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7 thoughts on “(WATCH) Kyle Rittenhouse Not Guilty Verdicts”

  1. I’m pleasantly surprised. I thought that as a sop to the mob they’d vote “guilty” on one of the reckless endangerment charges. Of course, the mob wouldn’t have accepted that.

  2. Think there maybe 3 police officers in Minneapolis, waiting for their trial, who are happy be to see mob rule not succeed for once. Now, can we start a ‘Go Fund Me’ page for Kyles legal expenses & future sue the bastards costs?

  3. Finally a wrong that was righted! I still can’t believe charges were even filed and worse the behavior of the prosecution. The jerk Binger put his political career ahead of a young mans life. It proves that these leftists care nothing for people. They only care about their power over people. I hope he and his assistant prosecutor loose their jobs and their license to practice law!

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