(UPDATE) Women most at risk of brain vein clots after J&J vaccine

The following is an excerpt from Medpage Today.

Incidence of cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST) remained a rare occurrence after the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 adenovirus vector vaccine began being administered, researchers said.

The overall age- and sex-adjusted incidence of CVST was 2.34 per 100,000 person-years in Olmsted County, Minnesota, in 2001 to 2015, compared with a peak incidence of 8.65 per 100,000 person-years at 15 days postvaccination per the CDC Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database, according to a team led by Aneel Ashrani, MD, MS, of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

Those at highest risk of CVST after receiving the Johnson & Johnson product in early 2021 were women ages 30 to 39 (26.52 per 100,000 person-years) and women ages 40 to 49 (29.48 per 100,000 person-years) — with women in general having a 5.1-fold higher risk after vaccination than they did before the COVID pandemic (13.01 vs 2.53 per 100,000 person-years, P<0.001).

The study authors maintained that the “absolute CVST risk was still low” for these women. “The reason that women had a higher incidence of postvaccination CVST is unclear; concomitant CVST risk factors or autoantibody production might have been involved,” they noted in JAMA Internal Medicine. (Continued…)

Read the full article here.

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23 thoughts on “(UPDATE) Women most at risk of brain vein clots after J&J vaccine”

  1. Sharyl and Full Measure Team,

    This morning, Dr. Vivek Murthy, U.S. Surgeon
    General, was interviewed on ABC’s “This Week.”

    Dr. Murthy gave his argument for Interloper
    Biden’s mandate policies—arguing that the
    past, “good” history of vaccines warrants
    this government’s immoral/unconstitutional
    OVER-Reach !

    This scribbler views that history as a MASSIVE,
    decades-long HOAX—because vaccination
    projects have ALWAYS trailed the normal
    ENTROPY ( decline ) of the various epidemics/
    pandemics, putting the question to the profit-
    generating Medical Mafia: “Which came first,
    good doctor!, entropy or vaccination?”

    Study this report :

    Was 1918 Flu a Military Psy-Op ?

    This JAB is not a “vaccine,” but an EXPERIMENTAL
    Gene Injection (( EGI—thinking ahead, this brain-
    dead administration would keep a sizable UN-
    Jabbed population for BURIAL Details, to bury
    the JABBED; and read Dr. Mercola’s advice for re-
    covering if you’ve been jabbed! )).


  2. my wife and I are 76, which is outside the worst case ages. Yet, I am concerned for her if we get the J&J jab. All things being “equal” I think the J&J is a better product with fewer nasty side effects from what has been published on this. Quercetin and 81mg aspirin seem to be a good defense against clots and thrombosis.

    We may be forced to take the jab because our winter home is in the Philippines and their dictatorial President is even worse than Michigan’s Governor for lockdowns, masks, and shots. We’ve already missed last winter and we’d like to get there this year but the US airlines are going whole hog on this fake vaccine rubbish in conjunction with the Xiden FAA. We’re not sure what to do.

    1. I agree with you that the J&J vaccine seems to have less reported adverse side effects until now with this one. My reasons for considering J&J shot is that it’s only one shot and it’s not made the same way (mRNA), not that I completely understand the difference. I just feel that anything that changes your immune system response is dubious. I am 74yrs old, and on 24/7 oxygen which means I only leave home to visit my doctor once every 6 months (for now) with one CT Scan per year. I don’t trust Biden and his whacked out mandates. There’s never been such a “cover up” like this in our lifetimes. It’s just weird.

    2. Only you can decide if your vacation is worth the risk of clots, strokes, heart attacks, etc. Also, there are other risks with the injections that involve the reprogramming of the immune system via the spike protein. Are the risks worth unknown medical risks and the forced compliance of a tyrannical govt?

      My 91-year old mother got the J&J injection in June 2020. She now has thrombocytopenia. She has always been in excellent health until this — she does strength training and walks (has done so for decades). Despite my warnings w/ information, she got the injection. Then came bleeding episodes. Now she claims that she will not get another “booster”.

    3. I’m 74. My recommendation would be to stay put this winter. Protect your health. Hopefully the truth wins by next winter.

  3. Oh, and another reason, maybe the best reason yet to NOT get vaccinated is….Biden is allowing millions of unvaccinated illegal immigrants to enter this country…WHY?

  4. SIMPLY MORE FAKE NEWS! IF this was true, which it ain’t, J&J would have been sued out of existence by now. It’s just more hype and misinformation to flatter the ignorant. The f*cking lawyers would be all over J&J for massive liability claims.

    1. How do you know there aren’t hundreds of suits that could be pending to sue J&J out of existence if only they had not been granted immunity by our magnanimous federal government? Do you think they would report on that? There’s fake news and there’s unreported news and misrepresented news. How do you know which this is?

  5. My 74 yr old friend had a mini stroke less than 48 hrs after the moderna shot and she had a blood clot in her upper arm/shoulder area

    1. My 38 year old goddaughter also had the Moderna vaccine in May. She experienced headaches for a few days before suffering a major stroke on May 6. She is paralyzed from head to toe and remains hospitalized to this day.

  6. “The reason that women had a higher incidence of postvaccination CVST is unclear”

    That’s what keeps me from even considering J&J. And it’s the same reason with the mRNA vaccines too. The number of people who suffer dangerous adverse effects might be statistically small, but without knowing WHY some people have them, there’s no way to access personal risk. It’s just a roll of the dice.

  7. “a peak incidence of 8.65 per 100,000 person-years at 15 days postvaccination”

    When they say “postvaccination,” do they mean starting with the jab itself, or starting after the 15 day post-jab period during which (we’ve been told) you’re is still not considered “fully vaccinated.”

    I’d prefer they started their countdown immediately post-jab, it would make more sense. But the “official terminology” has heretofore said you must wait 15 days first before you’re considered vaxxed and the postvaccination period can begin, so which is it this time? The study itself is not explicit about whether it’s using the official terminology or not.

    Anyone know?

  8. Everyone understands that the emergency use authorization, and your signing of that little document about your choice indicates you have no right to legally “go after” any of these companies. So no, this isn’t “fake news”. The fake news is that they are “safe and effective.” See articles from NOQ concerning how the hospital ER’s in our most vaxxed states are being over-run and it isn’t Covid. See same in Australia. America, please, really consider the real science (I.e. it takes years to develop real vaccines that are truly safe). There is a reason why we have millions of Afghans and South Americans being brought in…and they don’t receive these jabs. The worst is not complete in the first few hours. Weeks and months pass and the horrors will begin to be seen, as they are now. Research graphene and mass spectroscopy used to determine actual content of all three “vaccines”. These are not what you think. Don’t believe me? Is the Infrastructure Bill about infrastructure? We’re the summer riots peaceful protests? Will defunding police reduce crime? How many scientific “sexes” exist? Science is not politics.

  9. AND….sorry I keep remember reasons why I think this is all a bunch of bs….there is no vaccine requirement for members of Congress and their staff. Why is that?

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