuit

The following is an update on my lawsuit against ex-federal agents over the government’s intrusions into my computers while I was a CBS News correspondent.

More than a year and a half after we served ex-Secret Service agent Shaun Bridges with the complaint in my lawsuit over the government’s illegal intrusions into my computers and other devices, the Department of Justice has retained a private law firm and attorney to represent him.

That’s according to documents filed in court.

Bridges’ response to the lawsuit is long overdue. However, he has asked the court not to grant the default judgement against him and, instead, has repeatedly petitioned the court to allow him more time to respond than the law typically allows.

A second defendant in the case, another ex-federal agent who worked at the U.S. Attorney’s office in Baltimore as part of the illegal intrusions into my computers and that of other Americans, has failed to respond altogether. That defendant has admitted to taking part in the illegal operation.

Still, the court has not yet answered our request for default based on the lack of the defendant’s response.

The Department of Justice continues to use taxpayer money to defend the guilty agents rather than hold them accountable and ensure the illegal spying will not continue.


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6 thoughts on “UPDATE: Attkisson government computer intrusion lawsuit”

  1. Sharyl has been dealing with this for a long time. “They” could have ended this long ago. The NSA could have handed over records and poof! Next case? Instead, we drag on. It’s very difficult for anyone to fight against the most corrupt government the world has ever known. “They” have an infinite supply of money, people, documents, and time. Regular folks do not. If that’s equal justice, I’ll vote Blue next time around!

  2. Your original complaint called this other person an informant for the FBI who has not responded aside from the Secret Service agent. Now you claim this other person is also an “ex-federal agent”. Which is it? Your reporting skills appear to have languished recently or are they intentionally deceptive?

  3. Why are you only suing the individual employees and not the government (i.e. the federal department or agency which they worked)?

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