Watchdogs sue government for Fauci’s financial records

Conservative watchdog Judicial Watch and the fiscal watchdog group are suing to get records about Dr. Anthony Fauci’s employment and professional finances, including royalty payments.

This lawsuit was filed against the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia on October 28 in response to three Freedom of Information Acts (FOIA’s) that went unanswered by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) during the time period between January 28, 2021, and September 2021.

Below is the list of documents the lawsuit is seeking:

  • All employment contracts, modifications and addendums since hiring as Director of National Institute for Health, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. (January 28, 2021)
  • Daily calendar from 1/1/2019 to the present time. (January 28, 2021) (After a phone call in January with NIH, we agreed to narrow our request and took this calendar request out.)
  • Any confidentiality documents, conflict documents, and economic interest disclosure documents. (January 28, 2021)
  • Current job description. (January 28, 2021)
  • Any confidentiality agreements, conflict of interest documents, and economic interest disclosure documents pertaining to calendar year 2020 to the present. These include but are not limited to the OGE Form 278e and accompanying paperwork filed for 2020 with a May 2021 deadline. (May 27, 2021)
  • A complete list/database of all personal royalties paid (including, but not limited to, FY2020) to current and former National Institutes of Health employees for work done while they were federally employed. The list/database should include, but not be limited to, the royalty recipient’s name, the amount of the royalty, the reason for the royalty, the date the royalty was paid, and the name of the entity paying the royalty. (September 15, 2021)

Adam Andrzejewski, CEO and founder of stated, “No one is above the law including Dr. Anthony Fauci. It shouldn’t take a subpoena or a lawsuit to force open basic employment documents that executive-level federal bureaucrats are required by law to file.” 

Read full article here.

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10 thoughts on “Watchdogs sue government for Fauci’s financial records”

  1. One thing is for sure, any common man found to have been lying to Congress would be incarcerated very shortly thereafter. It’s only the well connected like Fauci that can get away with what he has and still be out of jail. Not to mention receiving a paycheck at America’s taxpayers’ expense.

  2. Its about time and they should also start one that begins in the 1980’s (if legally possible) and include all of those twisted testimonies. How many people and children have been hurt or died prematurely since he has been on the scene? Follow the money, I would like to know what he is hiding and how many houses and Swiss bank accounts he has. He strikes me as arrogant and over the top narcissistic. It seems to me that he believes he is the best authority on science. Trying to follow what he orders us to do is like trying to nail Jell-O to the wall. I seem to remember that he told the Mayor of San Francisco (Dianne Feinstein) that AIDS would not spread to the general population and that she could keep the gay bathhouses open, one of the sites of the first infection in the US. AIDS came to this country from a gay flight attendant to got it in Africa and was bragging about having it while he was visiting gay bath houses.

      1. Also did you see Adam schiff on the view.? Lied thru his teeth. He had access to whole Russian investigation. His trump bias is overwhelming. When will he be investigated. He lied to congress. Multiple times

  3. I know that if I lied this much to Congress, i’d be a goner. I’m a nobody. Easily manipulated, easily used, easily disposed of. The bureaucratic class in Washington views American citizens as chattle, lab rats, and inconvenient, useless eaters. Its time to overhaul the system.

    1. Dee Cee,

      [[ copy to paper, Sharyl, then nix this ]]

      Here’s why we are far beyond overhauling
      the system—as America’s ending began
      with Abraham Lincoln‘s correspondences
      with Karl Marx!—and with his consulting
      MEDIUMS, beginning in 1856 ! :

      What defines “high culture” today, as compared with Whites’ pre-FORCED-integration culture of, say, 1954?—at what cost FORCED integration of Blacks and Whites; and what defines “high culture” in today’s America?:

      —Is it Leftism’s/Feminism’s broken families;

      —is it the broken communities which Left-driven government has effected, through its FORCED racial integration of schools and neighborhoods, and which Marxian social-engineering scheme has badly damaged public education for all ethnic groups!, as standards keep being lowered and grades inflated to make hereditably unequal, low-performing ethnic groups appear to be more IQ-equal using grade-adjustments—to be “FAIR” to Blacks and Hispanics (( recall the Black state-legislator’s demand, that all Black students be given diplomas—no matter his/her performance in the classroom )).

      —is it the massive importation (legal and illegal) of anti-White/anti-Western people of color, in order to racially diversify “too White” communities across the U.S. ( the largest population being anti-White Indians – a/k/a Hispanics – from Mexico, and Central and South America, which population’s “La Raza” leadership publicly professes its intention to rid North America of Europeans and their influence, and about which plan mainstream media mysteriously keep silent );

      —is it the kids killing kids on the streets and in schools;

      —is it the vulgar and violent Hollywood films and the African-based rap, gangsta-rap and hip-hop “music” glorifying the killings;

      —is it the “dirty dancing” – simulated sex acts – on public schools’ dance floors;

      —is it the teen-age girls and boys fornicating to spread diseases and have babies, with one out of five teen girls carrying a sexually transmitted disease;

      —is it those teen-age black and brown boys name-calling White girls, “racist,” if they won’t “hook up”;

      —is it teen girls’ now-lawful acquisition of abortions ( babycides ! ) without parental knowledge or consent;

      —is it the “partial birth” infanticides;

      —is it those human slaughterhouses built to remedy “accidents” from one-night stands and rampant hedonism;

      —is it the AIDS-spreading gay bathhouses sanctioned by “civil” governments;

      —is it the XXX pornography which has gone mainstream—in schools and homes and stores;

      —is it the middle-schoolers having oral sex to avoid having “sex” ( thank hedonist Bill Clinton—as teen and pre-teen girls are contracting VD of the mouth and throat at an alarming rate, dying of HPV-generated cancer );

      —is it the idea “consumership” supplanting the idea “citizenship,” and “New World Order” supplanting “sovereignty”;

      —is it the ( Clintons’) White House orgies, and the “no big deal” attitude about it ( Libertine Left’s position );

      —is it the vulgarities replacing honor and moral virtue in both citizenry and statesmen;

      —is it homosexuality as normalcy and heterosexuality as “rape”;

      —is it the American Psychological Association trying to mainstream pedophilia, and increasing fatherless homes ( after having “normalized” homosexuality );

      —is it the American Library Association trying to peddle pornography to children in public libraries, and shelved in public schools (a/k/a child-mind molesters);

      —is it Leftists’ broken promise, that the Civil (special) Rights Act of 1964 won’t be used to discriminate against whites ( do you recall that Senator Henry “Scoop” Jackson’s promised to eat his hat if that legislation were ever turned against White people? );

      —is it Leftists’ broken promise that the 1965 Immigration Act would not be used to alter America’s racial mix from majority-White into minority-White ( recall Marxist/Senator Ted Kennedy’s stunning, lie-filled speech in support of that legislation, in which he claims that none of what has happened since its passage would ever occur—that Whites would never be subjected to massive importation of community-wrecking non-Whites );

      —Is it Leftists’ broken promise that if Black children were allowed to be educated along with White children in schools, then the racial differences in test scores would be erased—arguing the LIE that those differences were culturally and environmentally induced, not product of hereditable differences in IQ-potential between those races;

      —Is it . . . ?

      And the list goes on and on, to prove how decadent America, and all other Western democracies, have become through Leftism’s Marxian Libertine Leftism ( also known as Applied-Cultural-Marxism ).

      Left-controlled media LIE to keep the awful truth hidden behind Leftism’s political correctness ( PC ), such as the horrific results of F O R C E D integration of Blacks into White Civil Society—hidden from broad public exposure, else Leftists’ anti-White/anti-Western Libertinism might be confronted and stopped.

      Even FBI crime statistics are falsified to conform to – to uphold ! – PC.

      MSM refuse to report that fact! One article, from my files, shows Metro-Police administrators cooking the books on crime!—as, for example, Hispanic crime is recorded as Whites’ crime in the FBI records (( there exists a Website which posts dark-brown faces of Latino men – having been charged and convicted, but recorded as “CAUCASIAN” in FBI record-keeping ! )), in order to mitigate off-the-charts criminal behavior of our brown-skinned immigrant neighbors (( FBI records on black males’ crime statistics are tamped down through various book-cooking schemes, but not enough to hide the degree of the horror of Black-on-White crime, evident within actual FBI crime records )).


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